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Movie info Clemency is a movie starring Aldis Hodge, Alfre Woodard, and Wendell Pierce. Years of carrying out death row executions have taken a toll on prison warden Bernadine Williams. As she prepares to execute another inmate, Bernadine must rating 7,3 of 10 genres Drama Liked It 557 vote 113M directed by Chinonye Chukwu.

Not gonna lie, Dracula seems really interesting, Netflix is brining some good movies and series.


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I saw a private viewing of the movie already and it was pretty good! Very thought provoking. That kid is not what he seems. Sorry of unsettling. Coherent human. Alfre woodward > awkwafina.

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writed by=Andrew Heckler rating=239 Vote Runtime=2h 9Minutes synopsis=Mike Burden, a rising leader in Ku Klux Klan, attempts to break away from the Klan when the girl he falls in love with urges him to leave for the better life they can build together. When the Klan seeks Mike out for vengeance, an African American Reverend takes in Mike, his girlfriend and her son, protecting them, and accepting them into their community. Together, Burden and Kennedy fight to overcome the Klan's efforts Actors=Forest Whitaker.

When was Chris Burden born. Hey everyone, long time no see. I apologize in advance to /u/JetFad, who poked me in this thread for my opinion, but I was more or less already writing this up and making my mental case. A few people were telling me in PMs about the boycott and 1 star campaign, which is why you've seen me peeking my head around more often lately as I wanted to see what was happening in my old stomping grounds. I got curious enough eventually that I swung through the Global Facebook group to get a feel for what people actually wanted out of this boycott. I will start with a criticism that /u/doomsf2 also put forward: there's no actual direction to the campaign or boycott, because there's no real voice that has come together and put an actual request or list of demands forward. For the most part there's the appearance of behind the scenes "wheeling and dealing. which is not great (like when people say they have "back channels to KLab" and are talking/negotiating with them, as someone told me on the Discord. It's encouraging to see that people did take his criticism to heart and are starting to put stuff together, so I think it is somewhat prudent that I go back to the original reasons I stated for why I originally quit the game—as many of you have stated to me in private or in other avenues, such as on Twitter or Facebook DMs, I saw the writing on the wall before a lot of you did. However, I will also provide what I think are basic solutions to those problems. A lot of you are going to—rightfully—wonder what the hell business I have with thinking my opinion matters in this discussion. It doesn't: I am no longer an active player or participant in the community! The most I've done the past months is occasionally check on to see what new players they release, occasionally talk to someone and then move on with my day. I occasionally pass by through here to trash-talk in a thread. That said, I did always say that the game was only a few changes away from being enjoyable again, and I did also throw several thousand into the game in my heyday, so I'm going to just roll through here and fire my opinions from the hip as usual, and you can leave me mean comments in the thread telling me to cut my hair on go on a diet and go back to playing my guitar or something. Anyway: here are the biggest stated frustrations with the game that I think are valid, and potential solutions or a plan of action. Looking at JetFad's Almanac: Game Errors There are a lot of game errors that the game has that really need to be pushed to the top of KLab's priority pipeline. The green screen error is still in effect as old versions of Android and emulators running them are still allowed. Just force the game to always advance any time an asset cannot be loaded. Game stability and continuity is more valuable than your game looking funny. The black screen crash is new, and I've never seen it, but game crashes need a solution. There is still no way to "reconnect" to a match if your game client closes. Players should be forced to "remain" in any game, even if they disconnect, and try to reconnect a lost connection while the AI plays the game for them, with a grace period of ~3-5 minutes if possible. Players being stuck when changing formations. Players randomly getting real fast for no reason. Player matchups not occurring when a player is in the line of travel of the ball. The game client being super susceptible to packet loss. The AI being broken and too easily drawn offsides. Can't tell how many ads you have left. "Restart Match" button should say "Resume Match" instead. A lot of people don't understand that "restart" in this context is "resume. and the translators should be aware of this curiosity of translation. Extreme loading times, particularly on Android. This might be impossible to fix, but they should at least look into it. Club chat is useless. Maybe not as much of an issue in the era of Discord, but KOF ALLSTAR launched with fully usable chat. No report system; reporting cheaters/hackers is too difficult. It's 2020 and we still can't report hackers directly in the client. This is an easy fix: all games should "record" the data for the games (ie. a recording that lets us simply replay the events of the game) and that data should be submitted to KLab if someone reports another player. The integrity of the game matters! If there's no integrity, why spend money to just lose to a hacker who spams white shots? These are all fixes that, ostensibly, should be somewhat easy to fix. But what's more damning isn't that these fixes haven't been addressed, it's that there is no communication from the company that they are being worked on. I have heard from some friends that KLab does plan on addressing this sort of thing by improving communication. I don't know how THEY know, and I would take it with a grain of salt, but if you're out there and reading this and you work for KLab, then listen: a lot of players would be WAY less mad if you just told them what you're working on. I know Japan's culture is not a direct one, but it's interesting that Japan's culture IS one that likes to save face and apologize and take responsibility for things, so it's sort of surprising that we just never get to see information about the company working towards fixing bugs, or acknowledging them in some way. Your game isn't perfect. In a way, if you told us you knew and showed us ways you were working on improving it, that'd be great. There were already improvements in this regard, with great quality of life features for coaches, etc. —but I don't think I'm alone in saying all of these issues were more important. Fix the bad bugs first, the quality of life can wait. Looking at JetFad's Almanac: Content and Predation These are a little harder to look at so I will break each point down a bit. No new scenarios. This might be an issue from on-high, rather than something they are doing knowingly. It's perfectly possible that they can't add more content because they want to stay true to the CT lore and are being recommended from above to not create or screw with the lore too much. The League in general. It needs an overhaul. If I could come up with a passive for Diaz, maybe the community can come up with something they'd like for the League instead. Only one new character in SSR tickets. The entire SSR ticket system needs to be overhauled, as it is currently fairly useless. League and Online shops have no new players. I don't really mind this as those players were always of exceedingly limited use. The best player ever released via Club/League/Online was still Clubasa IMHO. Grinding content is boring. This one isn't in JetFad's list, but let's face it: raids, events, all that shit? Mad boring. The designers sort of just add difficult teams and situations to a game. I want to see stuff like the challenge road be more exciting. Maybe give us fixed teams and put us in specific situations with mini game puzzles to solve. Sure, players will eventually share solutions, but who gives a shit? These can't be too hard to design; have players look at each player in a dead ball scenario—naybe add a feature to do that by long holding over a player so they can see what the situation is, which would be a cool and new welcome feature for players who want more out of their game. You have design space. USE IT. Player surveys were removed. This one is a little baffling, but it might've been that the results for every survey were just the same over and over and they were no longer getting any good data. Which, of course, means they should've reworked the survey. HA for older SSRs, older DFs and older DCs has slowed to a halt. This is a real problem but I think it's better this way if they also rethink how they want to approach HAs. I think the current stat buff method of creating HAs is super toxic to the game in the long run, and it is possible the reason they've slowed down for quite a long time is because they are trying to solve this design issue. The real problem, of course, is that what I just said is speculation. We have no idea why they're taking so long to release more old player HAs. If we're paying customers, it doesn't make that much sense to keep us so long in the dark. Hiding EX Skill Cards behind steps. As my own addendum, hiding good EX players behind farming events. This seems like a new thing for Nakanishi, and I honestly hated it. I actually also hate that they lock unique event cards behind long grindfests so only whales can get them (see: Tackle Tsubasa, for instance. Players that are free and good should be made available to all players, not just the people who go super hard for them. You can just reward the first places of events like these with a shit-ton of dreamballs. What do you care? They probably spent a ton of money on dreamballs in the first place to get to that position anyway; the EX players should exist to give non-spenders a fighting chance. Most of the high spenders will never really use those EX players anyway, while a clever F2P might find a lot of use for them. Hiding key characters behind "exclusive" banners. This is how I feel about this in a nutshell: if you are going to make a player that might be a staple for a team or archetype, there needs to already be variety for that archetype, such that the player you release is not a "must-own" but an alternative. This is why I don't like the Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Juventus banners all that much: they basically are the only reasonable way to complete many archetypes (specifically the club ones. They should've come after those parts of the meta had been established more properly, not as "heralds" of that meta. They need to be alternatives to existing options that might deepen strategy if you have them, not what makes them tick in the first place, otherwise you have a stale meta or a money-dominated one. Both are unhealthy. Some meta teams are easier to put together than others (like '97 WY) because of how banners were put together. This is a symptom of a larger disease, but you will also notice that most '97 players are not particularly interesting designs. There was an attempt here at lower stamina pools for some players, but usually their team skill was too important to let go (I'm looking at you, Jito. or you had players that just legitimately made the meta completely fucking goofy (hi, Takeshi. It was weird seeing green JP go from nonexistent to dumb as bricks in, like, two character releases. Paid step-ups. I would be OK with them if there was always a step-up available for ANY dreamballs, and just a second step-up if you pay for it or something. None of it would matter if pity pulls existed, but alas. Extreme powercreep. Part of the reason why a pity system would be OK: even if you could outright buy a card, they will phase out eventually in time. Also part of the reason the game's broken: HAs were created to make older players come back into the meta despite the powercreep, but we haven't seen enough of that. It'd be neat if KLab just force-capped their potential stats on all players and never diverged from a particular stat line, and just made adjustments and "version archetypes" of each player, but that might be asking for a lot and probably wouldn't make them as much money. Alas. The Roberto Incident The one time where I will 100% go "wow, fuck you KLab, that's scummy bullshit. I would've outright refunded any money/dreamballs players spent specifically on Roberto. The real problem here is that Roberto is probably the only "staple" player in the game, in that any team that CAN run him in their respective archetypes basically MUST run him or risk being too weak. Both Japanese and Latin American teams basically have to find ways to make room for him, because +4% unrestricted to all players on the board is too fucking powerful and a huge problem, and Super Solidarity made him nearly mandatory in every team. The Mixer. I know JetFad didn't put this in, but I am. The Mixer deletes a player's value to encourage them to gamble again. It's like throwing away what you got in loot boxes just to get more loot boxes, which might not turn up a damn thing, except the stuff in the loot boxes might be at least ancillarily useful in the future. The Mixer is a complete value sink that players with no concept of self-control and a gambling addiction routinely fall into over and over again. If you watched my mixer video back in the day and didn't come out of that going "well, that's a completely bullshit mechanic. then I can't help you. So what do we ask for? I've gone through that big list of JetFad's and have concocted a list of things that you could probably ask, given the real pains the game gives. A pity system. 100 point tickets for an SSR of our choice from the pool the point tickets were generated from. Point tickets are now exclusive and locked to the gacha they come from, replacing those medals from the Barcelona banner, etc. Note that this is for any player in the pool, except for. 01 players. If I throw 500 dreamballs at something and can't find it, you've probably taken enough out of me. Dupes should be useful. I hate limit break systems a lot, but you really gotta do something here. I think instead of the mixer, just allow people to dump one useless old SSR for 5 SSR balls and 10 SR balls. Just literally exchange any player you don't want, no questions asked. Maybe make a limit of 3 players per week or something, so players can't go hog wild immediately and clog the system. Maybe make the mixer its own pity system: throw in 10 players into the mixer and get a 10-way pick- em roll, where you generate 10 players from the active banners available to the player and let them pick one that rolled, with no dupes possible (so none of the players you threw in can come back out. There's a lot of good design space here. Different events should come, and you should support community events. You have a vibrant community of players that want to run their own things. The fighting game community figured this one out a long time ago: give them prize support, give them easy ways to run their events, give them official involvement, and they will reward you. Additionally, your in-game events need to have some kind of variety. We know you have a solid game loop in your core game, but there's no reason why we can't have goofy separate stuff sometimes. Conversely, communication must improve; maybe KLab official Reddit accounts should be created and they should join their games' subreddits. No reason why there can't be like a Matthieu_KLab account or something posting here. Maybe you should hire social media mavens whose entire jobs are to come around here. You need community managers, not just advertising folk. Manage your community and they will reward you. Look at how KOF ALLSTAR's community is: they have an official forum, which is great, but is an infrastructure cost. You could literally liaison with the subreddits' mods and admins and work with them on adding value to your communities. Hell, there is a KLab flair just for you, waiting to be used. Make medal shops more interesting. I've offered designs on how you could just sell S, A (EX) and A skills outright for golden and silver medals. It's perplexing that this still isn't offered, when you want your players to make meaningful strategic choices. One of the best ways to do that is to let them obtain those choices easily. Do it. Prioritize the old bugs and fix them once and for all. It's time for the game experience itself to actually improve. Green screens, black screens, disconnections, herky-jerky teleports due to packet loss and all of these other issues should be a solved problem by now. Stop making new players and hire some engineers to fix these issues. Cheaters need to be reportable in-game, and evidence should be recorded by the game itself. The burden on the regular player to prove people are cheating is too large. Stop using crappy e-mail systems and add a report button. There are other things that I, personally, would want to change, but those are more selfish things like changing features of the game, or deepening the ways players can interact with each other in the game itself. That said, those are not what this post is about, and I think this might be a good starting point for you all to negotiate with KLab. I think a big frustration many people are seeing is that, right now, it just looks like one big, angry mob with no real direction. I hope that you all find a good direction and start pushing in it and that you make reasonable requests from KLab. That said: I fully, 100% respect a consumer's decision to put pressure on a company when they want to get something done. Hopefully I've been able to help you all do that a little more efficiently. Love you all, and take care.

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Salamu alaykom. I'm a male in my late 20s and I grew up in a very toxic environment, my father and his family were extremely abusive, they have abused my mother and treated her like a slave, my father abused me both physically and mentally ever since I was born, I can't even begin to describe how much that destroyed me and I'm really not in a mood right now to talk about all the details. Obviously living in such environment I became very depressed and anxious, my self image was destroyed and I felt like I was unworthy, we migrated to the west when I was 18, coming to the west taught me a lot about mental health, sadly back in my country many people don't recognise mental illness, I grew up thinking I was coward and weak, it was humiliating. But I have learned a lot about psychology and suffering all those years of abuse have taught me so much how to connect with others emotionally, I became a very empathetic person and I strive to build an environment for my wife and children that will lead them to be happy and comfortable. I'm still living with depression and anxiety, and for those who had trauma like me, you know how hard it is, all those negative thoughts keep haunting me, my brain was just damaged a lot in the past, and trauma that happens during childhood is usually very hard to cure. But with all that, I'm highly functional al hamdullilah, I have obtained a good degree and currently I'm working at a good company, my career field is pretty good and I consider myself to successful especially with all the challenges that I have had. I have done therapy and still do sometimes, it didn't really help much, I have tried medications on and off and sometimes they help sometimes they don't. What I know for sure is what I'm suffering from is very serious. I feel like it's just my "default" state. That's just reality. Growing up and watching my family and relatives, I had a really bad image about marriage and I have spent almost my entire life not wanting to marry because of it, I'm almost paranoid about being controlled by my wife or being lied to and marrying marrying then realizing they were not whom they claimed to be etc etc I recently started looking and so far I've had a few potentials online, the potentials i have spoken with have been very kind and understanding, I was very honest about my past and they did not see any problems with me, things did not work out later on due to some incompatibilities but overall my experience wasn't bad and I was glad to face no judgment. However, deep inside I truly feel like I don't deserve to be married, I'm afraid of being a burden, I'm a very supportive person and I know I would do it best to make my wife happy, but I feel like it's not fair that sometimes I can't be happy for no reason at all, I have so much guilt inside of me because of that, I can almost imagine myself being married and suddenly fall into depression and I can imaging my wife wanting a divorce because she can't handle seeing me like that. This is making me very hesitant about marriage, some women contact me and I start worrying and I almost start acting like they are doing me a favor by talking to me, I feel like I start pushing them away and start sharing negative things about myself. I know in theory I have good qualities, I have good education and I've been known to have great manners by people around me, but sometimes I just feel inferior. I have not dated or have been in a relationship before, I was afraid of falling into haram. I can communicate well and I'm very honest, but I just have no idea how much of a big deal it is for other women to be willing to marry someone in my condition. I would appreciate an honest feedback here from both genders. Jazakumallah.
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What does burden mean. Is burden a verb. Southern American beast of burden. I grew up in a dysfunctional household. I don't want to get too much into the details, but my parents were unstable and mostly fighting until they separated. My two siblings and I had been emotionally, psychologically and physically abused. We had no feeling of safety or well-being in our home. It felt like a very loveless home too. And on top of all of that, financial worries were a constant, and my mother would always broadcast that worry to us. It was a very stressful experience and I was robbed of a decent childhood. Overall my parents were horrible for each other and should never have had children. They brought us into a world of pain and suffering, and didn't provide us with a good life. The childhood years were very, very, very unsatisfying. I have always been a sensitive person The experience growing-up was very overwhelming on my nervous system. I suffered from almost daily migraines as a child. I felt emotionally frozen, I lacked social skills, and it was difficult for me to make friends or rely on anyone. not just because I lacked the social skills needed to be a good friend, but also because my home was not a place I would ever bring good people (because our home environment was toxic and embarassing. In elementary school I would befriend my classmates, and I would have enough of a social life that I didn't have to worry. But by the time I was in middle school, I was already feeling isolated like nobody liked me. As I went into high school, this feeling got worse with each year, until I was completely disowned by my peers at the age of 15-16ish. There was nothing worse than feeling alone and isolated, being rejected by my peers. Going to school was an anxiety inducing experience where I didn't feel welcome. Going home each night, I felt so tired of my life. There was nothing positive or satisfactory about it already, and now that I was disowned by my peer group, I just felt completely like I had absolutely no reason to live. Life was misreable for me I was suffering silently. I didn't feel like I had anyone I could talk to about my problems. Back then, I also didn't understand that there was any other way of life. This was the only life I knew, I didn't know that other people had a better life experience, that other people had loving families, that I could talk to a therapist or councillor about my feelings. So to me, it just felt like a very hopeless situation, but I didn't know that it wasn't normal. I started seriously thinking about suicide and my options to do so. It was an obsession, a compulsion on a daily basis. I dreamed of walking in front of a public transit bus on my way home from school. The problem with suicide was. Having grown-up in a catholic household, I was worried that if I killed myself, there was the possibility of eternal damnation. Because catholicism claims that if you commit suicide, that's you rejecting your most precious gift from god, and therefore you will go to hell for eternity for this desecration. By this age, I was already starting to notice a lot of inconsistencies in catholicism. When I was 12, I had stopped going to church, I was the first of my siblings to stand-up for myself and opt-out. So by the age of 15-16, I was already not attending church at all. But having grown-up with those beliefs and having gone to catholic schools, I was still worried, What if catholicism is right. If I kill myself, it might be a critical mistake. Eternity is a long time. It's just not worth it. So I still fantasized about suicide, but because of my fear of hell, I wasn't ready to go through with it. Then one Saturday morning As I was waking up in my bedroom and looking at the ceiling, I noticed the sun was coming through the window. But I felt there was a problem. My heart stopped beating. I couldn't breath. I tried to bang on the floor of my bedroom to get help, but my body was not responding. I knew that this was it. I was going to die. When you are dying, you know the feeling, it's unmistakenable. Still terrified of damnation, I remembered my catholic teachings, that even if you lived a life of sin, on your deathbed as long as you repent and ask Jesus to save you, you will get into heaven. So there I was, unable to speak, but screaming in my mind, Jesus forgive me! Save me! yadda yadda. It didn't take long I got sucked through a beam of white light. Other people who have reported an NDE describe it as a tunnel of white light. To me, it felt more like a drinking straw (notice I used the term "sucked through" earlier, like you would slurp a drink. The reason I say that is because I instantly noticed. I'm too big to fit. I'll have to leave this body behind to get through. So I could actually feel myself getting sucked-out of my body, and it was an incredible experience, because the body was a heavy, emotionally depressing burden. The next moment. I found myself on the other side. I had left my heavy, sad, depressed body behind. All that emotional baggage was separated from me. Now I felt perfectly weightless and free. It felt like taking off a tight shoe after a long walk, except this tight shoe was my body. It was whole and satisfying relief to be free from that body. I perceived myself to be floating above the Earth, it seemed like the distance to the moon perhaps, that's how small the Earth now appeared as I observed it in a distance. But I was in a place of pure bliss. Surrounded by a cloud of perfectly satisfying love. There was absolutely no sense of lack in this moment. I felt whole and complete. I felt easy and weightless. I felt happy and joyful. I immediately recognized this place, I have been here before. I remember that I have been here recently too, but when I was sent back, the memory was taken away from me. I've been here frequently, it's not a rare occurence. Beside me I noticed two beings I could feel their presence, but they did not necessarily have any shape. One seemed smaller and did not speak, just observed. But the other seemed larger, wiser, and was the one communicating with me. I felt like I knew them in some way, I felt that they knew me too, it's just that I couldn't remember who they were. But I knew that the big one was my guide or someone who has been keeping track of me. I mean, they both knew everything about my life, but the big one felt like he might have been a representative for me. But unlike other people who had an NDE, neither of them would I describe as Jesus or God. They were just really powerful, wise, and loving beings. The guide began communicating with me The communication was not with words, it was through instant thought-blocks. The moment the communication started, it felt like every moment I was downloading not just individual words or sentence, but entire concepts & ideas. Even more than that, these thought-blocks included EVERYTHING. memories of the Earthly events that inspired the intention for the thought-block, the feelings I had when I experienced that event, as well as how these beings felt as they observed me having that experience. These thought-blocks were instant, conveyed huge amounts of information, and they were so complete that there was no room for mis-understanding (like we do here on Earth when we mis-communicate and have frustrating conversations with someone. As we communicated, I got a sense that these beings appreciated me deeply and fully, and had great reverance for me. And I felt great reverance for these beings, for the empathy they had for me, and I was impressed with their wisdom and knowledge. The first topic of discussion The being started by showing me that they had been observing how unhappy I was in my life. They showed me the memory and emotion of my life experiences, of the sadness, hopelessness, despair, lack of satisfaction. And as they showed me this memory and my feelings in that moment, they also showed me how seeing me in that experience made them feel very sad. They could see that I was stuck, and this was causing me a lot of suffering and pain. And they felt great sympathy for the pain I was experiencing, because they didn't want me to continue suffering, they wanted me to feel the tremendous love (like I was feeling in their presence right then. So after showing me this memory, the guide told me. we do not want you to suffer, we see you are in great pain, do you want to stay here or do you want to go back [to Earth. suggesting that they can now free me from the suffering) They knew I wanted to kill myself, and they were offering me a less messy option. They gave me the choice to leave my body. And as they communicated this, they simultaneously showed me an understanding. there is no such thing as hell. They showed me that they have nothing but appreciation for me and all living beings, that they feel nothing but unconditional love for me, and they want me to know this love fully. And they showed me that hell is a human-made concept, created from a human perspective of fear and not-knowing of the love of god. As I basked in this loving energy, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was true, that such a loving being would never reject its own creation, and in fact, felt great sympathy for the ones that were so lost and that suffered as a result. Thinking if I should leave this world. As I considered my choice, I instantly remembered my pre-birth intention. I remembered that before I was born, I had a group of joker-type friends and we watched the world from this similar top-down perspective above the Earth. And those from our group would decide to take physical form, and we would see them be born into the world, and it was a competitive-like feeling. we wanted to see who could go the longest before they got lost in the Earth indoctrination process (and subsequently, forget about their divine non-physical nature. We would be laughing hysterically as we watched our friends get lost and make really bad decisions, like "oh man, can't believe he did that. sort of thing. Because just moments earlier, he was right here beside us, saying "alright guys, I could do way better than you, just watch. so confident in himself. And just moments later, we would watch as he had absolutely no more memory or recollection of his divine nature, completely believing that he was this physical body, and that there was nothing but this physical realm (thinking that there was nothing after death, no god, etc. But as we continued to watch, I felt great sympathy for my friends. I watched so many people on this planet losing their way, and resulting in a lot of suffering, pain, despair. Overall, it looked like the state of the world was going downhill too, lots of unrest and fighting. It was really affecting me, and I felt great sympathy for the people. So that was when I set my pre-birth intention. I said, I will go into this physical world, and I will take physical form, but I will never forget who I am. I will remember my divine nature, and I will help others to remember their own divine nature too, so that they can be freed from the bondage and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed. So there I was, given the option to leave. Realizing that I had in fact lost my way too, and I had forgotten about my purpose. My childhood was just too painful. And with the medical condition (migraines) the loveless household, the religious indoctrination, the emotional and physical abuse, the lack of friends, the lack of satisfaction in my life, I just felt so traumatized and hopeless by the experience, that there never seemed like an opportunity for me to be true to myself. (But I give myself credit that at the age of 12, I knew that religion was bullshit, I had enough connection to my intuitive guidance to feel that was true. so my intuition was there all along, I just wasn't paying enough attention to it all those years, and I didn't have the courage to act on my internal guidance at that time. So remembering my pre-birth intention, I just felt like I wasn't done. I felt there was more that I wanted to do (I also didn't want to die as a virgin, because I wanted to experience sex at least once in my life. Making a decision. So I decided that I would go back, but with conditions. I would only go back if the beings would allow me to keep the memory of our interaction. Because growing up, I remembered that I had this interaction with these loving beings before too. I remember at least two interactions prior. at the age of 7, and another around the age of 11 (in this incident, I think I may have actually died and been sent back to a parallel timeline, because I remember seeing my mother grieving my loss and I felt bad, I remember saying "I should go back" and they told me "you can't go back into that one, it's already been decided in that timeline, we'll have to put you somewhere else" But each time I was sent back, they took the memory of our interaction away from me! Every time I had the experience, I felt like "wow, this is the most amazing thing ever, I need to tell all my friends and family about it, it would especially help my family that is going through so much difficulty. I remember feeling super-excited every time, ready to go back and to tell the whole world. that there is no death, that there is an afterlife, and it's beautiful and the unconditional love feelings amazing. that it's the best thing since sliced bread. But then I would go back into my body, and as I would awake, I remember feeling this burning desire to tell everyone something really, really important. But each time as I tried to remember what that was, I would only see a blank white light where my memory was supposed to be. So as I was having this interaction now, I knew that they were planning to take this memory away from me again. And I said. THE ONLY WAY I'm going back is if you let me keep the memory. Because I'm not going to go back, only to be lost again! It's too painful not knowing who I am. You need to let me keep the memory. And they agreed. But then I remembered how much hardship there was because of the financial situation. And I added, And I don't want to worry about money anymore, I also don't want to have to work" especially because at this point of my life, I was feeling a lot of difficulty in getting a job. And they seemed to agree, although I'm still waiting on that part of the agreement. (Years later, I did end up working as a software developer earning more than 100K a year, never going to university or earning a degree to do it. But it has been difficult and stressful work, and I still don't feel like the money has been sufficient, especially lately with the real-estate prices growing so far out of proportion with salaries. so I'm still expecting more ease in this domain of my life) Moments later, I was back in my bedroom. My eyes opened and I could see the ceiling again. As I centered-back into my body, I was just completely blown-away by the experience that I just had. There was this huge "wooooow" feeling resonating in my body. I couldn't believe they let me keep the memory, I was expecting them to take it away again. My first thought was "they let me keep it, holy shit. I was completely lucid of everything that had just happened, I ran over to my computer (which was a few steps away from my bed, a desktop with a bulky-monitor circa 2003) and quickly typed-down all the details from my experience. I wanted to write down every single detail, because I never wanted to forget. After I finished typing, I walked downstairs to find my sister watching TV in the living room. I asked her, didn't you hear me banging on the floor of my bedroom. She said, nope, it's been completely quiet all morning. I said, well, I just died in my sleep, had a conversation with god about my life, they offered me the chance to leave my body but I decided to come back, and then they let me keep the memory of our interaction, so I ran to my computer and wrote it all down. She was just like "wow, that sounds trippy. After-math of my experience There was no immediate improvement in my life after my NDE, but I felt like I didn't need to run-away anymore. Life felt more manageable now. I remember that after I came back, I was finally free of the worry of hell and eternal damnation. In fact, I felt a lot of rage against religion for putting me in that position in the first place. Whenever anyone would question my not following of them to church, I would openly share that catholicism is a distortion of truth, and express my absolute hatred for organized religion. I didn't feel inclined to share my NDE story with my immediately family, because I didn't feel any connection to any of my family members. At school I didn't have any friends, so I didn't share my experience with them either. It was this thing that happened, but it happend for me. not for anyone else. I didn't know how to integrate it back into my life, I didn't even see it as something that I would share with the world (being that I was still young, uncertain in myself, and with social anxiety and no social skills. I just went on living my life day by day, taking things less seriously, and just focused on graduating high school. There was this thought at the back of my mind that said "if it gets too much, it's ok, because none of this will matter once high school is over. it seems big and important now, but the moment you leave school, none of this will matter anymore. So that thought kept me going through periods of loneliness and hardship. Years later. So up to this point in my life, the only spiritual teachings I had known were the catholic doctrine. In later years of high school, I also had a world religions class that briefly spoke about the other religions, like Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, but not in much detail or conviction. I started spending time on online philosophy forums, specifically around that time MySpace was popular, so that's where I went for discussion (this was pre-reddit era, around the time that Digg was still the most popular social aggregator. One day I was having a discussion about some topic, and somebody mentioned "The Secret. They personally messaged me with a link where I could watch it online. That night I watched the whole thing and was blown away. Something about "The Secret" really resonated with me. It seemed to make a lot of sense to me, considering the negative environment that I had grown-up in had filled my head with a lot of self-deprecating and negative beliefs and thought patterns. It seemed to make sense that if I wanted a better life, I would have to start reaching for thoughts that were different. Then a couple weeks or months passed, and again someone messaged me directly on MySpace, but this time they told me to watch "The Secret Behind The Secret. Again, I had a link to watch it online somewhere. This is when I knew I was on to something. Everything that was talked about in "The Secret Behind The Secret" was a direct reflection of my NDE. This was the first time that I recognized that another human being knew about the other side and what it is like. That DVD was my introduction to the New Age community. Since then, I have learned about a lot of the different teachers and concepts. Today I have a much more complete understanding of the physical reality and its connection to Source and the non-physical, I understand a lot more of the concepts and have a better lexicon so that I can share my story. But back when I had my NDE I didn't know anything about New Age or Spirituality. At most, I had seen Buddhism mentioned in The Simpons, I knew it was popular with celebrities. But I lived in a very sheltered world, I didn't even know there was an entire section called New Age / Self-Help at the library or in the book store. It was there all those years, I was just completely unaware that it even existed. But in a way, I'm happy that I didn't know about any of that. Because if I had known about those concepts back when I had my NDE, I would have thought that the NDE was just a dream based on all the things I had learned in the books. But this way, knowing how completely different my NDE was from my religious indoctrination, there was no shadow of doubt in my mind that the experience was real. More real than physical reality As other people who had an NDE explain, it feels realer than this physical reality, and it felt like going back home. One moment of being present in that shower of pure love is more satisfying than the most satisfying experience you've had in your entire life on this planet. Think back to your most satisfying experience ever. maybe it was the most delicious meal that you've ever had, or your best sex ever. Take that feeling and multiply it to infinity, such that the feeling never goes away, and it is just as satisfying tomorrow, and next year, as it is right now. That's what it's like being on the other side. So then when you are asked, hey buddy, would you like to go back to Earth where you'll inevitably experience suffering and pain. THAT'S NOT AN EASY DECISION TO MAKE! You must willingly leave the comfort of this beautiful place that you known as home, the place of your greatest comfort and joy, knowing that your experience will be much less satisfying. and at times, altogether torturous. So to decide "yes please, I'll have another serving of beatings and unworthiness" is not an easy decision. There needs to be a powerful reason for a being to decide to come back. (Over my years studying from the New Age teachers, I have come to understand that life is not supposed to feel like pain and suffering. That in fact, we are supposed to feel that joy and satisfaction of being non-physical, but here and now, while we are still in our physical bodies. That experience is available to us, and it is something that we can nurture in this reality, so that we DON'T constantly feel the need to escape and go back "home. It felt like being back "Home" Since my experience, I have found many others online who have had an NDE, and I see this being mentioned over and over. Being on the other side really does feel like being "home" you recognize the place instantly because you are so natural and comfortable there. Also, you instantly remember where you are, it doesn't matter how long you have been away (or how harsh your physical experience has been. There is an instant recognition, it's like a programming in your DNA or something. That once you are no longer focused into the physical reality, your focus is free to have full awareness of itself and its true nature (of being a divine infinite expression of consciousness and love. Where do we go from here? It has been 16+ years since my NDE now. For the most part, I haven't done anything meaningful with my NDE. I feel like maybe I should share this experience with the world, but the few times that I tried to do that in person, I have been met with backlash or indifference. For example, the person will immediately go on the defensive, oh, that was just sleep paralysis and a hallucination, that couldn't have been real. Or indifference might look like, oh, ok crazy person, whatever you say. right, you died and came back, uh-huh. the mental hopital is this way:pointing] People act like they care what happens after death, so worried about dying. But the reality seems to be. they don't want to hear about it from you. And I don't blame them Until I had my NDE, I probably wouldn't have believed someone else's recollection either. I don't know if there's any point in sharing my story, you really should have your own NDE. How do you make that happen? I don't know. Seems like your spirit gets to decide the moment. The closest thing I have seen, based on the recollection of other people, is the possibility of reaching this state by consuming Ayahuasca or Magic Mushrooms (both of these have DMT. From what I hear about the experience of those who consumed these compounds, the experience they had of visiting that place of "pure love" and meeting with wise guides, is exactly the same as my NDE. Personally, I have only tried cannabis, which for me seems to be very similar to that feeling you get from basking in the shower of pure love while still being lucid (I refer to cannabis as "the god plant. The reason that cannabis works is because it allows you to release your memories, and the negative memories are the heavy burden that causes a feeling of separation from Source (so when you drop the memories, it's like being sucked-out of the heavy bodily baggage through that drinking-straw of light. But, as for knowing about the other side. I believe that some people are not meant to know [just yet. There is a benefit to the physical experience, and to wake someone up before they're ready would ruin the experience for them. Because if you think that you are physical and that this life is all you get, you will have a lot more buy-in to this experience, you will take it more seriously. The experience will be a lot more IMMERSIVE. Think of putting on a 3-D headset to play an immersive video game. Now imagine if during that process you completely forgot that you were playing a game. Fighting to survive would feel much more intense, you would really get into it, wouldn't you? So I'm not sure if everyone is supposed to know about the other side. I know that as soon as the truth was shown to me, I could never take this life seriously again. I joke about it, I look forward to dying, I downplay the importance, I've even told others "stop taking it so seriously, it's just a game. In a way, that's disrespectful to what is happening here. It's like going into a room full of young children and saying, Santa Claus isn't real. the water and air is polluted, that will be your problem to deal with when your parents die, and yes they will die one day. and oh yeah, by the time you're adults, none of the remaining low-paying jobs will be enough to even rent an apartment. You have to know your audience, and you have to be respectful to the experience they're having. Because you don't know why that person is here, you don't know what their spirit intends for them, or what intention they had coming into this reality. But we didn't all have the same intention. With that said. It's been difficult for me to be back in this physical body. Having the memory of the other side makes it hard, because I am constantly comparing my life and the way I feel here, to how good I could feel in any moment if I just killed myself instead. Physical life is far from perfect, so I am frequently in a feeling place of "this is not enough, this is not sufficient" and it feels like I'm suffocating and can't breath. Feeling discomfort and dissatisfaction really effects me. Even if it's just a moment, it feels like an eternity for me. Because deep-down, I know that I am divine, and that I deserve to feel whole, satisfied, and comfortable at all times. It's like. I feel it's really important that I am respected in that way, and also, like I know that's the way that life should be, and I should never again accept any less than that. So I don't know what that will look like. In recent months, I've been driven to find other people who had NDE's, I feel like that might have a clue for me. I've felt very lonely and isolated, but already just knowing there are other likes me, and especially that coming back and being here has been difficult for them too, helps me to know that these feelings I'm having are normal. I posted links in r/nde to various videos I've come across where I really resonate and recognize the elements of the person sharing their NDE. The elements between our NDE's seem to be the same. I'm glad to have found these videos, because for the longest time after my NDE, I didn't even know there was anyone else like me. Over the past few years, I've shared about my NDE across different threads that have appeared on Reddit. At one point, my story resonated with a lot of people, it was even multi-golded (that was on a different account, I frequently recycle my accounts because of past doxing. I was really moved by how many people benefited from the sharing of my story. I feel like I'm being lead away from software engineering, it's not satisfying enough for me anymore (and frankly, given the fact that infinity is such a long time, I might as well do something that is satisfying. I would like to be a "Medium" so that I can help people who have lost a loved one. "Death" which is actually just more life) is a beautiful thing, and I want to help spread this knowing that we do not need to fear death, that it is a positive experience, that our loved ones are experiencing one of the most beautiful gifts this universe has to offer, and help each person reach that place of well-being again after facing a loss, so that they can continue benefiting from this life and experiencing its fullness. For me, being afraid of hell and damnation was a really terrifying experience, to the point that I felt like I was a prisoner. And Source respects us too much to allow us to live with that kind of terror and fear. So I would like to give this gift of knowing of our well-being to everyone else, because I feel that there are a lot of people who are seeking this truth, and I want to be able to help facilitate the sharing of that knowing. I hope my story has helped you May your heart be blessed 🧡💎.

Updated global burden of cholera. Burden in spanish. Lol, funny watching the REAL racists reveal themselves. What is burden in oblivion. Can you use burden in a sentence. I just finished watching this film at the Traverse City Film Festival, I absolutely cannot rave enough about this film! the cinematography, the acting, the dialogue, everything is absolutely spot on! It is so intense that you, as the viewer, can feel the struggle that Mike Burden is going through and it just captures you and sucks you right in. especially if you know anything about the backstory on it and what really happened. To be honest this film emotionally drained me, I am literally exhausted from watching it. I would even have to go as far as to giving it 6 out of 5 stars, this is one of those do not miss movies.

Burden mean. My favorite in this comp is when the cat accidentally poops into that chick's coffee. Classic. When was Alfred Burden born. Introduction: Hey there, guardian! Your friendly community Sherpa here – but you can call me Arch, Archery, or even Angel – whatever is easier for you is fine by me! Ive been around since Destiny 1, though I took a break after Taken King came out and returned with Destiny 2s release. I am 30 years old and live in Wyoming, USA (which means Mountain Time for me. If my PSN wasnt a dead giveaway – yes, I am indeed a gamer-chick. Although a total nerd at heart, I love to game and spend any free time I have teaching raids or assisting people with Destiny 2. Rarely will you see me playing another game, but it has been known to happen from time to time. Im always down to jump in a raid and lend a hand or assist a group thats struggling for a completion! Why I Teach Raids: Honestly, teaching raids comes naturally for me. Im currently a few college courses away from earning my bachelors degree in elementary education with an endorsement in special education – so teaching is in my blood. I love hearing when the light bulb goes off for people because you can tell they are understanding something! I am comfortable explaining things in several different ways to ensure the entire time I have with me understands what I am asking them to do or what I am asking them to execute to be successful in the raid. Since my early days in Destiny 2, I found the community to be extremely toxic when it came to teaching people the raids. Often, you find me in a raid with five people who have little to no experience with a raid, and our success rate is fairly high. I promise I dont need your full name, address, social security number, left thumb print, or your tax returns for the last seven years to teach you a raid! Oh, keep this our little secret, but you really dont need a Gjallarhorn to do a raid! My Philosophy: When I teach raids, I truly believe that anybody can learn, and I can work with that. Although some people have no experience in any prior raids, executing and completing a raid isnt too difficult. If youre willing to give it the best you got, we can totally work with that! Sometimes, mechanics might be a bit tougher than people expect and are not always easy to teach. Because of this, I dont always follow the “community method” for things. As an education major, I firmly believe that the community method is a very rigid box that not everyone will fit into. At the end of the day, were looking to beat the raid, and thats exactly what well set out to do. I try to make execution and explanation simplified. I cant hand difficult mechanics to someone with little to no experience in raids within the game before. Although it may seem “too easy” for you, someone else on the team may need that simplified version. I will often send group pictures through PSN for the explanation of things and have maps of things that may help some people out, so expect those coming through during the raid! What I Expect During Raids: When it comes to raids, I am always willing to teach people willing to give me the time. Depending on what raid we are doing and how many inexperienced people we have with us, the amount of time we spend in the raid will vary. Peoples skill level will also impact this. Although some individuals may not have a clear on the raid we are doing, others may not have any experience being in raids due to not finding teams that will take them on. Every single person that anyone will ever raid with will be at varying skill levels, and it is important that the team takes that into consideration. I do, however, have a few requirements I ask of you; Give me a reasonable amount of time to get the group through the mechanic explanation as well as the execution of mechanics given what raid we are doing (harder raids will take longer) and the number of inexperienced players we have. To truly teach a raid, it will more than likely not be a quick in-and-out run. Although some teams pick mechanics up quick, other teams may struggle some, so please be patient and remember well go through the raid at a pace that works for the team. If you don't have the time to stick the raid out then please don't sign up. Respect each member of our team! Be willing to admit when you have problems understanding and/or executing mechanics Sometimes, first-time explanations that are given are not enough for every member of the team, so we might have to re-explain something in a different way, so it makes sense to everyone. If you dont understand something you are encouraged to ask so that I can explain it in such a way that you get it. If you dont understand what youre supposed to do, then Im not doing my job! Next, be willing to admit when you messed up. Mistakes are going to happen – were all human! Im okay with making mistakes and you should be too! The team can learn from mistakes, but the important part of making them is the identification of them. Regardless if its standing in a bad spot, forgetting mechanics, or executing the wrong mechanics it happens to the best of us. As a Sherpa, I dont expect you to be perfect and want you to realize that I will even sometimes make mistakes. Mistakes are what we learn from, and you making that mistake could teach someone else a valuable lesson. Please dont rage quit. I realize that people may reach a point where they just cannot continue for whatever reason. Identification of that is going to be key. If you know that you are at that point for yourself, please speak up. I would rather you identify that you need to step away than to leave the team hanging or waiting for you to return because we think you were disconnected. If you reach your limit all I ask is that you can communicate that. It can be through the party or in a private message. The last one is a bit of an odd one, but hear me out. If you've done your research on me, you know I am the top Sherpa in the world on PS4. Because I simply cannot get to everyone who wants me as a Sherpa, I have begun streaming so that I can teach more people the raids even if they cant get in a run with me. When we do our runs, I will be streaming. Because of my stream set-up, my viewers will be hearing your voice as well as mine. I stream so that people can learn without being in there with us. They get to hear your questions, areas we struggle, and they get to see us reach sweet victory. I need you to be okay with me streaming. Toxic behavior will NOT be tolerated because I will not let you put my streaming in jeopardy nor will you bring the rest of the group down. It's a very important teaching tool for me, and I insist that you respect that. Raids Im Comfortable Teaching, Estimated Completion Times, Miscellaneous Notes, and Loadouts Leviathan Power Level: Please be 800+ Estimated Completion Time: 1. 5 – 3 hours* Miscellaneous Notes: Please bring ~20 raid banners. Prestige: Yes, I can teach prestige, but please have knowledge of normal before asking. Loadout: Will be discussed before we begin each encounter Eater of Worlds Power Level: Please be 800+ Estimated Completion Time: 1. 5 – 2 hours* Miscellaneous Notes: Please bring ~20 raid banners. Loadout: Will be discussed before we begin each encounter Spire of Stars Power Level: Please be 800+ Estimated Completion Time: 2 – 3. 5 hours* Miscellaneous Notes: Please bring ~20 raid banners. Loadout: Will be discussed before we begin each encounter Last Wish Power Level: Please be 800+ Estimated Completion Time: 3 -5 hours* Miscellaneous Notes: Please bring ~20 raid banners. Loadout: Will be discussed before we begin each encounter Scourge of the Past: Power Level: Please be 800+ Estimated Completion Time: 2. 5 – 3. Loadout: Will be discussed before we begin each encounter Crown of Sorrow Power Level: Please be 800+ Estimated Completion Time: 4 – 7 hours* Miscellaneous Notes: Please bring ~20 raid banners. Loadout: Will be discussed before we begin each encounter Garden of Salvation Power Level: Please be 950+ Estimated Completion Time: 5 - 7 hours* Miscellaneous Notes: Please bring ~20 raid banners. If you want Divinity you need to get your quest up to the raid step. The last step is to purchase the quest off the Lectern table (next to Eris) for 30 Phantasmal Fragments. IF YOU DONT BUY THE QUEST OFF THE TABLE YOU WILL NOT GET DIVINITY FROM THE RAID! Here is a guide to help you complete the Divinity quest Loadout: Please bring Izanagi's Burden, Whisper of the Worm, or a sniper rifle with Firing Line on it. DPS can become a major issue in this raid, so it's important that we are all pulling our weight. If youre lucky enough to already have Divinity, it would not hurt to bring it with. Please remember that these completion times are estimated and are solely dependent upon the team. Some raid teams are solid from the beginning and get through things extremely fast, and others may have a slow learner and take slightly longer. If you dont have the time to give to the raid, please dont ask to be in one. Helpful Tips: When joining a raid anyone is trying to Sherpa – not just myself – please bring an open mind. Being a Sherpa means were purposefully exposing ourselves to multiple ways in which to teach you mechanics, and its essential you have an open mind. While some Sherpas stick to the “community method”, others, such as myself, try to steer clear of it while still teaching you the raid. Raids are a blast when a positive atmosphere is created by the group! Go in with an open mind, and the biggest thing of all is to please have fun! Also, please be mindful of any background noise your headset might be picking up. Things such as spouses, children, friends, fans, air conditioners, or having the game sound coming out of your TV can all be extremely distracting. Extra noise from people in the party can make explaining mechanics much more difficult and following the walk-through of execution a lot tougher. Were here to learn and that cannot be done if the background noise overpowers the learning! The times that I am available to Sherpa people are going to vary. The best way to get a hold of me is by sending me a message. I am currently a full-time college student and all my courses are online, so my availability is open. If youre still reading this and need to learn a raid – what have you honestly got to lose? I promise – I dont bite! After a raid, I would really appreciate any feedback you have for me posted on this card. Positive or negative - it's all welcome. Sometimes, I don't realize I need to adjust the way I do something until someone points it out. Feedback is an important part of growth, and I aim to be the best Sherpa I can be but I can't do that without knowing what I need to work on and what I am doing well! See you on the field, guardian. As a side note, my PSN is difficult for some people to identify. Here is my PSN with spaces on how to spell it (there are NO SPACES on my actual PSN. ARCH 3 RY ANG 3 L 89 Now The Fun - How Do You Join One Of My Raids? So I have struggled over the past few months of figuring out a way to do this the easiest way. I'm swamped with people wanting to schedule runs and people that missed out on runs I have done. I dont always have time to get back to every single person, nor will I ever have the time to get to every single person that wants a raid. The easiest way for you to get in with me is to just watch the forums for when I post. I am still a full-time college student so at the end of the day I must put my schooling first. The best news is that even if you dont get in on a run with me, theres still a way I can teach you the raids. I do stream all the raids as I mentioned, so youre more than welcome to tune in and watch. Feel free to ask any questions while youre there as well and I will do my best to answer them the best I can! My Twitch Channel * This is the second Sherpa card I've posted. If you would like to see my previous card with the comments, check it out here.

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Today is my official one year anniversary. I cannot believe how whirlwind this past year has been. My entire life has changed. Apologies for the read, but I figured I'd highlight some of the things I went through for those who might be interested. Before and After: I wanted to be honest about the way my body looks now. I've lost so much weight, but I do have quite a lot of loose skin now. Front Side Back Stats: Female, 5'6" 31 years old. Highest Weight: 278 July 2018 Starting Weight: 255 January 24, 2019 Current Weight: 140 Future Goal Weight: I'm working on body image issues. I'm going to wait for my 18 month mark to try skin removal and see if it helps with the way I feel about my body. I don't think I have much if any fat left to lose, but I'm still a bit heavier than I expected to be and look this thin. It's definitely messing with my head. I may have gained more muscle than I thought throughout the weight loss process even though I wasn't focusing on muscles until a couple of months ago. Clothes: Shirt size: 2XL. S/XS/4 Pant Size: 22. 6US or 27/28 Dress Size: 2XL. S/4 Bra Size: 40DD. 34B Inches Lost: Chest: 48. 34: 14 inches Underbust: 42. 31: 11 inches Waist: 46. 29: 17 inches Hips: 53. 32: 21 inches Arms: 18. 12: 6 inches Thighs: 51. 33: 18 inches Butt: 55. 37: 18 inches Rate of Loss: First Month: 33 lbs Second Month: 27 lbs Third Month: 18 lbs Fourth Month. I averaged 15lbs per month and then about 10 lbs per month.  I hit 155 (my first goal weight) around the 8th month mark. I hovered around there for 2. 5 months and I was still unhappy with the amount of fat I had so I dropped to 145 within the next 1 month and decide to go lower to around 140.  Warnings: Surgery complications happen. I threw up 2 liters of blood post-surgery. They're not sure why exactly, but I probably had a small leak and they gave me too much pain medicine that made me nauseous. This led to me throwing up a lot of blood in the first night and I ended up needing blood transfusions. I was on bed rest for 2 months total because I felt close to passing out or my heart exploding whenever I walked. It was a crappy experience, but still worth it for how good I feel now. RNY constipation is real. Take Miralax like it's going out of style. Save yourself from the horror of enemas or using your finger as a shovel. Get your vitamins checked regularly. If something doesn't feel right, get it checked. I was low on iron for a while (blood loss of course) but I wasn't really regenerating much. At seven months out, I felt groggy a lot and didn't know why. I got my values checked and my nutritionist noticed my zinc was dropping rapidly. Zinc+copper are required for ferratin/iron production. I started taking zinc supplements and I no longer felt tired/drained. All of my levels are back within normal limits after only a couple of months.  Relationship issues are real. I ended a 6-year relationship with a really great guy. I felt completely changed and knew I wasn't meant to be in a relationship with him.  Saggy skin is annoying. If you lose all of your excess weight, you are guaranteed to have loose skin. Ladies, you will very likely have saggy boobs. It's worth it, though. You should go ahead and save what you can for breast augmentation just in case. Birth Control Pills will not work anymore. This is especially true for RNY and Switch. I had no idea bc pills became around 70-80% effective post-op due to malabsorption. That, combined with increased fertility post-op, is dangerous. I've been battling for the past six months with different bc options. It's annoying because I'm much more susceptible to hormones now. I go crazy on almost every hormonal birth control option. This is something that was not discussed in ANY of my pre-op or post-op meetings. They only highlighted the increased fertility rate. Depo Provera birth control Shot caused a lot of hunger. I was around the 8-month mark and got the Depo shot, and suddenly was really hungry a lot. I found myself snacking more and my weight stalled. It wasn't a bad thing because I had hit my first goal weight so I settled there for a while. I wasn't happy that it was medicine causing the stall.  Changes: Brand new job! I felt my confidence skyrocket and managed to land a super interesting job in software architecture.  New relationship. I met someone online a couple of months ago and it's been weird telling him all of the stuff I went through the past year. He's luckily very sporty and fit so he helps keep me active and vice versa. We motivate each other on days we are feeling lazy. He also doesn't like sweets, my number one nemesis, so it's been a lot easier to resist temptation. The way people treat me is significantly different. Guys are way friendlier. Women tend to be more stand-offish until I chat with them. It's a weird feeling. People are very visual and treat you based on how you look. I always knew that in my head, but it really became a reality when I experienced the change. I'm going through a wardrobe crisis. I have no idea what kind of 'look' I want to go for. It's almost like I have choice overload. Before I just work mostly black because it hid me, but now I can go out of my comfort zone. My new boyfriend has been helpful in getting me to try cute outfits on. Thanks to him I bought a really flattering dress that hugs me everywhere but looks really good. Picture of Dress Post-Surgery Thoughts: I somehow found it quite easy to stick to the diet most of the time. When I wasn't being negatively affected by hormones, I was able to resist the temptation for most bad foods. I do not eat dessert anymore. In the first few months, I was kind of sad, but since month 4-5 I haven't really had any cravings for junk food. I'll watch food network and watch tasty videos on making desserts, but for some reason, it doesn't really trigger anything in me anymore. I don't know if that'll change over time, but I'm quite thankful that those impulses seem to be gone. I think my biggest success factor was sticking to the pre-op diet. I didn't deter one iota and lost a crazy amount of weight in 2. 5 weeks ( 20lbs. It sucked so bad. I hated it, I felt hungry, and I wanted to cheat every day. However, I think building the willpower for those two weeks really helped post-surgery. With the cravings taken away, it was significantly easier to say 'no. I think the single thing I struggle with when it comes to bad food is holiday editions of reese's. I used to love the reese's eggs, pumpkins, trees. The holidays were a little troublesome with seeing those on a daily basis, but since I didn't have any in my house it was okay. I tend to eat almost whatever I want nowadays. I just listen to my stomach when it's full. For me, it's a pressure in my chest and if I try to eat any more I'm nauseous for a few hours, feel like I need to throw up, etc. It's just better if I pay attention while I'm eating and just eat slow. Completely opposite to how I used to eat. I'm in hotels most of the time, so it's been interesting finding stuff to eat on-the-go. I recently moved to residence inn with a kitchen and it's been lovely cooking for myself again. I had been ordering salads and burgers without the bun, and grilled chicken and keeping the leftovers in the fridge. Can't say it was super fun. Although, being forced to eat out a lot really taught me to make healthy decisions. I could go for the giant plate of nachos, but I'd likely be nauseous and puking a few hours later because they used a little too much oil. I knew the safer options would be better in the long run. On another plus, I am intolerant of greasy food. I don't have a gallbladder, and after wls if I eat one greasy chip I feel awful for hours. One time I was sick for close to 5 hours after eating one shrimp taco (and it was not the shrimp. And sometimes if I eat a few oily chips I feel the same way. This surgery really keeps me to my diet.  I'm focusing on bettering my body by doing more sports and exercises. I was really into peloton for a while, but when my ex-boyfriend and I split up, I didn't have space for it in my new place so I had to sell it along with a treadmill. I travel a lot for work so I just use the cardio machines there. It's been an adjustment. I'm using Renaissance Periodization At-Home Gym Templates and I've made huge progress so far. I went from 1 set of 2 pushups to 4 sets of 15 pushups (still on my knees. I joined an MMA gym and got into Muay Thai and BJJ. I really enjoy doing this with my new guy and watching both of us get stronger and fitter. It's fun shopping for cute workout clothes now. Also, one of my motivators is watching my 600 lb life while I'm working out. I see my old self in them and it helps me mentally want to avoid that future. I just tell myself 'no excuses' in Dr. Now's voice lol.  I'm most excited about traveling more and easier. I used to hate airplanes and used to pay for upgrades all the time because I didn't want to squish next to people. It was financially draining, but now I am quite comfortable in economy seats and with all of the traveling I do now I sometimes get free upgrades. Oh the irony. Walking around cities is much more fun. Back in July I took a solo trip to Japan and Korea and walked literally all day in 90-95 degree heat and was totally fine. I did drink about 10 gallons worth of water, but before I would have had to call it quits after a couple of hours.  Overall, the best decision I've ever made. I wish I had done this 8 years ago when my weight first became a burden on me mentally and physically. My knee is more or less permanently screwed unless I get a replacement at some point. All because I ate too much. I'm sad I wasn't able to save my knee in time, but I'm glad I didn't develop any other issues and I have a brand new lease on life.

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What is dual burden. Hes a real one... I never forget the fallen and he keeps Ivy and Bleeks name alive 💕💕💕🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 my favorite artist. Hello all! I know my financial situation isnt ideal buuuut might be more fun than someone with their life totally together? Age: 24 Location: Edmonton, AB Employment: Starbucks barista & student Wage: 15/hr Paycheque amounts: between 600-900 biweekly, depending on how many hours I picked up Paycheque deductions: CPP, EI, and I lose 33 a cheque for extended health and dental for my spouse and I Other sources of income: 0 Savings: 70 holla - I had to borrow out of my TFSA to pay for my program as I had enough to do so but Ill be reimbursed by work Expenses Rent: my spouse, S., owns the home we live in and is very generously shouldering the burden of the mortgage and utilities until Im on my feet. I am in a specific career program, with a job lined up after I complete it (April. He makes 63, 000 a year and I. dont. Last year I made just under 10, 000. The reason I am not working somewhere where I can earn more than 15 an hour is because the benefits greatly outweigh the cons. I get extended health and dental for just 20 hours a week (though I work 30-40) and combined with my spouses we have complete coverage, which is important, as youll see this week. Starbucks is also going to reimburse the cost of my program once Im done. The free pound of coffee and the flexibility help. I dont want to work somewhere until just April, too. Thats really annoying for me and the employer. So, I spend 40 hours a week pumping out macchiatos and frappucinos. As far as jobs go, its not bad. As soon as we transition from this phase I will be taking over the mortgage and utilities for an equivalent amount of time that he did. Any OT will also go to paying him back. Everything else we put on a joint credit card and it gets split down the middle. The rest is my half. Utilities: see above Groceries: 350-400 a month (Alberta. Cat expenses: 10 for ones antidepressants, 50 a month for their food (we have 2) Car: 170 for insurance monthly, 50 for gas. I luckily have a paid off vehicle and I live 8 minutes from work so I dont use much gas. Recurring Expenses: 2. 79 for Google storage (photos) 103. 95 for an unlimited yoga pass (I know. yikes) 58. 21 for my phone bill, 4. 99 for Spotify, 14. 28 to the New York Times (I use their Cooking and Crossword app every single day) Shopping: in 2020 my goal is to not buy anything new - all secondhand - and to have more no spend days than not. Starbucks: all of my tip money gets reloaded onto my Starbucks card and S and I share it. I usually take home expired pastries and food though so we dont spend much at my work. I get free beverages during my shift. Donations: I am a volunteer at a mental health organization and am too broke to be donating right now. For my birthday every year I donate 200 to the local childrens hospital as they saved my life but otherwise nothing else. Debt: Credit card debt: 2000. I had to abruptly move out 2. 5 years ago and am still carrying the debt. It used to be 6000. Slowly and steadily paying it off. Tax debt: 5600 - I get audited every year and for some reason they think I made 32, 000 last year and owe them back. I didnt. So were fighting that but right now I technically do have that debt Day One 9:00 AM: my daily alarm goes off and I snooze it. I roll over and see my boy kitty, M, giving me a snuggle, and I fall back asleep petting his soft fur. 10:30 AM: Girl kitty, Z, comes in crying and I get up to appease her highness. When Im home in the morning we have coffee and cuddles together and shes clearly wanting it. 10:45 AM: the horror - my coffee creamer went sour! I try to have some tea and cuddles with Z but she knows its not the same. I have to go to the grocery store anyway. 11:30 AM: I finish a chapter of my readings then change into sweats to head to the grocery store. On the way in I get an Americano at the Starbucks by our favourite store. They generously partner beverage me! make it free. 0. 00 12:30: Done grocery shopping. S is visiting his brother this weekend so I only got enough for the nights Im home this week. Im an amateur home cook so I cook dinner every night and S eats leftovers when I close. My half is 44. 23 1:30: I double check my schedule and see my boss moved my shift up to 3 to account for some training thats overdue for me. Good thing I checked as I was originally scheduled for 3:30. I always bring a lunch to work to avoid buying butter croissants because I fuckin love butter croissants, but Im closing tonight so Ill get to take home the day olds, and have to eat snacks to avoid tempting myself into paying for one. Then I head off to work. 2:57: make it in too early and eat a peanut butter bar before I wait to clock in. Were on some serious labour cuts so clocking in too early invites my managers ire. (Also, labour cuts after the CEO gets a 7 figure bonus is so blah. 3:00: immediately get shooed off the floor for some overdue online modules. My brain numbs over. 5:15: on my first break drinking a strawberry lemonade and eating more peanut butter bars. The lemonade was free since Im working. 0. 00 7:25: second break, just a water this time. I heat up my spaghetti and find another peanut butter bar in my bag. I love these and always grab two when I leave the house so I end up with quite a purse stash. I text S while resisting the call of butter croissants. Theres two left in the pastry case so Im hoping to take one home. 9:30: Croissant acquired, success. Home and hang out with my babes for a bit then head up to bed. I work at a different location tomorrow. Day 2 6:45 AM: I wake up and check Waze to see what shouldve been a ten minute commute is now 40, which means Im running late. Its -4 and snowing. But that means everyone forgets how to drive. I quickly get up, brush my teeth, moisturize, kiss everyone goodbye, then head out. 7:40: spent 45 minutes on the road to go 10 km. Annoyed and late for a shift at a borrowed store, which makes my manager look bad. Luckily I called ahead but Im still frustrated. 12:45: the employees at this store are awesome but this place is really grimy! I spend a lot of my shift scrubbing. Ahh! I have spaghetti for lunch again and another lemonade. 3:00 PM: Im home and having a slice of lemon meringue while snuggling Z. We take some pics to send to S but mostly I rub her back and tell her about my day. She purrs. Heaven is kitty purrs, Im pretty sure. I was on bar all day so theres splashes of syrup and milk all over me and I smell like coffee so I have a quick shower. My textbook is calling my name but Im two weeks ahead in my course and I have a headache so I choose to nap. Im on Depo Provera and the first week of the shot involves a really annoying headache and some cramping, but then smooth sailing from there! 5:00: JK. I wake up when S comes home and have the most intense cramping. Over Christmas I had this and it turns out I shed my uterine lining all at once and you have contractions to pass it (sorry. TMI. He asks what I want to do and I lay with a hot water bottle and he gives my Tylenol. The Tylenol helps more than the water bottle. M, the kitty, seems to know whats up and comes and lays down with me. 7:00: S has made chicken fajitas while Ive laid on the couch. Tasty. 9:30: We head up to bed and Im laying upright when I spot a water spot on our ceiling. We immediately go look at it. Its still wet to the touch so its fresh which is expected as we just came out of a heavy deep freeze ( 47C. and then it snowed tons today. We take photos and measure it and then turn on the dehumidifiers. I hope its not indicative of a major leak. 10:15: finally settled in to sleep. I work at another store again tomorrow. Day Three: 5:50: up before my alarm goes off and try to ignore it but give in and get up anyway. Im heading out of the city for this shift into a smaller town so I have to leave early. 6:50: despite leaving early I come across a pretty bad crash and get stuck. End up 2 minutes late. I promise Im usually 15 minutes early but everyone in Edmonton thinks their massive trucks can handle the snow and ice and inevitably they spin out or hit someone else. 8:45: this store is bonkers! We do 38 cars in the drive thru in half an hour. My stores record is 32! It makes the shift pass fast but is terrifying. I have an Americano. 00 11:30: I have a black tea lemonade and more spaghetti. They also still have snowmen cookies so I buy one off my card. 1. 78 with discount. But on my card. 3:30: sweet release 4:00: I stop at the co-op by our house for potatoes and end buying stuff for my weekend alone. The shopping reminds me to text my retired neighbour who adores our kitties and ask if she will feed them when I have an opening shift this weekend, because S will be gone. She quickly agrees. I expect she likes the cats more than us. 16. 23 4:15: get home and S is expecting a package from the gluten free bakery here so I check the step. Instead theres a tiny box addressed to a unit 15 houses down. I get my big boots (they havent shoveled our walkways yet) and trek down there, only to discover Ss food is there. Wtf, FedEx. Now I have to knock to avoid looking like a porch pirate and have an awkward convo about how those are mine and Im not stealing them. 6:00: I cook lamb chops with a potato chickpea arugula salad. Its pretty good. S doesnt like chickpeas so he plays with it. M wants some and we give him one and he loves it! Who knew. We watch TV for most of the night and try the new salsa I got. 10:00: mayday, mayday! The salsa has made my stomach feel tight and bloated. I pop a Gas X and drink some mint tea, only to throw up several times afterwards. My stomach feels tight so I lay in bed with a heat pad and it helps. I fall asleep at like 2 AM. Day Four 11:00 AM: I wake up and feel much better. I go downstairs and have a cup of coffee with my stinkers. 1:10: whoops. Fell asleep. Brush my teeth and meet S outside of my dentists office (right across the street. to say goodbye. Hes heading out because the drive is 5 hours. We say goodbye and I feel a little sad and head in for my root canal 3:00: dentists are sadists. 4:00: root canal completed. When my dad lost his job 5 years ago he retired early and thus we lost the comprehensive dental coverage. Then I moved out and never got it back. Because of my Crohns Ive lost some serious bone density and its reflected in my teeth. Weve done 6k in dental work since I got insurance under Starbucks and S and I officially became common law. I had some awful cavities but only one more appointment and Ill have a healthy mouth! Todays appointment cost me 0. 4:45: I head out to work with my mouth still frozen because thats how I am. 5:15: we are slammed and my manager is watching us from a table and not helping out, then comes in after the rush and tells us everything we did wrong. Ooooh, boy. Shes been in a Mood the last few weeks and I found out theyre opening a new store by her house so I think shes trying to prove she can open another new store. (Ours is only 3 years old) 7:00: S texts me he made it. I drink another strawberry lemonade. I didnt bring a dinner so I preorder a 10 pizza from the pizza place next door. 9:30: weve closed up and I go over to the pizza place and pick up a Medium tomato chicken Caesar. 10. 50 9:45: I pop into the drug store in the plaza and get some Pepto Bismol and some mint tea on sale. 11. 14 10:00: the cats are so mad about dinner being late. Im kind of scared theyre going to kill me tonight. I take an Advil for my tooth, eat pizza, and watch Netflix. 12:30 AM: I fell asleep on the couch and wake up to S calling me to say goodnight. I trek up to bed after. (I had to continue this in the comments cuz I hit the character limit...

Incomplete... I turned 26 today and I've been really down on myself for most of it. I started to make myself some dinner and when I was staring at my air fryer waiting for the food to be done, the silence of the house hit me and made me look at my phone. Nobodies texted me, or called, or discord or anything. To them it's just another day and I figured that people must have forgot or they were busy and would hit me up later but I'm starting to think differently. I don't have many friends, the ones I do are online and we talk through discord. I haven't talked to my mother in over a decade, we've never had a good relationship, the only person I see on a regular basis would be my dad since I sadly still live at home. He came home and just went about making his own food. He seemed angry about something that happened at work so I usually give him space on those days but I kind of stood there in the kitchen and watched the livingroom TV for a while. Eventually he asked if everything was alright cause I'd just been standing there. I just left, I don't know if he forgot or if he doesn't care. We used to have a great relationship but it's degraded the longer I've stayed at home past 18. I understand it, believe me I wish I had my own job and home and was like a normal human being too. I just can't help but wonder if he just doesn't care though. He's gotta know right? I mean I make sure to remember his birthday every year and I make him a cake. It's not much but I make sure to always save enough money to get him that cake and never forget, yet for the last three years the 15th comes and goes and not a word from him. My friends didn't say anything either. They probably just don't know. I don't expect them too, we're good friends but it's still not a face to face thing. I could say something about what today is but then they might feel bad for not remembering and I don't want to put that on them. It's silly, I know it is. A birthday is just another day. I just would like someone that cared though. I think about how when my dad's birthday comes around it's all I'm thinking about that day. I'm gonna make him that cake, we're gonna watch a movie. I'm gonna try to make him smile and laugh. Is it stupid for me to want that from someone else? Selfish even? Honestly is it? I'm sitting here crying, feeling like a idiot and all I want is a damn hug and someone who legit remembered and cared. I know I've been a bit of a burden on my dad while I've tried to figure out where to go in life and how to get started. I know that I could have done a better job with putting myself out there in real life and trying to make friends closer to me instead of just on the computer. I know that partially this is my fault. It still hurts to think that people just didn't care, especially my dad. I think I'm going to go to a movie. There's a showing of Weathering With You tonight that still has some seats. Others may not have cared but I'm gonna do something for myself. It's better than just sitting in this chair and continuing to cry about where my life is. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks for reading. EDIT: I went to the movies and got a nice burger after writing this. Just writing it helped me immensely but coming back to all of your comments really ment the world to me. I cried a good bit but this time, it was good tears. Thank you all so much. I may just be some words on a screen for yall but you really made this birthday special.

Beast of burden. The sad thing about porn addiction is the way it creeps up and bites you in the ass. Growing up I was always told by society that porn is normal and natural, but I could never shake the feeling that it felt wrong when my boyfriends would watch it. I even tried it to see what all the fuss was about. My verdict you ask? A superficial, fake and dangerous place filled with unrealistic expectations and unsafe sexual practices. It made me so uneasy. So why are we told its normal? I just shook it off for what it was. We all do until we meet someone who completely shatters our world as we know it. The person that walks into our lives and convinces us they are the perfect man. Only to hide their dirty little secret until they can no longer contain it. And there it is. It comes SPILLING out. The truth. Cold and hard the truth doesnt spare anyones feelings. Now here I am, wondering what the fuck I did to deserve this much pain. This pain is worse than anything physical. Its deep and it eats you from the inside out. My heart feels like its stuck on repeat and it breaks over and over again. I go online and I search what he used to watch. not one of them looks like me. I stalk the profiles of the “female friends” that he couldnt keep boundaries with. I ask myself what they have that I dont. I look in the mirror and I stare at someone I dont even recognise. A shell of my former self Ive isolated everyones I used to hold dear. Because he came into my life and brought his secret with him. He destroyed my confidence, my happiness, and he placed his burdens on me. So here I am holding the weight of his world on my shoulders, breaking my back to understand exactly why he did the things he did. The triggers are raw and powerful and I cant contain the pure hatred I feel for him on some days. When we have sex I wonder if its even special? Or am I just something for consumption. I wonder how I match up to his favourite porn star. The pain is too much, and just when I think its getting better, something reminds me of months of torture and unanswered questions. And the worst part is I still love him? At this point Im wondering if Ill ever be free of this pain.

Is Hammish Glencross playing guitar there. Probably 1000 views are mine. Preface: For a while now, people on this sub have been asking me to make a dedicated post about my issues with Senator Sanders. At first, I didn't want to due to a lot of recent negative posts on Bernie here. At the same time, I think my views are important to consider as they come from a place of deep concern, for my future and my family's future. Ultimately, I think the biggest push was someone who told me they were able to Yang several people with my posts, which is really touching to hear, and why I finally decided to do this. A bit about me: I voted for Bernie in the primaries in 2016, Jill Stein in the general, and Zephyr Teachout as a downticket candidate in 2018. Now three years later since Bernie's last run, as a minority on welfare, now with personal experience with several of Bernie's flagship proposals, I cannot in good conscience vote for him this time around. Starting off, Bernies proposals are not dealing with the biggest elephant in the room: local and state governments. Its the state governments responsible for: Jim Crow laws, corrupt law enforcement, anti-lgbt laws, abortion laws, etc. It doesnt help that he continuously praises FDR, a man who knowingly allowed the passing of Jim Crow laws that barred minorities from the benefits of the New Deal, in order to gain the southern vote and never saw a need to help minorities with anything, leading to an age of prosperity for the majority of Americans, as long as you were white. It was needed at the time to get America out of the Great Depression, sure, but we really shouldn't be praising it and trying to bring it back. While Bernie is not racist, he is committing the same flaws that led to the ease of excluding minorities in the first place even now with The Green New Deal. While the New Deal was formally designed to benefit African Americans, some of its flagship programs, particularly those proposed during the First New Deal, either excluded African Americans or even hurt them. Problem with Bernie is that all of his plans work as trickle down for the public sector. Yes, trickle down. Bill Clinton further reinforced this with the 1994 Crime Bill, the same bill Bernie signed (yes, I know why he signed it - the Violence Against Women Act, but it overall led to disastrous consequences for those he wanted to help. Thanks to the 1994 Welfare Reform Act which was included with the bill, the federal gov can only provide the funding for social programs, while its the states that actually administer and execute the programs at the ground level. This has led to millions being missed or being denied over ridiculous reasons, cutting of funds, and mismanagement of funds (red states using tanf funds to fund abstinence programs in minority schools. As it is, Bernie is not addressing any of this. I voted for him previously, but had a problem with him in regards to this back then too. I was hoping he wouldve improved his policies or thought them over since 2016, but he has not. If trickle down is a disaster in the private sector, why are we still giving it a pass in the public sector? Were supposed to be fighting systems of oppression as progressives, but this one isnt given nearly amount of attention it should. Even worse, no one in Bernie's camp is even grilling him on this stuff to begin with. As a minority on public assistance, its really upsetting to see. Hes talking about M4A and FJG, when the poor cant even afford public trans (more on this later) and the homeless cant even afford to gather the necessary documents needed to apply to jobs in the first place. UBI is incredible in that it immediately deals with all of these issues, without placing the onus on state governments to actually carry it out - lest they make excuses and cut funding or prioritize certain neighborhoods like they do with everything else. Rather, the money is going directly to the people, especially those whove been ignored or treated as burdens up till now. FJG is hands down one of the most anti-disability friendly policies Ive heard being proposed in a while. Nevermind, the fact that most disabled cant even commute or work a job to begin with, but for those who can, it diminishes their unique strengths and forces them into an environment they most likely wont be suited for. Im also autistic and Ive been teased and harassed over misunderstandings at every min wage job Ive worked. Im also fairly easy to dupe into doing work for someone else or be taken advantage of. I cant imagine being stuck 30+ years in a job with unemployable, bitter people who are itching for a vulnerable punching bag to take out their anger on, and a boss who would rather turn a blind eye or be elsewhere, just because the government doesnt see me as a valuable person unless Im doing something to benefit it. This has already happened in France; we don't need tragedies of this form in America. Low-level gov work is rife with workplace abuse issues. A little bit more about me. My father was a state government worker. He worked as a janitor for a public school from the 80s up until his retirement in the mid-2010s. He wasnt disabled, but he was the only minority janitor there. They had him doing all the dirty work and overtime hours, and he rarely ever had enough time to just spend with me and my mother because of it. Another reason why the FJG scares me. As someone who helps out my parents with daily activities now, it wouldn't benefit myself, nor other caretakers either. For those with disabilities, Bernie's policies are beyond lacking: I support ending the sub-minimum wage. However, everything else is simply a pivot back to the FJG or welfare. SSDI and SSI is broken in this country and come with strict work limits and requirements. Thousands die every year from states cutting funds for administrative offices and people falling through the cracks. Yet, all Bernie plans on doing is increasing funding and expansion, which sounds good until you realize he's essentially just passing on more money to the states. The same states cutting the funding in the first place. While the actual checks can't be limited by the states, they can and do limit the amount of people who qualify. In comparison, Yang's FD is an unconditional 1000/m. SSI max is only 783 and most people only get around 600. SSDI is around 1. 1-1. 2k on average, and stacks with Yang's FD, which would be more than you would get with SSDI+SSI (1. 7-1. 8k+ vs. 2. 1-2. 2k. You are only eligible for SSDI if you have a proven work history and became disabled later on. If you were always disabled and have no work history, you are stuck with SSI. So why can't the FD stack with SSI? If people proposing this were actually on welfare, they'd understand why this is a bad idea. First off, it is not that FD doesn't stack, it's that SSI itself has an income ceiling of 1. 7k/m. If you make any more than that, you can no longer receive it. If the FD stacked, that is also the most you would be able to make per month(since the work limits are still in place due to the SSI) making the most they can make a year only ~21k annually. That means that's the most the disabled would be able to make, which does not sound favorable at all. Second, not only is this justification based in no firsthand experience of actually being on public assistance for your own survival, but no one is even proposing this option to begin with, and too many people are falling into nirvana fallacy levels of thinking for their justification on this matter. If you ask me, if anything, the onus should be on the senators to draft bills that actually fix this problem. They are not though, and Yang is the one actually being vocal about removing these strict work requirements and limits for people and bringing true reform to our broken welfare system; something I'm not hearing from Bernie outside of platitudes, and that are certainly not reflected in his disability rights page: Free college? Not working in NYC. If Bernie tries to get his free college through, it will most likely end up in a similar form as college here, where: it only applies to first-time undergrads, you or your household have to be making less than six figures, and I can easily see Bernie accepting such conditions. The problem with this though, is that it essentially makes free college a means-tested program where (going back to the issues of state government) people end up falling through the cracks. Even worse, since the government is the one subsidizing, the price for college will only rise even more because the students not covered will still be forced to pay out of pocket due to "needing college. This is literally what made college so expensive in the first place: the government subsidized and increased access to loans for students, leading to an increase in tuition and in turn, administrative costs, since the government was footing the bill for those covered. Those not covered still had to pay absurd costs for their tuition. Bernie is not getting the actual cost of college down, he's just subsidizing it (thus enabling the colleges' price gouging, while Yang is aiming to get the cost down altogether by NOT subsidizing them and forcing them to lower their administrative costs in order to receive continual funding. That way, college will be affordable for everyone who needs it, rather than just being free for some students and not others. As someone who spent 6 years in college, was on the dean's list, and graduated with a double B. A and both GPAs around 3. 5, Yang is 100% right here: To me, Bernies policies seem to have this continuing pattern of hurting the same people he wanted to help. The 15 min wage is leading to store closings in my neighborhood. It led to a significant cut in hours and my paycheck, and more "on-call" days at my previous job when it initially passed, while some of my coworkers were let-go altogether. There is now a large scanning robot at my local supermarket - the employees let the customers take pictures with it, making it especially good for business. Meanwhile, all the 15/hr has done is make it HARDER to get hired, because bosses dont see hiring people as worth the risk. Instead, they just double the load of their current employees. Meanwhile, while stores that served the community since I was a little kid are now closing, corporate chains have moved in to take their place. It also pushes people OFF of the welfare receive in the instances where they are properly paid, due to no longer being below the threshold; I know several people this has actually happened to. According to Bernie's logic though, these are the companies that "deserve" to stay in business since they can afford it - even though they're not paying their employees a "living wage" either. Castro actually had provisions in his plans that forbid unfair scheduling practices, but these seem to be absent in Bernie's minimum wage plan. I have had one Bernie supporter counter that at least now someone can get a second job, but that's even worse. People are already overworked to death, and hiring has become harder on business since it passed. Maybe it works in wealthier areas like Midtown or Williamsburg, but for poorer communities like mine, it's hurting us and is just not a good policy in practice; in no way should it be implemented federally. South Korea now also seems to be learning this the hard way: The detrimental effects of the 15/hr aside, making it harder on small businesses is gravely detrimental to minorities. Right now, we have a system where a black man without a record has a tougher time finding a job in both the public and private sector, than a poor white guy with a criminal record. I would feel much safer if minorities and vulnerable groups who could not get the government to listen to their concerns, have a way to be able to start their own businesses and provide for themselves and their families safely, doing something they enjoy, instead of joining gangs or relying on criminal activity out of desperation instead - which is all too common where I live. I will even go as far to say that, while it has already been far more difficult for black people to generate inter-generational wealth (especially due to FDR's New Deal and the redlining that happened as a result of it) compared to white families, white America seemed to have little to no issue with capitalism. Now that it's not working for their kids and grand kids, suddenly the system needs to be torn down altogether and we need to have socialism instead. For the longest time, women and minorities were banned from public institutions, with the emphasis here on public. Women's colleges and the HBCUs were created as a RESPONSE to this. Now, rather than fixing capitalism and having it work for more people than it ever has before, progressives are more keen on shutting down those avenues that brought about true progress for millions of minorities, all because of this dire commitment to ideological dogma. There are now Bernie supporters unironically claiming Human-Centered Capitalism does not exist, cannot exist, and the system must be destroyed altogether in favor of a more government-driven system. In the same country that left minorities powerless for centuries and sought to remove their power by making them MORE dependent on government programs for survival. If this sounds terribly privileged and dickish to you, welcome to my world. Additionally, he wants to ban charter schools, and his supporters wholeheartedly encourage this. Wait, why is this a problem? Isn't he doing this to help black and brown students? He is, but that's not the point. The point is that state public school systems have a long history of failing minority students and Bernie's own privilege (I hate to keep pointing this out but I really have to) is blinding him from seeing how important charter schools are to minority kids. Here in NYC, schools are still heavily zoned, making our schools the most racially segregated in America. In my neighborhood, all the public schools are poorly funded, while the white schools aren't. Furthermore, minority parents DON'T want charters taken away. They are the only schools even giving the kids here actual opportunity at a decent future. There is actually an ongoing fight in my own community right now because De Blasio is also anti-charter and he is not giving these kids any decent options after closing down their schools. Meanwhile, he was caught turning a blind eye towards a high-school grade-fixing and rigging their students' grades, allowing them to pass no matter what: Are some charters rackets that need to be dealt with? Absolutely. But again, regulation is what's needed and blanketly banning alternative choices and leaving only state-run public institutions and services as an option, only hurts minorities further by taking these alternative choices away from them. Should billionaires pay their fair share? Of course. I believe we should be attacking crony corporatism and the revolving door though, which Yang plans to do. Bernie just seems to want to fix corruption at the fed level, but even with that, he does not even support ranked choice voting, and his public funding voucher only exists in the form of a tax credit, which is useless for those that can't work. As for Yang and his proposals, the great thing about Yang is that he seems to care about everyone, whether theyre able to work or not. Even when it comes to his healthcare proposal, he actually includes public transportation included as part of it - something ALL the candidates should be doing as far as I'm concerned. This is the first real plan outside of UBI that seems to deal with a serious obstacle faced specifically by those in poverty that other candidates have given little to no mention to, Bernie included. I live in Southeast, Queens and whenever I travel to Manhattan, it's almost like visiting another country with how much better served it is compared to my neighborhood. Bernie funding infrastructure at the fed level just tells me that the states will prioritize the areas they want to, rather than helping everyone. Healthcare is not the biggest obstacle to the poor, transport and mobility is. For instance, I have medicaid but rarely go to the doctor, because where I live, the minimum amount Metrocard you can buy is 15-something at the local bodega or check cashing place, compared to the sheer amount of kiosks that litter Manhattan where you can buy one for just 3 or add any amount on to your card to make up the difference. As evidenced by years of infrastructural gentrification of NYC, better infrastructure does not reach everyone and does not equate to easier access. Right now, my entire family receives less than 1k/m on welfare. With Yang, we would get 3k/m. Thats an unbelievable game-changer for our lives, especially considering we live in NYC and bills are already extremely difficult to pay. The concerns about VAT are nonsense. I wish people fought against sales taxes as hard as I see them railing against the VAT. Just last year, De Blasio passed an internet tax shortly before running for president with little opposition; it now costs an additional dollar or more to buy anything online. I've had to pass on lunch while running errands at times, simply because I couldn't cover the sales tax at the fast food places around here. Yang's VAT is not isolated like sales taxes are; it comes alongside the FD. This not only covers the VAT itself, but also the taxes and fees that make it difficult for us to get things we need now. It is a lifetime payout and does not need to be continually renewed like current welfare. As for M4A, if the government cant offer better insurance, then they shouldnt be removing that choice from other people, especially those most vulnerable to abuse from the government. Right now, the biggest issue is people being denied treatment based on the insurance they have. If it is universal, that is no longer an issue. Right now, it seems like he's committing the same mistakes towards the poor that weve been doing for decades now. When it comes to what gov considers “basic healthcare”, its abysmal. Medicaid is subsidized private, but the state still allows whats provided. I want to know that what the government is offering me is worth having only Berniecare, and for me, as his bill is now, it isnt. Now, I am not against it, but its not enough to actually help those who are poor. For me, Yangs plan is immediately better. Hes actually dissecting and attacking the roadblocks the poor go through in regards to medicare at every level, and isnt just eliminating private and focusing on eliminating it as if it makes everything better, while treating everything else as an afterthought. Again, he is even covering public transit costs with his proposal, something that still makes it hard for me to visit a doctor despite having medicaid. As a bonus, it means I wouldnt even have to use my UBI on transportation for doctors visits. History in the U. S has proven eliminating private choices never works. Were not European countries. Were the size of a continent and were a highly heterogeneous, diverse population. If you dont think for a second that the government wont use that to its advantage, then I dont know what to say; its not something I can afford to risk in my position. Meanwhile, I see progressives continuing to praise and defend and push for MORE only public options, despite how broken public services already are, just because of their own ideal of how it should be. I only wish they knew how out of touch this comes across as. Having the same program as European nations. same quality as European nations. We are not Europe and we are not Canada. Those countries don't have nearly the amount of history nor issues with poverty AND race-related caste systems that America does. Moreover, millions of people will be losing their insurance jobs, because due to barriers in application at the state level, not everyone is eligible for a gov job regardless of what Bernie says. Its not that Im against M4A(Im not. Theres just so many things wrong with the way he is specifically going about it and eliminating duplicative private as an option. Banning private isnt necessary. We should be attacking the core issues of why private isnt working here, despite working in places like Switzerland, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, etc. If the problem isnt specifically private healthcare, then we shouldnt be attacking that. Rather, we should be attacking the sheer amount of corruption and incentives for corruption in our current private healthcare market AS WELL as the differences in doctors' licensing requirements and healthcare among states (again, a state government issue. Outside of rhetoric, I am sorry, but Bernie really doesnt seem to actually be championing the poor in any tangible way outside of voting on bills. He is horribly weak on any topic concerning vulnerable groups and that aren't strictly related to corruption or class struggle. Being a bigot is neither illegal nor corrupt, and addressing those issues will not fix bigotry. I really do appreciate that Yang actually recognizes this in his proposals and the utmost importance in subverting the power of states rights by directly giving money to people instead of having it trickle down to the states instead. Bernie has voted on some good and some not so good things, just like all the other senators. For all the good he has voted on, he has also voted: against the Amber Alert system, against legalizing gay marriage and favoring leaving it to the states(again, state gov) for the 1994 Crime Bill, and for Trump's SESTA/FOSTA bill that is anti-sex work. If you were wondering why so many black supporters of Biden, Warren, Kamala, are so wary and even vitriolic of Bernie and his supporters (and by extension Yang who they don't trust, due to having surface similarities with Bernie) well now you know why; he does not even support any means of reparations, and continues to give tone deaf reasons for why. Whether you agree with reparations or not, the answer he gives here is ridiculous, and like Buttigieg, continues to tie in poverty in minority communities with lack of education, all while failing to see WHY they are poor in the first place - they lack money and capital because our very own system of government in the U. S made it difficult to accumulate that. His plan is also more just a criminal justice reform plan, and while that will help minorities in the system, I think we should be more focused on having less minorities go down the criminal route in the first place. Like his disability rights page, he simply pivots back to the FJG and 15 min wage as economic solutions for minorities. Again, all his solutions lead back to ultimately leaving the execution of these programs in the hands of the states, and giving them the final say in how they're actually handled at the ground level. Actions speak louder than words, and from what Ive seen firsthand, the actual actions hes taken is currently hurting communities like mine more than helping them. So yeah, that's it. Thanks for taking the time out to listen. I'll try to update, add links, etc. as time goes by. EDIT: Wow! Thank you so much for the gold and silver! WHOA! PLATINUM AND ALL THE OTHER STUFF! THANK YOU! 🙏🏾❤️.

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The burden is light. Burden lyrics. 1 1 Posted by 1 year ago Archived comment 100% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! u/321movies Karma 1 Cake day February 13, 2018 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved. What is pt burden.

Yea! Thats wat I'm talkin bout bro 💯🎶

Burden meaning in hindi. Ano ang kahulugan ng while mans burden. May be I was deaf while listening to DP version or may be I am obsessed with opeth.


Is Matt burden gay. Sounded beautiful. Can I ask what make model tenor sax that is. Looks great. Who wrote Novel burden of proof. Im 18 years old currently, attending my last semester at a private Christian school in the Deep South of Republican Texas, and am the son of a super religious fundamentalist Christian single mother. Needless to say I was raised with a heavy right wing bias. Politics was always such a weird thing for me growing up, because I always saw it through such a black and white view. Republicans were the good, moral center of America. They had God on their side, and they knew what was right for the country. Liberals were the baby killing, God denying, evil people who wanted to destroy America and turn it into an evil country run by Satan. That was never explicitly said, but it was definitely the message my young mind received. Obama especially was the evil mastermind behind it all and he needed to be stopped. I remember the night Obama was elected. All I remember was seeing the result screen on the TV and being angry because my mother was angry. A Democrat was in the White House. America had apparently turned their backs on God and we elected an embarrassment as president. The next 4 years I barely remember. There was the occasional Obama “controversy” that was played up as a HUGE DEAL on Fox News. All I can recall is that same air of sadness that Obama was still president. I remember a bit more about the next election cycle. Romney vs Obama. I was just a wee bit more invested as an 11 year old than as a 7 year old (but just a tad. I didnt know why I was supposed to like Romney, but I knew that he was a Republican sent by God, so he must be good! I remember once again being disappointed when he lost (just like my mother curiously enough) because it meant 4 more years of Obama. Shortly after that, I hit puberty. Hormones rushed through my body causing all sorts of confusing feelings. But, there was a problem. I started having feelings for guys. This couldnt be! Being gay was against the Bible, and a choice, because my mom said so! I started seeing charts about human anatomy when learning about puberty, and I would get erections when I saw the boys. This was a ginormous problem. This couldnt be happening. I wasnt choosing this! How could my mother be wrong about this? I pushed down those feelings deep into my subconscious. I repressed them so hard, that I convinced myself that I like girls. I always knew, however, in the back of my mind, that it was a lie. This repression wouldnt come back to bite me for a couple years, but it marked a shift in the foundation of my worldview. My fundamentalist super religious conservative worldview that had been built up since childhood got a huge crack in the foundation. I knew subconsciously from the moment I found out those feelings werent a choice that they could be wrong, dead wrong too. From that point, I got my own phone and promptly discovered YouTube. I watched mostly innocent stuff for a few years. Gaming, communities, Christian YouTubers, etc. Ill table this point for a second, as it becomes extremely important later. I remember walking into the living room one day, and the news talking about a man named Donald Trump who had announced his running for president. The media was wailing on him, including Fox News. “What a joke candidate! Hell be gone in a month. ” I thought. As the election cycle started up again, I started falling into conservative bubbles on social media. I became aware of these anti-SJW YouTubers and became caught up in the culture war. I started falling down a pipe line into the alt right, Trump was doing better than expected, and my family didnt like him. They didnt see him as moral. We supported Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. As the end of the election approached, it looked like we would have to put up with Donald Trump. I kept going further into right wing groups on YouTube. Race statistics started being brought up. It was also at this time I had to face my sexuality. I saw gay people existing online. After years of ignoring the problem, I was being faced with it again. I started being extremely homophobic, as seeing them reminded me I was gay too, and that fact was too painful. Donald Trump had won the primary, but we all knew he couldnt beat Hillary. It was actually at this time that I learned about Sanders (were finally talking about him. He was a “socialist” so I didnt like him, but I also hated how Hillary stole the election from him, so I had a bit of respect for him. I enjoyed how he talked, even if I didnt agree with him. When Trump won the election, I was shocked. I really thought Hillary was going to win. I was ecstatic, even if I didnt love him at the time. Deeper into the alt right pipeline I fell. Race statistics, conspiracy theories, Satanist liberals! It was getting really deep. At one point I watched someone who called Richard Spencer “an actual smart person. ” The door to go all in with the alt right was right there. I could have easily gone right through the door. I didnt though. I stayed right where I was for a little bit. There were a few reasons why: My father who I visited every other weekend is a Marxist of sorts. Ive met all sorts of super left wing people with him. My dad told me all the things wrong with capitalism. I saw it as ridiculous at the time, but deep inside I knew there was something wrong with the system. My sexuality also kept me away from going all in on the alt right. I had come to the terms with the fact I was gay. I still saw it as sin, so it made me extremely depressed for a couple years. But I knew deep inside the bigotry towards gays in that community was wrong. I suffered greatly (and sometimes still do) from internalized homophobia however. When Trump got into office, I was very excited. As his policies got enacted, I was beyond ecstatic. I supported everything he did. I was all in with my support for Trump. By the time 2018 ended, I was out to a couple friends, and was learning slowly that there was nothing wrong with me being gay. With that change, my hatred of gay people dissipated. Along with that, I saw how homophobic some of the people I followed were, and decided to stop listening to them. I had started slowly climbing my way out of the alt right. Slowly yet surely, I was starting to see more and more of the people that I was following for who they were. and started to listen to less and less of them. I realized how fucked up some of the things I believed in were. By the summer, I was following very few of the “Anti SJW” channels. The only ones that survived my purge being the left leaning ones who didnt take it so seriously. The golden age of Anti SJW-ism was over, and the left leaning people in that community started taking out the more extreme people, which helped me greatly in knowing who to unfollow. I started to see through many of the lies of the right. I saw through the thinly veiled excuses for Trumps bigotry towards Muslims, Transgenders, and immigrants. I realized that Trump may not be the perfect individual I assumed he was. It was around this time that I subscribed to a channel called Sh0eonhead. She is extremely important to this story, even though it may seem innocuous now. I loved the way she approached her videos. She didnt take it so seriously. She joked around and went for low hanging fruit, and didnt act like she was being a “culture warrior” or “being on the right side of history. ” She was just having fun taking the piss out of stupid people. It was chill, just how I liked it. I followed her second more politically serious video and even though I didnt agree with her politically, I liked her enough as a person to watch her fairly short videos. I was being exposed to, for the the first time in my life, left leaning ideas regularly. I also started questioning my faith. This is very important, and I wont get into why I questioned, because that isnt important. I dont care if youre religious and I dont want to make this a place where I try to “deconvert you” or anything. Me losing my faith is very important is because for the first time, I saw that everything that I had been taught my whole life had been a lie. If something as fundamental as that was wrong (You have to understand how ingrained religion was in my life) what could be right? I needed to reconsider everything I had ever been taught for myself. Nothing was off the table. I took off the lens of my right wing bias. I quickly saw president trump for who he was. He was a racist, he was homophobic, he was misogynistic. I was quick to disavow him. I started listening to more and more left leaning people, and found myself agreeing with people I once despised for being “SJW. ” I had finally clawed my way out of the alt right after about a year of starting that process. I also, for the first time, listened to Bernie Sanders. Before that, I had only been told by conservatives what he thought. They made him a straw man. I hated him before I even started listening to him speak. However, when I opened my ears to truly hear what he had to say, I never stopped listening. I was utterly shocked by how many things I agreed with. I saw the horrible gap between the rich and the poor. Ive seen the effects of low wages myself. Ive seen people have to work 2 full time jobs just to keep their families eating. Ive seen unavoidable sickness financially gut families. When people I know have died from cancer, it left their families not only incredibly sad, but also left with the unneeded burden of medical debt that wasnt their fault. I knew something was wrong. Bernie Sanders represents a change that has been sorely needed in America. The youth of this nation have read the history, seen it play out. Weve had Bush, it didnt work, we had Obama, and it didnt work, we now have Trump, and it doesnt work. We need real CHANGE. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate alive today that is advocating for change that has LIVED IT OUT. He was at Pride DECADES before it was socially acceptable. He voted AGAINST the endless wars that have cost us trillions of dollars, and thousands of lives. We youth have witnessed a war about nothing for TWO DECADES. We are SICK and TIRED of money being wasted on foreign wars instead of on improving the lives of the people! We are SICK and TIRED of the interests of the BILLIONAIRES being put before honest hard working people. We are TIRED of unlivable minimum wage. We are TIRED of workers having no rights. We are SICK of overpriced tuition keeping poor people from getting degrees that could help them out of their poverty. We are SICK of outrageous student debt from greedy college owners who took advantage of young people. We are SICK of people DESTROYING the planet, pretending its not a problem, and then dying and leaving us with the problem. The establishment has had power for far too long. Yes, Bernie is not a Democrat. Hes better than a Democrat. Hes a worker for the American PEOPLE. He has ZERO billionaire donors because they are SCARED of him. They are scared to lose their power. They are scared of the equality the American people DESERVE. Many of the people talking bad about Bernie were like me. We were presented with a Boogeyman. We never actually listened to the words of that amazing man. We were told to hate him, so we did. Show them the truth, calmly and rationally. Doing otherwise turns them off more. If you look at my post history, you can see the transformation I had this year. I made this alt account because I go to a school that will EXPELL me just for being gay, and my name is tied to my regular account. Its tough being a gay atheist liberal in a fundamentalist republican household and state. Its tough to pretend to be everything Im not at all times of the day. Its okay. In 6 months, I go off to college in Houston, a liberal city with a great gay community, and then I will move far away from here. Bernie Sanders represents everything that I hope in a world. A world where everyone is treated equally, and that treats everyone well. A world where nobody has to work 3 jobs to keep themselves afloat. A world where everyone can have rights, even the workers. Bernie Sanders and the movement around him is my hope that this generation, the young people, will be the ones to change the world. Thank you Bernie, for giving me a world of hope. To wrap this up, I want to link John Lennons “Imagine. ” It has become the anthem for me and what I hope for the world. A world where we all live in peace, looking out for each other, and we dont hurt ourselves anymore. All the horrible ideas that oppress us to this day were made by humans, and we can dismantle them. I hope one day we can get here, and Bernie is making that possible. EDIT: I am simply overwhelmed with the positive reception of this post. I was, in fact, a little bit nervous to post this. I am very ashamed of my past views, and I didnt know if people would be mad at me for having them at all. Thanks to all the people who gave me an award on this post. I love you all. This is our movement, this is our time. Lets make this happen, and be the change our country needs. EDIT 2: some guy messaged me that my history is full of right wing trash and that Ill be “outed as he gathers more proof. ” I think he forgot to read the fucking post lmao, it was the whole reason I posted it. Im not trying to hide my history, I said explicitly to go read and see my transformation. Complete baboonery.

Beast of burden cda.

Listen to this everyday now! Luv it& faf2! Missouri




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Stunning masterpiece,Since this great musicians; who created this magnificent performances,we have almost nothing. Saw this at cinema few weeks ago, me and hubby in the front row and I was THE only one singing and dancing ! Lol. even was saying all the dialogue lol. copying michaels dance moves as well. was soooo awesome ! miss u Michael always. RIP ❤️ xxx. MICHAEL HUTCHENCE AT THE TIME OF THE FILM BY OLIVER STONE, INTEREST MANIFEST  IN THE ROLE OF JIM MORRISON. Love this whole Album. Titanic work, this video. Respect! INXS forever. INXS rocks. Shame I never got to see Michael perform live.



The intimacy of INXS love it. Ability, swagger, and youth. These guys had it. Great tune. Such a timeless classic. Will never get old. Stadium. I really want to see this on the big screen! Please come to Jacksonville Florida. Perfect... Listening to this now jd actually does sound very similar to Michael, and he drips with sex as well. I remember I was so in love with him when I was about 15 cos I just thought he was sexy as hell. Used to drive me nuts. P.s. Kirk plz don't ever have a pornstache ever again. UNA PENA LA ILUMINACIÓN... ¿¿SERÁ PROPIO DE LA ÉPOCA, HABRÁ SIDO ALGO PREDETERMINADO O QUÉ? UNA LÁSTIMA TREMENDA BANDA.

Live baby live fue mi primer disco que compre, recuerdo que no dejaba de escucharlo todos los días, el mejor recital de todos los tiempos.





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. Runtime: 106min. Abstract: After an accidental pregnancy turned abortion, a deadbeat nanny finds an unlikely friendship with the six-year old she's charged with protecting. Alex Thompson. USA. 2019.
Hello, this is my first MD ever but Ive been writing them in my head for a long time (complete with references to sexy times with my SO, humblebragging about my egg white and quinoa breakfasts, and skipping my 100 spin classes- jk I dont do any of that) so I figured I might as well get roasted for my finances for real. Basic Info: Age: 26 Gender: Female Location: New York City Industry: Publishing Occupation: Assistant Section 1 - Debts and Assets Retirement balance: 3841. 31 (My work set up automatic contributions to an SEP-IRA. I have no idea what the fuck I am doing here and I need to ask. I didnt go to fucking school for math. Savings: 2, 120. 14 (Regular savings account; Im going to open a HYSA for 2020 when I get my Christmas bonus) Credit Card Debt: 9, 924. 55, combined total across 2 credit cards (What makes me sad is that I paid off both of credit cards in full this time last year but I had an expensive year [moving out, going on family vacation twice, and buying Broadway tickets for the holidays] and now spend more of my income on rent, so its harder to pay it off as quickly. Student Loan Balance: 0 (I had a scholarship that covered room and board and we used credit cards to cover the rest. My mother is undocumented and at the time I was in college, my sister was a DACA recipient so I didnt have anyone to co-sign a loan. The college expenses were part of the credit card balance I paid off in 2018. Other debt: 0 Section 2 - Income Monthly take home after taxes, etc: 2, 500 (I am an assistant who works in publishing; would rather not get specific in exactly which area. But if you have questions about the industry, I can answer what I know in the comments or via PMs. Section 3 - Monthly Expenses Rent: 1, 600 (I am subletting a 1-bedroom apartment in upper upper Manhattan. When it ends, I hope to join the lease. My boyfriend Pierre* and I are getting serious and while were not ready to live together, we did want more privacy to test the waters. Also, I love living alone. Health insurance: 0 (Covered by work) MTA: 127/month for a monthly pass Internet: 59. 99/month (introductory rate for the first year) Utilities: Between 60-90 per month, varies (I pay for gas and electric, water is paid by landlord) Subscriptions: Hulu/Disney+ 12. 99/month (I share the password with my sister Lily* and ex-roommates and dont charge them) Amazon Prime: 0 (Lily shares her password w/ me) AMC Pass: 23. 95/month Renters insurance: 14. 67/month Phone: 0 (Still on the family plan and they dont charge me) Gym membership: 43. 95/year Netflix: 15. 99/month (I share the password with Lily and her friend, who gave me 100 at the beginning of the year to cover her share for 2 years) Other: 0. 99/month donation to the Texas Monthly Observer, 10/month donation to The Guardian, 30/month to ex-roommates in exchange for the cable/HBO password (Its cheaper than me getting my own cable) 25/year for Barnes & Noble membership (I just signed up for this since I run a book club and members get discounts on purchases. Fake name. I hate the "My friends A, B, C. thing. Day 1: 11/25 8:00am - Wake up and hit the snooze. I was up until 12:30 am baking keto chocolate zucchini bread that would just not bake all the way through. 8:15am - Finally get out of bed and start my morning routine. Skincare: Rhoto Hada Labo Gokyujyun foaming facial wash, Dr. Thayers Witch Hazel Toner, followed by Herbivore Prism Glow Potion, Cetaphil Pro Oily Skin with SPF 30. No make up. Cocoa butter lotion for the body. With a non-stick frying pan, I fry up turkey bologna and scrambled eggs. I also eat a soggy banana thats on the verge of turning completely black. I pack a lunch (tomato soup) and head out the door. I was hoping to get to work early, which will happen, but not as early as I would have liked. I was out of the office on Friday attending a local conference so I need to catch up on things. 9:30am - On the train to work and I text with Lily to discuss my mom's recent decision to move to Mexico. She lives in a pro-Trump state and as an undocumented person, its becoming increasingly difficult for her to fly under the radar. Shes fearful of being detained by ICE and so shes going back on her own terms. I tell Lily that I feel like Trump won. He succeeded in building a culture of fear and intimidation. Lily tells me that with or without Trump in office, it is likely that Mom would have had to return to Mexico while we applied for her residency anyway (Lily is now married to a US citizen and has a green card. This doesnt make me feel better and I want to cry. 9:46am - Arrive at the office 15 minutes early and get a head start on answering emails. Lily once asked me what I do all day and honestly, its a bunch of emailing. Emailing publishers to ask about status updates about deals, emailing clients to let them know about said status updates, emailing to chase after information I need on behalf of publishers or clients, responding to submissions, etc. Just emails, emails, emails. 1:21pm - Lily texts me a screenshot from an article about cheap living costs in Cancun. She jokes, “Why arent we moving with Mom too? ” I text back that when Mom moves to Mexico, we should go with her to look at potential properties for her to buy so she isnt renting indefinitely. I feel like crying again. I type up my expense report from the conference to distract myself. I dont have a company card so I get reimbursed for using my personal card when I travel. The conference paid for my hotel and train so I just get reimbursed for my meals. 1:35pm - Lily texts me that we should set up a savings account that we can contribute to for Moms living expenses in Mexico. I admire my sisters practicality in all of this, but I am not emotionally equipped to deal with this stuff when I am at work. 1:54pm - I heat up my tomato soup while my boss writes my reimbursement check. I take my lunch to eat outside and I buy a bag of salt and vinegar chips from Pret a Manger to go with my soup (1. 69. After I eat, I go check out the holiday shops at Bryant Park and treat myself to a “giant smore” (8. 17. The smore is the size of my hand which makes me feel slightly better about the expense. I text Pierre about how sad I feel and go back to the office. I take the stairs instead of the elevator so I burn off some of the empty calories I just consumed. 9. 86 3:48pm - Pierre texts me his sympathies and sends me a Baby Yoda meme to cheer me up. Goddamn, I love him so much. And Pierres great too. 6:06pm - Finally done with work! Im halfway to the train station when I realize I forgot my gym bag at work. I double back and while on the train, I eat a pre-workout snack of string mozzarella cheese and a baggie of roasted peanuts that I packed from home. 7:15pm - I do a 1 hour workout on the treadmill- 30 mins of interval running and then 30 min incline workout, plus a cool down- but I feel sluggish and slow. Must be the smore. Or maybe Im still thinking about my mom. 8:40pm- Back at home! I shower and then eat some of the zucchini bread and a Greek yogurt for dinner. Too tired to cook a real meal. I call my mom and we talk more about moving plans. She plans to buy a home in a touristy area and rent part of it out. When I go home for Christmas, well have to start cleaning the house out. Luckily, Lily lives near our Mom and will be able to store important family mementos. Our plans sound cheerful but the way we talk reminds me of that same dejected feeling we had in 2016 when she came to visit me, post-Trump election. “Paciencia, fey, y fuerza, ” is what we agreed to carry through the next four years. But it feels like weve run out. While Im on gloomy matters, I pay my bills. 1600 for rent, 65. 03 for the electric bill, and 150 payment for each credit card. I deposit my reimbursement check and a 10 check I received from the Pew Research Center. Ive recently been selected to be part of the Pew Research surveys and this is this first survey that I have been paid for, but I dont know how often I will receive them. 1, 965. 03, 40. I spend the rest of my evening setting up this Money Diary and watching 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. The Jenny/Sumit drama is insane. 11:41pm - Finally got my MD set up and turn in. Nighttime skin routine: Vitamin C serum on neck and face; Estee Lauder Night Repair Creme on my eyes. I don't think it's really working but I want to finish the bottle before I try a new eye cream. Day 2: 11/26 8:00am - Wake up and hit the snooze. Not as tired as yesterday but still want to stay in bed. Pierre texts me to wish him luck on his annual review. I text him back and then get distracted checking Reddit on my phone. 8:30am - Whoops. How did a half hour go by so quickly? I get out of bed, do my skincare routine, get dressed, etc. I eat a bowl of Special K for breakfast and pack my lunch (turkey bologna sandwich on a plain bagel, Ruffle chips, mozzarella cheese stick, 3 clementines, and a half-empty Coke zero that I bought over the weekend. I am an elementary school child. 9:10am - Catch the train and listen to Slates Dear Prudence podcast. In this episode, a LW complains about her friend, who whipped out her Macbook to finish writing a term paper in the middle of the LWs wedding ceremony. The LW claims you can hear the click-clacking of typing in the wedding video and the friend even took a Skype call in the middle of the ceremony to chat with a study buddy (which you can also hear in the wedding video. I am horrified. 9:42am - Arrive at the office and Im the first one here. Half of our office, including my boss, took vacation days to get a head start on the holiday. This means I can listen to podcasts while I work since no one will really need me throughout the day. I check my personal email before I look at work stuff and find an email from my bank, announcing that there was a “recent merchant data breach” and while my account wasnt compromised, theyre going to send a new credit card which means I will have to update the information for my recurring payments. Great. Okay, back to work. I grab a fun-size Snickers bar from the communal candy bowl for a mid-morning snack and get to work. 12:22pm - Ugh, Special K was not that filling. I drink hot water to help my stomach feel full but I am so hungry. I decided to eat my lunch at my desk even though its earlier than I usually eat. 6:45pm - Finally leave work! I stayed late to check my mom into her flight but check-in is based in her time zone, not mine so I could have left earlier. Grr. I text Lily and she promises to check Mom in. 8pm - Pierre and I get home at the same time! We make dinner together: spaghetti with truffle oil along with sauteed onions and kale, plus Trader Joes turkey meatballs. I pull out mini bottles of prosecco that I bought for Lilys visit that went unused. While we cook, I pour out my feelings to Pierre. I know that we are in a very privileged position: Lily and I can support my mother to have a very comfortable life in Mexico. We can afford to fly out to see her 3, maybe even 4 times a year. My mom will be able to stop living in fear. But theres just something wrong about us not being in the same country. Pierre knows a little of what Im feeling because his mother is back in France and he misses her terribly, especially since she's been sick. (Nothing serious, but he feels bad that he can't be there for her. After dinner, we watch The Mandalorian. God, I would die for Baby Yoda. Pierre just got into Dragula so we watch an episode but I hate the format. It just feels so disorganized, especially compared to Rupauls Drag Race. Pierre gets squicked out by an elimination challenge featuring needles so we watch Call the Midwife so he can calm down. Poor guy. Day 3: 11/27 12 am - Finally, we turn off Call the Midwife. I clean up the kitchen while Pierre gets dressed for his overnight shift. (Hes a security guard. We kiss goodbye and he promises everything is set for him to come to Thanksgiving. 12:40 am - I stay up to finish the Call the Midwife episode and then go to bed. I call my mom even though its late because I just want to hear her voice. We talk through the airport pick up plans and say good night. I have the day off so I can stay up late. 10 am - Wake up and lay in bed. I text Pierre to ask for good thoughts. Im super anxious about my mom flying even though she uses her Mexican passport and hasnt had issues before. After a half hour, I get up to go to the gym and burn off some of my nervous energy. I only eat a mandarin for breakfast. 11:30 am - At the gym. Since I didnt have a good breakfast, I do a low-intensity incline work out. 12:30 pm - Back at home. I shower and eat the keto zucchini bread for my brunch. I know I should eat more but Im too anxious. I go to the train station, buy 2 weekly metro cards. One is for my mom and the other is a refill for me. Normally I would get the monthly but since Im going home for the holidays in 2 weeks, it makes more sense to buy weekly passes. 67. 00 1:45 pm - First stop on my errands: Michaels. I buy supplies to convert an arrowhead earring into necklace for Lily. I use a 40% off coupon so my total is 5. 55 1:59pm - I buy two rotisserie chickens at Whole Foods for Thanksgiving. Im not fucking with turkey with my tiny ass oven. 16. 69 2:38pm - Buy a half dozen plain bagels at Zabars for breakfast. 5. 60 3:00pm - I walk to the train station and pass the Macys parade balloons being inflated. So cool! Maybe next year Ill come down to get a better look, but for now I need to get home. 3:35pm - At the farmers market near my train stop, I buy 3 lbs of grapes and a stalk of celery. I don't know how long this market is going to stick around but I hope it stays all year round. It's where I can get super cheap produce. I stop at the local grocery store and pick up sparkling cider. 12. 42 4:00pm - Finally home! I put away my groceries, prep the Thanksgiving sides, and clean up while I wait for my moms flight to land. I finish 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and then pick up where I left off on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. I love the 90DF franchise but theyre releasing so many seasons at once that I cant keep up. 6:08pm - My mom calls that shes about to board her flight. Hurray! I can finally relax and eat leftover spaghetti before I go to meet her at the airport. 10:33pm - Take public transport to LaGuardia. I find my mom, who made friends with her seat partner on the flight and they exchange numbers so they can get in touch. We pick up her suitcase and I lead her to the rideshare pick up area. We pass a lost-looking couple in their 60s who are trying to figure out where to call an Uber so my mom adopts them. She helps the wife with her suitcase and tells them that Ill show them where to go. They chatter about Thanksgiving plans on the way. I dont know how, but my mom always makes friends wherever she goes. When we get to the pick up area, a parking lot attendant helps the couple call an Uber while I call a Lyft for us. 41. 00, including tip. 11:46pm - Finally home! I give my mom a quick tour of my apartment. She says its nice but I need to clean better. Moms. Im ready for bed, but she asks me to put on her telenovela so she can unwind. I set her up (shes watching Apocalipse, btw) and leave her on the couch while I go to bed. Day 4: 11/28 8:30am - I wake up but my mom isnt in bed with me. Evidently, she fell asleep on the couch. Shes an early bird so she has NBC playing, ready for the parade to start. We shower, get dressed, etc. 9:14am - Pierre arrives, having come straight from his overnight shift. He is, understandably, exhausted. He takes a nap in my room while my mom and I watch the parade and prep everything to warm up in the oven. We FaceTime with Lily, who is spending Thanksgiving with her neighbors. 12:28pm - Food is ready just as Pierres sister, Colette* arrives. I'm serving rotisserie chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and cornbread dressing. I wake up Pierre and I put on the Fleetwood Mac radio station on Spotify to listen to as we eat. Its a nice time just eating our fill and talking. Pierre and I are discussing marriage and its nice to imagine that this will be what holidays will be like when our families combine. My mom says she likes Pierre but she seems lukewarm. Lily tells me that's exactly how she was like with her husband and now adores him as a son in law. I hope we'll have other opportunities for her to get to know Pierre. 3:00pm - We are done eating and put away the leftovers. I give some to Colette to take with her while Pierre gets ready to go back to work. Yep, he has to work again. I think Pierres job takes advantage of his eager to please nature and I tell him so, but he says he can handle it. Plus, he gets holiday pay. Colette also leaves and my mom and I take a short food coma nap. 4:48pm - We bundle up and head out to see the window displays at Saks Fifth Avenue and Macys. My mom is annoyed that so many shops are open. She complains that back home, Thanksgiving plans revolve around the football games and here, everything revolves around shopping. Still, we go into Macys to look for my birthday gift and take advantage of their “pre-Black Friday” sale. We find a BCBG genuine leather jacket for 50% off. The sales clerk says its the last one and it just so happens to fit me perfectly. My mom uses her Macys card to pay for it. I thank her for the birthday gift. 7:50pm - We stop to buy Palmolive dish soap at CVS. Im running low at soap at home and my mom says my Trader Joes branded soap is not up to the task of handling Thanksgiving dishes. 2. 49 8:59pm - I take my mom to The View, the revolving restaurant within the Times Square Marriott. I get a margarita and she gets a non-alcoholic Apple Pie. We talk more about her upcoming move and I tell my mom my complicated feelings about it. She tells me that this is a good thing and Trump isnt winning here. “I raised two daughters who are both great successes and now Im going to retire and live my life. We won, not him, ” she says. 56. 98 10:00pm - Back home! I shower and go to bed. My mom stays up to watch her telenovela. Day 5: 11/29 10:00 am - Wake up and get ready to go. Mom fell asleep on the couch again. At this rate, I might as well just make her a bed out there. She insists that shes fine. Anyway, today is all about my mom. I take her shoe shopping at a mom and pop store on the Upper East Side store that carries SAS shoes, her favorite brand. My mom is very picky and only finds one pair that she likes in her size. And it's on sale. 20. 00 12:49pm - I take my mom to El Museo del Barrio. El Museo is in partnership with The City Museum of New York next door so once were done with El Museo, we go next door and dont have to pay a second admission fee. 18. 00 2:40pm - I take my mom to Grand Central Station to admire the main hall and we eat lunch in the food court. I order ramen and chicken dumplings for the both of us. 33. 57 3:30pm - I take my mom to oo35mm, my favorite beauty supply shop in Chinatown. I buy a bottle of facial wash for myself and convince my mom let me buy her an anti-wrinkle cream, a hair mask, and a pair of sheet masks for us. My mom is skeptical (shes an Estée Lauder and Clinique gal) but I swear to her that the sales clerks know what theyre talking about in their recommendations. She does admit that my skin has cleared up a lot this past year so she agrees to let me buy the products for her. 60. 92 5:40pm - We walk to Little Italy and have a light dinner at a touristy restaurant that has a really good Napoleon. Maybe there still is good Italian food in Little Italy. 35. 06 8:00pm - We go see Aint Too Proud to Beg, the Broadway musical based on lives of The Temptations. (I bought tickets last week on Today Tix. My mom likes the show but while I agree that the singing and dancing is spectacular, the acting was bland. Also, no one said “Aint nobody coming to see you, Otis! ” so that was disappointing. 11:00pm - Back at home and we gotta go to bed because were going to Philadelphia in the morning! Day 6: 11/30 7:00 am - Wake up! This time, I waited until I heard my mom snoring on the couch and then gently roused her to get a nights rest on an actual bed. We eat a light breakfast and head to Penn station. 11:30am - Arrive in Philly! I bought Amtrak tickets a week ago to return at 10pm but my mom thinks thats too late so she asks me to change them for an earlier time. 44. 00 11:46 am - We leave the station by walking and head towards City Hall and Dilworth Park. I need caffeine so we stop at Starbucks. 4. 67 12:00pm - The holiday shops at Dilworth Park and Love Park are amazing! I find an artist who has this adorable cat print that would be the perfect Christmas present for Colette. I find the artist's Etsy page and see that she's going to be at the holiday markets in NYC. I vow to check out her booth there too even though my mom tells me to stop spending my money. Well, Mom, tell the lady to stop making cute stuff. 36. 47 1:30pm - We are both hungry so we go to Reading Terminal Market and get lunch. Mom orders a Philly cheesesteak and I get a tortellini pasta salad and kale juice. 25. 34 2:30pm - We take the PHLASH bus to do a loop around the sights. We see the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, go up the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum, and then head to Old City to see the Betsy Ross House. Mom pays admission for the Betsy Ross House and I pay for our PHLASH fare. 10. 00 6:00pm - We are both tired and are ready to head home but still have a couple of hours at the station until our train. We still have leftovers from lunch so we finish those off and my mom buys herself a coffee and donut from Dunkin. (She won't let me pay for it. She lets me have a bite of the donut. While we wait, I pull up the Hulu documentary Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie on my phone for the both of us to watch. 10:30pm - Finally back home! Shower, get ready for bed, wait until I hear my mom fall asleep watching TV and then wake her up to come to bed. Day 7: 12/1 9:30 am - Wake up! Its my moms last day in NYC. I ask her what she wants to do. She says that she wants to do my laundry and scrub my bathtub. We get dressed and eat a light breakfast. Then we attend Sunday service at my church. The sermon topic uses the recent climate change disasters as a jumping off point to discuss how climate change detrimentally affects the poor and marginalized and what our Christian duty is to help each other and the planet. My mom likes my churchs liberal, social justice oriented focus. She tells me that I should be a more active member and I am trying, but socializing with new people doesnt come as easily to me as it does to her. Still, when one of the deacons asks me to read a passage from the Bible next week, I agree. Also, I donate 10 to the offering plate. 00 2:00pm - After church, I take my mom to the Staten Island ferry so she can see the Statue of Liberty. My mom is impressed that we can get such a good view for free. Pierre texts me that he can meet us when he gets off at work at 4pm so I suggest we have an early dinner at my place before my mom goes to the airport. 2:34pm - After we get back to Manhattan, we take a bus to visit a church that was featured in The Devils Advocate (the 1997 movie with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino) but the doors are locked. They must have locked up after morning mass. I feel bad because my mom loves old churches and she was really hoping to see what the interior looked like. The rain is starting to come down so I check my moms flight and see its been pushed back to 10pm. 3:00pm - On the way home, we stop by Trader Joes and pick up fixings to help transform the Thanksgiving leftovers into a new meal. We get milk, sandwich bread, almonds, grape tomatoes, mandarin oranges, green grapes, and cereal bars. The plan is to make grilled cheese sandwiches and kale chicken salad. 73 5:00pm - Were back at home but Pierre has bad news. Towards the end of his shift, he noticed something suspicious on the CCTV and when they went to investigate, they found someone died in the building. Hes still stuck at work answering questions from the NYPD and his company and doesnt know when hell get out. He sends his regards to my mom and tells her “Bon voyage! ” Mom and I make dinner for ourselves and when I check her flight again, its back to its original departure time of 8pm. Shit! We rush to get everything ready and then I call the Lyft. In the car, I check the flight again and its been pushed back to 10pm. What the hell. 30. 86, including tip. 6:30pm - Mom and I are at the airport and are super confused. The boards still say her flight leaves at 8pm but my flight tracker says its been pushed. My mom doesnt want to miss it so she decides to go ahead and go through security. We say goodbye and I wait until she passes through before taking public transport home. 8:30pm - Finally back home! Im super exhausted and clean up a little. My mom calls and reports that her flight got moved to 9pm. The winter storm is coming in so I think flights are trying to figure out who is going to get out tonight and whos not. I tell my mom to call me if her flight ends up being cancelled so I can send a car to pick her up. If you really care, my moms flight ended up leaving at 11:30pm and she landed back home around 2:30am. I called her a Lyft and stayed up tracking it until she called me to report she was in the house. 23. 10, my mom tipped in cash. Breakdown Food/drink: 227. 62 Entertainment: 18. 00 Transport: 215. 96 Other: 2100. 46 Total: 2562. 04 Reflections This wasnt a typical week since it was Thanksgiving and I was hosting my mom, but my Day 1 is a typical spending day. I think I would have spent more if I had a different travel partner than my mother. She is extremely frugal and kept turning down stuff for us to do or buy even though I insisted it was my treat. In my defense, its my mom and I want to treat her. However, she did teach me good spending habits and its what gave me the push to find deals like the El Museo/City Museum partnership, the PHLASH fare, and ideas for things that we could experience for free or at a low-cost. I think I would say that I am better at spending money wisely but I want to get better at saving and building investments. Okay, go ahead and roast me for still being on the family phone plan.
How are they the best in the nation when they lost by three touchdowns in California.

Saint Frances Free. LBJ and his lies continue. Endeavor to persevere. Saint frances free watch 2017. Saint frances free watch band. Posted on r/DHgate already but im sharing here aswell. Havent seen much going on here so I thought I'll share some stuff I saved for myself recently. Mostly from reliable sellers. Shoes; Off White Odsy 1000 Converse Givenchy Sliders Air Max 270 Valentino Garavani Ferragamo moccasin Nike Kyrie 5 NMD human race Yeezy 380 Off White Air Force 1's Air Max 96 Sean Wotherspoon Jordan 11 Concord 45 Balenciaga Triple S Gucci Rhyton Alexander McQueen Gucci Ace's Adidas Ultraboost (cheap) Adidas Ultraboost Valentino Garavani Yeezy 350 Clothes; Burberry Scarf - Gucci headband Supreme headband Gucci headband Burberry coat (women) Amiri sweatshirt Amiri jeans Givenchy sweatshirt/longsleeve Nasa tee Dolce & Gabbana sweatshirt Balenciaga knit sweater Fendi sweatshirt Fendi tee Kenzo tee Dolce & Gabbana hoodie Kenzo longsleeve Kith x Tom & Jerry tee Louis Vuitton tee Supreme Gucci Mane tee Palace tee Fog Essentials reflective hoodie Golf Wang tee Balenciaga windbreaker Gucci tee Gupreme x Oakland Raiders hoodie The North Face x Supreme bandana jacket Vetements logo hoodie The North Face x Supreme arc logo fleece jacket Golf Wang fire trousers Prada beanie Moncler beanie Moncler beanie Philipp plein beanie Canada goose beanie Canada goose beanie C. P Company beanie Burberry shirt Burberry sweatpants Supreme alphabet silk pants Gucci hoodie Supreme ski mask Supreme 'S' beanie Bape headband Ralph Lauren polo shorts Supreme crewneck Palace striped high roller top Revenge 'bad vibes' tee Nasa jacket Dsquared2 jeans Amiri jeans Louis Vuitton belt Gucci Marmont belt Ralph Lauren big pony polo Ralph Lauren polo with city names Ralph Lauren longsleeve Anti Social Social Club hoodie Ralph Lauren polo hoodie Gucci hoodie Ralph Lauren polo shirt Amiri sweatshirt Balmain denim jacket chanel jacket (women) Gucci jacket Philipp plein tee dsquared2 cap Givenchy tee Moncler maya jacket Amiri sweatshirt Vlone roots picnic tee The North Face windbreaker Louis Vuitton tee C. P Company goggle hoodie The North Face jacket Ralph Lauren polo bear Louis Vuitton jacket Lacoste sweater/long sleeve Stussy hoodie Heron preston tee Alpha flag hoodie Balr hoodie CDG play longsleeve The North Face puffer jacket Gucci shirt Trasher tee Stone Island sweatshirt Philipp Plein tee Bape socks Huf socks Balenciaga tee Philipp Plein jeans Balr tee Burberry jeans Others; Cartier Glasses - Omega Seamaster - Rolex Submarine Mcm handbag - Yves Saint Lauren handbag Louis Vuitton purse Michael Kors handbag Supreme x Louis Vuitton wallet Prada/Hermes handbags Christian Dior saddle bag Beats Studio 3 headphones (really decent) Beats Studio 3 earphones Supreme duffle bag Supreme organizer bag Ray-ban glasses Louis Vuitton glasses Ray-Ban Clubmaster glasses Louis Vuitton travel bag Louis Vuitton messenger bag Louis Vuitton crossbody Gucci bum bag Louis Vuitton wallet/card holder Louis Vuitton notebook Goyard duffle bag If something got removed then im sorry. Might do another list in some time, hope y'all have a good day.

I'm going to reference this documentary in an essay i am doing, where is this originally from. Hugh grant... I am impressed by that accent 👏🏻👏🏻. Perfect timing for this song for all generations to hear and take to heart from around the world. Peace. January 1st 21 (2008) – Director Robert Luketic presents this 2008 movie about six MIT students who train to beat the casino. A Cinderella Story (2004) – The original A Cinderella Story featuring a young Hilary Duff where she plays a downtrodden teen who wants to meet her date at the Halloween dance. American Beauty (1999) – Kevin Spacy stars in this Sam Mendes movie about a suburban father who falls for his daughters best friend. Catch Me If You Can (2002) – Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio star in this biopic on Frank Abagnale Jr. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) – Johnny Depp stars in the Tim Burton adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl tale. Chasing Amy (1997) – Ben Affleck stars in this Kevin Smith directed romance movie about comic book artists. Dinner for Schmucks (2010) – Paul Rudd and Steve Carell star in the comedy all about odd dinner parties. Dragonheart (1996) – Rob Cohen directed this Oscar-nominated movie featuring Dennis Quaid about the last dragon stopping an evil king. Drugs, Inc. (Season 6) – National Geographic must-watch drug series continues with another 12 new episodes. Ferris Buellers Day Off (1986) – Beuller? Bueller? Bueller? The John Hughes comedy returns to Netflix. Free Willy (1993) – A boy risks everything to save a killer whale in this cult classic. Good Girls (Season 2) – NBCs comedy series returns for the girls second outing. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004) – Two recognizable friends go on a journey to each White Castle burgers. Hitch (2005) – Will Smith features in this romantic comedy where he stars as a date doctor. Inception (2010) – The mindbending movie from Christopher Nolan with an all-star cast. Our movie highlight of the month. New York Minute (2004) – The Olsen twins feature in this family comedy that was slated by the critics. Messiah (Season 1) N – A man turns up in the Middle East claiming to be Jesus incarnate and causes him to have plenty of attention by rabid followers and the authorities. Patriot Games (1992) – The Harrison Ford action epic about Jack Ryan interfering with an IRA investigation. Saint Seiya (Seasons 4 & 5) – New seasons of the classic anime. Spinning Out (Season 1) N – Drama series on a figure skating Olympian who is struggling to balance her professional career with her personal life. The Circle (US) Season 1) N – New reality series where people compete in a popularity contest. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) – The third and final entry in the Lord of the Rings movie franchise which scored 11 Oscars. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) – The second entry in the Lord of the Rings franchise that scored 2 Oscars. The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear (1991) – Classic cop comedy The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! 1988) – The first of the cop comedy movies. The Ring (2002) – The Naomi Watts horror movie. What Lies Beneath (2000) – Another Harrison Ford drama where the wife of a scientist believes her house is haunted. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) – The original Roald Dahl movie adaptation starring Gene Wilder. Yes Man (2008) – Jimy Carrey just cant stop saying yes in this Peyton Reed directed comedy. January 2nd Sex Explained (Limited Doc-series) N – The guys from Vox present their second limited series that dives into the world of sex. January 3rd Anne with an E (Season 3 / Final Season) N – The final season of the Canadian co-production retelling the story of Anne of Green Gables. January 4th Dracula (Season 1) N – British co-production from the creator of Sherlock. Go! Go! Cory Carson (Season 1) N – Pre-school animated series based on the toy line. January 10th AJ and the Queen (Season 1) N – New comedy from RuPaul where he inadvertently finds himself looking after a young boy. Giri/Haji (Season 1) N – BBC co-production where a cop comes to London from Japan to find his brother involved with the Yakuza. Medical Police (Season 1) N – New 10 episode series about two American physicians discover a world-ending virus and need to find a cure. Scissor Seven N – New anime Zumbos Just Desserts (Season 2) N – More delicious desserts from the master. January 15th Grace & Frankie (Season 6) N – The penultimate season of Netflixs longest-running comedy. January 16th Steve Jobs (2015) – Michael Fassbender appears in this Universal movie about the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. January 17th Hip-Hop Evolution (Season 4) N – Documentary series continues featuring some of the biggest Hip-Hop icons. Nailed It! Germany (Season 1) N – The German version of Netflixs Nailed It! Tyler Perrys A Fall From Grace (2019) N – An all-star cast stars in a brand new thriller from the famed creator. Sex Education (Season 2) N – Comedy teen series returns. Tiny House Nation (Volume 2) N – More tiny houses explored in this Netflix docuseries. January 18th The Bling Ring (2013) – Biopic of a group of thieves using the internet to track their next heist. January 20th Family Reunion (Part 2) N – More episodes of the family sitcom. January 21st Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty (2019) N – Stand-up special Word Party (Season 4) N – Preschool series about four animals helping children how to learn new skills. January 23rd October Faction (Season 1) N – Sci-fi series based on the comic series by Steve Niles and Damien Worm from IDW Entertainment the producers behind V-Wars for Netflix. Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac (Season 1 – Part 2) N – Concluding part to season 1 of Netflixs new anime series in the Saint Seiya universe. The Queen (2006) – Although Netflixs The Crown is by far the best biopic of the monarchy, Helen Mirrens 2006 entry isnt half bad either. January 24th A Sun (2019) – Mandarin movie about a family of four under great stress from an unexpected tragedy. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part 3) N – After a long wait, were headed back to catch up with Sabrina and co. Rise of Empires: Ottoman (Ottoman Rising) Season 1) N – Turkish historic series about Mehmed the Conquerer. The Ranch (Part 8 – Final Season) N – Well be saying goodbye to comedy sitcom series. January 27th Country Song (2010) – Gwyneth Paltrow stars in this music drama directed by Shana Feste about a rising country-music songwriter. We Are Your Friends (2015) – Max Joeseph writes and directs this musical drama starring Zac Efron about a DJ trying to find his way in life. January 29th Omniscient (Season 1) N – New horror reality series game show where audiences control the fate of the contestants. Next in Fashion (Season 2) N – A new reality series starring Queer Eyes Tan France and Alexa Chun. January 30th Ainori Love Wagon: African Journey (Season 1) N – Another entry into the Japanese reality series Raising Cain (1994) – Brian De Palma writes and directs the crime horror classic featuring John Lithgow. The Stranger (Season 1) N – A new thriller drama series about a married father who meets a woman who tells him a secret about his wife. January 31st Bojack Horseman (Season 6 – Part 2 – Final Season) N – The animated shows conclusion hits on January 31st. Diablero (Season 2) N – Second season of the Spanish language horror series. Ragnarok (Season 1) N – Norwegian coming-of-age drama series. Credit. Netflix New Releases - January 2020.

Jesus is coming but some work is there have to do. Im disabled and glad to see my community getting some exposure. Just because dip wads like the previous commenters are uncomfortable seeing disabled people on screen doesnt mean the movie should never see the light of day. While the plot seems somewhat predictable, it still looks like a good, light-hearted watch. 🧑🏽‍🦯🧑🏽‍🦼🧑🏽‍🦽❤️. 全球連線 對抗極權 LAST UPDATED: Sept 27. Details are subject to change, please click on individual links for more information. Can't find your city? Invite your family, friends and neighbors to start your own rally. Be Water. VIDEO 929 and 928] TBA: To Be Announced source: Global Solidarity with Hong Kong (Facebook) and 929 Global AntiTotalitarianism (Telegram) 929GlobalAntiTotalitarianism #929GlobalMarch #929GlobalAntiTotalitarian #StandwithHongKong #birdfoldingchallenge How else can you help the Hong Kong protest from abroad AUSTRALIA Adelaide Sunday 29 September 2:30PM - 4:30PM Rundle Mall Brisbane Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Speaker's Corner, 15 George St Darwin Sunday 29 September 11:00AM - 12:30PM Smith St Mall (Intersection) Melbourne Friday 27 September 6:15PM Melbourne Central Station (Clock) Sing-A-Long Flash Mob Melbourne II Sunday 29 September 4:00PM - 6:00PM State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St Perth Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM (Free Movie screening: Lost in the Fumes) RSVP Sydney Sunday 29 September 1:30PM - 4:00PM State Library of NSW, Macquarie St (Gather) to QVB (End) AUSTRIA Vienna Sunday 29 September 3:00PM Platz der Menschenrechte, Mariahilfer Str BELGIUM Brussels Saturday 28 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Mont des Arts CANADA Calgary Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 3:00PM Olympic Plaza 228 8 Ave SE Edmonton Sunday 29 September 1:30PM You are required to Direct Message them via Facebook. My advice, go to Calgary, I never got a reply from the Edmonton team. Halifax Saturday 28 September 2:00PM Halifax Public Gardens 5665 Spring Garden Road Montreal Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Cabot Square Ottawa Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Banks St and Sparks St (Gather) to outside City Hall (Elgin St & Lisgar St) Ottawa Tuesday 1 October 1:30PM - 6:00PM Various Location Flash Mob St Johns Saturday 28 September 1:00PM - 5:00PM National War Memorial, Downtown St. John's Toronto Saturday 28 September 7:00PM - 10:00PM 252 Bloor Street West (Lost in the Fumes Movie Screening + Discussion) Toronto II Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Roundhouse Park, Next to Toronto Railway Museum (Gather) Toronto III Monday 30 September 9:30AM - 10:30AM Nathan Phillips Square (South East) Toronto City Hall Vancouver Sunday 29 September 1:00PM - 2:00PM Queen Elizebeth Theatre Plaza 695 Cambie St (Gather) to Provincial Courts Victoria Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Provincial Parliament Building Winnipeg Sunday 29 September 2:00PM The Plaza at The Forks Skateboard Park DENMARK Copenhagen Sunday 29 September 12:00AM - 4:00PM Nørreport ESTONIA Tallinn Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 6:00PM Freedom Square FRANCE Paris Saturday 28 September 3:30PM - 6:00PM La Fontain Saint-Michel GERMANY Berlin Saturday 28 September 2:30PM - 5:30PM Berlin TV Tower, Alexanderplatz (Gather) to Chinese Embassy Berlin II Sunday 29 September 10:00AM - 16:00PM Gendarmenmarkt Cologne Sunday 29 September 2:30PM - 5:00PM Bahnhofsvorplatz Frankfurt Saturday 28 September 2:00PM - 5:00PM Römerberg Hamburg Saturday 28 September 1:30PM - 4:00PM Flaggenplatz, Jungfernstieg Munich Saturday 28 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Schützenstr (Gather) Munich II Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Marienplatz (Gather) HONG KONG (Protest Schedule List) Saturday 28 September 2:00PM Victoria Park Saturday 28 September 7:00PM - 9:00PM Tamar Park Sunday 29 September 2:30PM Causeway Bay SOGO (Gather) to Central Government Complex Tuesday 1 October 2:00PM Victoria Park (Gather) to Charter Road (Dress code: Black) IRELAND Dublin Sunday 29 September 10:30AM - 12:45PM Swift Lecture Theatre, Trinity College Dublin ITALY Milan Saturday 28 September 4:00PM Piazza del Duomo JAPAN Osaka Sunday 29 September 1:00PM - 4:00PM Osaka-Jo Hall Sapporo Sunday 29 September 12:30PM Nakajima Park Hōheikan (Gather) to Fushimi Park (End) Tokyo Sunday 29 September 3:30PM Chidorigafuchi Park (Bring your paper crane) KAZAKHSTAN Almaty Sunday 29 September 1:00PM Zhibek Zholy (Arbat) Nur-Sultan Sunday 29 September 1:00PM Baiterek Tower MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur Sunday 29 September 4:00PM - 7:00PM Rumah Attap Library, 84c, Jalan Rotan, Off Jalan Kampung Attap (Lost in the Fumes Movie Screening + Discussion) Kuala Lumpur II Sunday 29 September 7:00PM - 8:30PM Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) next to mamak NETHERLANDS Amsterdam Saturday 28 September 3:00PM - 5:00PM Dam Square NEW ZEALAND Auckland Sunday 29 September 3:00PM - 5:00PM Aotea Square 291-297 Queen St Christchurch Tuesday 1 October 7:00PM Space Academy, 371 St Asaph St, Central City (Ten Years Movie Screening) NORWAY Oslo Sunday 29 September 1:30PM - 3:30PM Eidsvolls plass POLAND Warsaw Sunday 29 September 1:00PM - 5:00PM Chinese Embassy, Ul. Świętojerska side gate SOUTH KOREA - Message me for Seoul, it's complicated if you need more info. Seoul Saturday 28 September 6:00pm Gwanghwamun Station EXIT 6 (in front of DongHwa Duty Free) Seoul II Sunday 29 September 2:00PM -2:15PM Hongdae (EXIT 3 Grassland) Flash mob ( CANCELLED) SPAIN Barcelona Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Parque de La Ciudadela 21 Passeig de Picasso SWITZERLAND Geneva Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Jardin Anglais Zurich Saturday 28 September 1:00PM - 4:00PM Photobastei (Photo Exhibition/ Film Screening) RUSSIA Moscow Sunday 29 September 3:00PM - 5:00PM Sakharov Ave (rally to support political prisoners) SWEDEN Göteborg Thursday 26 September 5:30PM - 7:00PM Gustav Adolfs Torg Stockholm Sunday 29 September 3:00PM - 5:00PM Medborgarplatsen ( New venue & time) TAIWAN Hsinchu Sunday 29 September 5:30PM -10:00PM East Gate, Zhongzhen Rd (Ten Years Movie + Discussion) Kaohsiung Sunday 29 September 5:30PM - 10:00PM Intersection of Shennong Rd and Nanping Rd Taichung Saturday 28 September 4:00PM - 6:00PM Taichung Civic Square, Zhongxing St Tainan Sunday 29 September 3:00PM - 6:00PM Section 2, Zhongyi Road (Next to Zhongyi Elementary School) Taipei Sunday 29 September 3:00PM - 9:00PM Legislative Yuan corner of Jinan Rd (Gather) UKRAINE Kiev Saturday 28 September 4:00PM National Opera of Ukraine Volodymyrska Street, 50 UNITED KINGDOM. Birmingham and Sheffield are not rallies, just handing out flyers, best to just go the London rally on September 28th, the coordinators are not publicizing the those smaller events* Birmingham * See comments above. Edinburgh Sunday 29 September 3:00PM High Street Pedestrian Zone (New Venue) London Saturday 28 September 1:00PM - 3:00PM Chinese Embassy, Portland Place, Marylebone London II Saturday 28 September 6:30PM - 10:00PM Arthur And Paula Lucas Lecture Theatre King's College London Strand Campus (Umbrella Diaries: The First Umbrella Movie + Panel Discussion) Free tickets from Eventbrite London III Sunday 29 September 1:15PM - 3:15PM Prince Charles Cinema 7 Leicester Place (Ten Years Movie Screening) Tickets at Eventbrite (all proceeds will be donated to 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund and Spark Alliance) Manchester Sunday 29 September 12:00PM Manchester Central Convention Complex and 2:00PM Piccadilly Gardens Sheffield * See comments above. UNITED STATES Ann Arbor Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 6:00PM Central Campus Diag, University of Michigan Austin Sunday 29 September 3:00PM - 5:00PM Texas State Capitol, 1100 Congress Ave Boston Sunday 29 September 10:00AM - 1:00PM Boston City Hall, Plaza Flag Poles (Bring a flag) Chicago Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 5:00PM Urban Voice 3520 S. Morgan St Los Angeles Sunday 29 September 12:00PM - 2:00PM In front of the Chinese Consulate, 443 Shatoo Place Los Angeles II Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 5:00PM Barnes Park, Monterey Park East Los Angeles (New Venue) New York Saturday 28 September 1:00PM - 1:30PM Washington Square Park New York II Sunday 29 September 11:30AM - 12:30PM Pier 81, 12th Ave & W 41st St (opposite the Chinese Consulate) New York III Tuesday 1 October 11:00AM to 1:00PM Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza 245 E 47th St San Diego Sunday 29 September 1:00PM - 3:00PM Balboa Park 1549 El Prado San Francisco Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Civic Center Plaza, 335 McAllister St San Francisco II Sunday 29 September 4:00PM - 5:00PM Chinese Consulate, 1450 Laguna St San Francisco III Monday 30 September 4:00PM - 5:30PM San Francisco Federal Building, 90 7th St Seattle Saturday 28 September 11:00AM - 1:00PM Drumheller Fountain, University of Washington (Gather) to Husky Stadium Washington DC Saturday 28 September 2:30PM Washington Monument Washington DC II Sunday 29 September 2:00PM - 4:00PM Chinese Embassy.

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By John Lord, LL. D. MARTIN LUTHER. A. D. 1483-1546 THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION. AMONG great benefactors, Martin Luther is one of the most illustrious. He headed the Protestant Reformation. This movement is so completely inter- linked with the literature, the religion, the education, the prosperity—yea, even the political history—of Europe, that it is the most important and interesting of all modern historical changes. It is a subject of such amazing magnitude that no one can claim to be well informed who does not know its leading issues and developments, as it spread from Germany to Switzer- land, France, Holland, Sweden, England, Scotland. The central and prominent figure in the movement is Luther; but the way was prepared for him by a host of illustrious men, in different countries, —by Savonarola In Italy, by Huss and Jerome in Bohemia, by Erasmus in Holland, by Wyclif in England, and by sundry others, who detested the corruptions they ridiculed and lamented, but could not remove. How flagrant those evils! Who can deny them? The papal despotism, and the frauds on which it was based; monastic corruptions; penance, and indulgences for sin, and the sale of them, more shameful still; the secular character of the clergy; the pomp, wealth, and arrogance of bishops; auricular confession; celibacy of the clergy, their idle and dissolute lives, their igno- rance and superstition; the worship of the images of saints, and masses for the dead; the gorgeous ritualism of the mass; the substitution of legends for the Scrip- tures, which were not translated, or read by the people; pilgrimages, processions, idle pomps, and the multipli- cation of holy days; above all, the grinding spiritual despotism exercised by priests, with their inquisitions and excommunications, all centering in the terrible usurpation of the popes, keeping the human mind in bondage, and suppressing all intellectual independence, —these evils prevailed everywhere. I say nothing here of the massacres, the poisonings, the assassinations, the evil doings of various kinds of which history ac- cuses many of the pontiffs who sat on papal thrones. Such evils dd not stare the German and English in the face, as they did the Italians in the fifteenth century. In Germany the vices were mediæval and monkish, not the unblushing infidelity and levities of the Renaissance, which made a radical reformation in Italy impossible. In Germany and England there were left among the people the power of conscience, a rough earnestness of character, the sense of moral accountability, and a fear of divine judgment. Luther was just the man for his work. Sprung from the people, poor, popular, fervent; educated amid priva- tions, religious by nature, yet with exuberant animal spirits; dogmatic, boisterous, intrepid, with a great in- sight into realities; practical, untiring, learned, gene- rally cheerful and hopeful; emancipated from the ter- rors of the Middle Ages through great struggles; pro- gressive in his spirit, lofty in his character, earnest in his piety, believing in the future and in God, —such was the great leader of this emancipating movement. He was not so learned as Erasmus, nor so logical as Calvin, nor so scholarly as Melancthon, nor so broad as Cranmer. He was not a polished man; He was often offensively rude and brusque, and lavish of epithets. Nor was he what we call a modest and humble man, but he was intellectually proud, disdainful, and sometimes, when irritated, abusive. None of his pictures repre- sent him as a refined-looking man, scarcely intellectual, but coarse and sensual rather, as Socrates seemed to the Athenians. But with these defects and drawbacks he had just such traits and gifts as fitted him to lead a great popular movement, —bold, audacious, with deep convictions and rapid intellectual processes; prompt, de- cided, kind-hearted, generous, brave; in sympathy with the people, eloquent, Herculean in energies, with an amazing power of work; electrical in his smile and in his words, and always ready for contingencies. Had he been more polished, more a gentleman, more fas- tidious, more scrupulous, more ascetic, more modest, he would have shrunk from his tasks; he would have lost the elasticity of his mind, —he would have been discouraged. Even Saint Augustine, a broader and more catholic man than Luther, could not have done his work. He was a sort of converted Mirabeau. He loved the storms of battle; he impersonated revolu- tionary ideas. But he was a man of thought, as well as of action. Luther's origin was of the humblest. Born in Eisle- ben, Nov. 10, 1483, the son of a poor peasant, his child- hood was spent in penury. He was religious from a boy. He was religious when he sang hymns for a liv- ing, from house to house, before the people of Mansfield while at school there, and also at the schools of Magde- burg and Eisenach, where he still earned his bread by his voice. His devotional character and his music gained for him a friend who helped him through his studies, till at the age of eighteen he entered the Uni- versity at Erfurt, where he distinguished himself in the classics of Mediæval philosophy. And here his religious meditations led him to enter the Augustinian monastery: he entered that strict retreat, as others did, to lead a religious life. The great question of all time pressed upon his mind with peculiar force, What shall a man give in exchange for his soul? And it shows that religious life in Germany still burned in many a heart, in spite of the corruptions of the Church, that a young man like Luther should seek the shades of monastic seclusion, for meditation and study. He was a monk, like other monks; but it seems he had religious doubts and fears more than ordi- nary monks. At first he conformed to the customary ways of me seeking salvation. He walked in the beaten road, like Saint Dominic and Saint Francis; he accepted the great ideas of the Middle Ages, which he was afterwards to repudiate, —he was not beyond them, or greater than they were, at first; he fasted like monks, and tormented his body with austerities, as they did from the time of Benedict, he sang in the choir from early morn, and practised the usual severities. But his doubts and fears remained. He did not, like other monks, find peace and consolation; he did not become seraphic, like Saint Francis, or Bonaventura, or Loyola. Perhaps his nature repelled asceticism; per- haps his inquiring and original mind wanted something better and surer to rest upon than the dreams and visions of a traditional piety. Had he been satisfied with the ordinary mode of propitiating the Deity, he would never have emerged from his retreat. To a scholar the monastery had great attractions, even in that age. It was still invested with poetic associations and consecrated usages; it was indorsed by the venerable Fathers of the Church; it was favorable to study, and free from the noisy turmoil of the world. But with all these advantages Luther was miserable. He felt the agonies of an unforgiven soul in quest of peace with God; he could not get rid of hem, they pursued him into the immensity of an intolerable night. He was in despair. What could austerities do for him? He hungered and thirsted after the truth, like Saint Augustine in Milan. He had no taste for philosophy, but he wanted the repose that philosophers pretended to teach. He was then too narrow to read Plato or Boethius. He was a self-tormented monk without re- lief; he suffered all that Saint Paul suffered at tarsus. In some respect this monastic pietism resembled the pharisaism of Saul, in the schools of Tarsus, —a tech- nical, rigid, and painful adherence to rules, fastings, stated prayers, and petty ritualisms, which, originally framed as aids to grace, by repetition lose their power; based on the enormous error that man may win heaven by external practices, in which, however, he can never perfect himself, though he were to live, like Simeon Stylites, on the top of a pillar for twenty years without once descending; an eternal unrest, because perfection cannot be attained; the most terrible slavery to which a man can be conscientiously doomed, verging into hypocrisy and fanaticism. It was then that a kind and enlightened friend visited him, and recommended him to read the Bible. The Bible never has been a sealed book to monks; it was ever highly prized; no convent was without it: but it was read with the spectacles of he Middle Ages. Repentance meant penance. In Saint Paul's Epistles Luther discovers the true ground of justification, —not works, but faith; for Paul had passed through similar experiences. Works are good, but faith is the gift of God. Works are imperfect with the best of men, even the highest form of works, to a Mediæval eye, —self- expiation and penance; but faith is infinite, radiating from divine love; faith is a boundless joy, —salvation by the grace of God, his everlasting and precious boon to people who cannot climb to heaven on their hands and knees, the highest gift which God ever bestowed on men, —eternal life. Luther is thus emancipated from the ideas of the Middle Ages and of the old Syriac monks and of the Jewish Pharisees. In his deliverance he has new hopes and aspirations; he becomes cheerful, and devotes him- self to his studies. Nothing can make a man more cheerful and joyful than the cordial reception of a gift which is infinite, a blessing which is too priceless to be bought. The pharisee, the monk, the ritualist, is gloomy, ascetic, severe, intolerant; for he is not quite sure of his salvation. A man who accepts heaven as a gift is full of divine enthusiasm, like Saint Augustine. Luther now comprehends Augustine, the great doctor of the Church, embraces his philosophy and sees how much it has been misunderstood. The rare attainments and interesting character of Luther are at last recog- nized; he is made a professor of divinity in the new university, which the Elector of Saxony has endowed, at Wittenberg. he becomes a favorite with the students; he enters into the life of the people. He preaches with wonderful power, for he is popular, earnest, original, fresh, electrical. He is a monk still, but the monk is merged in the learned doctor and eloquent preacher. He does not yet even dream of attacking monastic in- stitutions, or the Pope; he is a good Catholic in his obedience to authorities; but he hates the Middle Ages, and all their ghostly, funereal, burdensome, and techni- ca; religious customs. He is human, almost convivial, —fond of music, of poetry, of society, of friends, and the good cheer of the social circle. The people love Luther, for he has a broad humanity. They never did love monks, only feared their maledictions. About this time the Pope was in great need of money: this was Leo X. He not only squandered his vast revenues in pleasures and pomps, like any secu- lar monarch; he not only collected pictures and stat- ues, —but he wanted to complete St. Peter's Church. It was the crowning glory of papal magnificence. Where was he to get money except from the contri- butions of Christendom? But kings and princes and bishops and abbots were getting tired of this everlast- ing drain of money to Rome, in the shape of annats and taxes; so Leo revived an old custom of the Dark Ages, —he would sell "plenary indulgences" and he sent his agents to market them in every country. The agent in Saxony was a very popular preacher, a shrewd Dominican prior by the name of Tetzel. Lu- ther abhorred him, not so much because he was vulgar and noisy, but because his infamous business derogated from the majesty of God and religion. In wrathful in- dignation he preached against Tetzel and his practices, —the abominable traffic of indulgences. Only God can forgive sins. It seemed to him to be an insult to the human understanding that any man, even a pope should grant an absolution for crime. These indulgences also provided the release of deceased friends from purgatory. And it was useless to preach against them so long as the principles on which they were based were not assailed. Everybody believed in penance; everybody believed that this, in some form, would insure salvation. It consisted in a temporal penalty or punishment inflicted on the sinner after confession to the priest, as a condition of his re- ceiving absolution or an authoritative pardon of his sin by the Church as God's representative. And the indul- gence was originally an official remission of this pen- alty, to be gained by offerings of money to the Church for its sacred uses. However ingenious this theory, the practice inevitably ran into corruption. The peo- ple who bought, the agents who sold, the popes who dispensed, these indulgences wrested them from their original intention. Fortunately, in those times in Germany everybody felt he had a soul to save. Neither the popes nor the Church ever lost that idea. The clergy ruled by its force, —by stimulating fears of divine wrath, whereby the wretched sinner would be physically tormented forever, unless he escaped by a propitiation of the Deity, —the common form of which was penance, deeds of supererogation, donations to the Church, self-expia- tion, works of fear and penitence, which commended themselves to the piety of the age; and this piety Lu- ther now believed to be unenlightened, not the kind enjoined by Christ or Paul. So, to instruct his students and the people as to the true ground of justification, which he had worked out from the study of the Bible and Saint Augustine amid the agonies of the tormented conscience, Luther prepared his theses, —those celebrated ninety-five propositions, which he affixed to the gates of the church of Wittenberg, ad which excited a great sen- sation throughout Northern Germany, reaching even the eyes of the Pope himself, who did not compre- hend their tendency, but was struck with their power. "This Doctor Luther. said he, is a man of fine ge- nius. The students of the university, and the people generally, were kindled as if by Pentecostal fires. The new invention of printing scattered those theses every- where, far and near; they reached the humble ham- let as well as the palaces of bishops and princes. They excited immediate and immense enthusiasm; there was freshness in them, originality, and great ideas. We cannot wonder at the enthusiasm which those religious ideas excited nearly four hundred years ago when we reflect that they were not cant words then, not worn-out platitudes, not dead dogmas, but full of life and exciting interest, —even as were the watch- words of Rousseau—"Liberty, Fraternity, Equality"— to Frenchmen, on the outbreak of their political revolu- tion. And as those watchwords—abstractly true— rouse the dormant energies of the French to a terri- le conflict against feudalism and royalty, o those theses of Luther kindled Germany into a living flame. And why? Because they presented more cheerful and comforting grounds of justification than had been preached for one thousand years, —faith rather than penance; for works hinged on penance. The underly- ing principle of those propositions was grace, —divine grace to save the world, —the principle of Paul and Saint Augustine; therefore not new, but forgotten; a mighty comfort to miserable people, mocked and cheated and robbed by a venal and gluttonous clergy. Even Taine admits that this doctrine of grace is the founda- tion stone of Protestantism as it spread over Europe in the sixteenth century. In those places where Protes- tantism is dead, —where rationalism or Pelagian specu- lations have taken its place, —this fact may be denied; but the history of Northern Europe blazes with it, —a fact which no historian of any honesty can deny. Very likely those who are not in sympathy with this great idea of Luther, Augustine, and Paul may ignore the fact, —even as Caleb Cushing once declared to me, that the Reformation sprang from the desire of Luther to marry Catherine Bora; and that learned and ingenious sophist overwhelmed me with his citations from infidel and ribald Catholic writers like Audin. Greater men than he deny that grace underlies the whole original movement of the reformers, and they talk of the Reformation as a mere revolt from Rome, as a war against papal corruption, as a protest against monkery and the dark ages, brought about by the spirit of a new age, the onward march of humanity, the necessary progress of society. I admit the sec- ondary causes of the Reformation, which are very important, —the awakening spirit of inquiry in the sixteenth century, the revival of poetry and litera- ture and art, the breaking up of feudalism, fortunate discoveries, the introduction of Greek literature, the Renaissance, the disgusts of Christendom, the voice of martyrs calling aloud from their funeral pyres; yea, the friendly hand of princes and scholars deploring the evils of a corrupted Church. But how much had Savonarola, or Erasmus, or John Huss, or the Lollards aroused the enthusiasm of Europe, great and noble as were their angry and indignant protests? The genius of the Reformation in its early stages was a religious movement, not a political or a moral one, although it became both political and moral. Its strength and fer- vor were in the new ideas of salvation, —the same that gave power to the early preachers of Christianity, — not denunciations of imperialism and slavery, and ten thousand evils which disgraced the empire, but the proclamation of the ideas of Paul as to the grounds of hope when the soul should leave the body; the salva- tion of the Lord, declared to a world in bondage. Lu- ther kindled the same religious life among the masses that the apostles did; the same that Wyclif did, and by the same means, —the declaration of salvation by the be- lief in the incarnate Son of God, shedding his blood in infinite love. Why, see how this idea spread through Germany, Switzerland, and France, and took possession of the minds of the English and Scotch yeomanry, with all their stern and earnest ruggedness. See how it was elaborately expanded by Calvin, how it gave birth to anew and strong theology, how it entered into the very life of the people, especially among the Puritans, —into the souls of even Cromwell's soldiers. What made "The Pilgrim's Progress" the most popular book ever published in England? Because it reflected the theology of the age, the religion of the people, all based on Luther's theses, —the revival of those old doctrines which converted the Roman provinces from Paganism. I do not care if these statements are denied by Cath- olics or rationalists, or progressive savants. What is it to me that the old views have become unfashionable, or are derided, or are dead, in the absorbing materialism of this Epicurean yet brilliant age? I know this, that I am true to history when I declare that the glorious Reformation in which we all profess to rejoice, and which is the greatest movement, and the best, of our modern time, —susceptible of infinite application, interlinked with the literature and the progress of Eng- land and America, —took its first great spiritual start from the ideas of Luther as to justification. This was the voice of heaven's messenger proclaiming aloud, so that the heavens re-echoed to the glorious and tri- umphant annunciation, and the earth heard and re- joiced with exceeding joy, Behold, I send tidings of salvation: it s grace, divine grace, which shall under- mine the throne of popes and pagans, and reconcile a fallen world to God! Yes, it was a Christian philosopher, a theologian, — a doctor of divinity, working out in his cell and study, through terrible internal storm and anguish, and against the whole teaching of monks and bishops and popes and universities, from the time of Charlemagne, the same truth which Augustine learned in his wonder- ful experiences, —who started the Reformation in the right direction; who became the greatest benefactor of these modern times, because he based his work on everlasting and positive ideas, which had life in them, and hope, and the sanction of divine authority; thus virtually invoking the aid of God Almighty to bring about and restore the true glory of his Church on earth, —a glory forever to be identified with the death of his Son. I see no law of progress here, no natural and necessary development of nations; I see only the light and power of individual genius, brushing away the cobwebs and sophistries and frauds of the Middle Ages, and bringing out to the gaze of Europe the vital truth which, with supernatural aid, made in old times the day of Pentecost. And I think I hear the emancipated people of Saxony exclaim, from the Elector downwards, If these ideas of Doctor Luther are true, and we feel them to be, then all our penances have been worse than wasted, —we have been Pagans. Away with our miserable efforts to scale the heavens! Let us accept what we cannot buy; let us make our palaces and our cottages alike vocal with the praises of Him whom we now accept as our Deliverer, or King and our Eternal Lord. " Thus was born the first great idea of the Reforma- tion, out of Luther's brain, out of his agonized soul, and sent forth to conquer, and produce changes most marvellous to behold. It is not my object to discuss the truth or error of this fundamental doctrine. There are many who deny it even among Protestants. I am not a controversial- ist, or a theologian: I am simply an historian. I wish to show what is historically true and clear; and I defy all the scholars and critics of the world to prove that this doctrine is not the basal pillar of the Reforma- tion of Luther. I wish to make emphatic the state- ment that justification by faith was, as an historical fact, the great primal idea of Luther; not new, but new to him and to his age. I have now to show how this idea led to others; how they became connected together; how they produced not only a spiritual movement, but political, moral, and intellectual forces, until all Europe was in a blaze. Thus far the agitation under Luther had been chiefly theological. It was not a movement against popes or institutions, it was not even the vehement denunciation against sin in high places, which inflamed the anger of the Pope against Savonarola. To some it doubtless seemed like the old controversy between Augustine and Pelagius, like the contentions between Dominican and Franciscan monks. But it was too important to escape the attention of even Leo X., although at first he gave it no thought. It was a dangerous agitation; it had become popular; there was no telling where it would end, or what it might not assail. It was deemed neces- sary to stop the mouth of this bold and intellectual Saxon theologian. chapter from Beacon Lights of History, by John Lord, LL. D., Volume III, Part II: Renaissance and Reformation, pp. 215 - 233 Copyright, 1883, by John Lord. Copyright, 1921, By Wm. H. Wise & Co., New York.

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May god bless you all.

Josh O' Connor as Mr. Elton, the only reason I'd watch another Emma

Saint frances free watch streaming. A Review of My Holy Trinity: the Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919J, the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 31160/000J & the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 56303SA Video version available here An Introduction Watch collecting has been an immensely enjoyable experience for me in this lifetime. I rotate my Patek Philippe Calatrava, Vacheron Constantin Patrimony and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak throughout the week, and it gives me great joy and always puts a smile on my face as I look down at my wrist to check the time every now and then. My three watches “sing” to me. They strike a chord within me, heighten my senses and elevate my spirits much like how a masterpiece of fine art makes me feel alive. My Calatrava is like a Titian or Rubens, glorious, the embodiment of precision, a tour de force. My Patrimony is like a Vermeer or Turner, effortlessly elegant, harmonious, graceful, opulent, sensuous. My Royal Oak is like a Klimt or Rothko, bold, striking, forward-thinking. What follows is a very personal review of my three favorite watches of all time. The three watches that, to me, epitomize grand watchmaking tradition. My three grail watches that I have been fortunate enough to have found after searching for several decades, and, as hard as I look to add to my collection, I cant find any other that appeals as well to my tastes. The three pieces I own by the three Maisons that have the longest and most impeccable and immaculate reputation, history and heritage. My Holy Trinity. The Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 3919J, calibre 215PS, in 18K solid yellow gold Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is the oldest watchmaker still family-owned and widely considered to be the most prestigious watchmaker. The most expensive watch ever sold at auction, at 24 million, is a Patek Philippe. The Calatrava lines name comes from the Spanish order of knights named after the castle they protected. My 3919J is the most important and most-recognized Patek Philippe of all time. It is the definitive must-have watch. It has several key, notable features—flourishes—that make it instantly attractive and unmistakably elegant. First is the guilloché bezel, called Clous de Paris. Usually, watches that exhibit a guilloché pattern somewhere on a surface have it on the dial. In order to feature an enamel dial, however, Patek Philippe had its artisans carve the Clous de Paris pattern on the bezel. Two rows of miniature pyramids form this Clous de Paris pattern. And they are exquisite. They sparkle as light rays reflect off the faces of each pyramid. Guilloché is different than hand-engraving because the artisan hand-operates a machine to evenly carve multiple patterns with minute tolerance, while hand-engraving is free-chiseling by hand with wider tolerance. The glossy white enamel dial, as mentioned above, would be the second most notable feature, in my opinion. It glistens in the sunlight and resembles a jewel. I have always loved leaf hands because of their Old World appeal and the 3919J features them in white gold, blackened. The sub-seconds dial is particularly prominent. At the 6 oclock, it, along with the Roman numeral markers, endow the watch with a very 19th century pocket watch motif. The fact that it has no date lends to its balanced appeal. The wording of the logo is understated, with just the all-caps PATEK PHILIPPE followed by GENEVE in the next line. The 18-carat solid gold crown is signed with the Calatrava symbol. The 18-carat solid gold case has brushed sides to maximize its understatedness. Curved lugs connect the case with the original black round scale alligator strap, signed Patek Philippe, Geneve. The exquisite 18-carat solid gold buckle is fully polished, heavy and full of style. I am particularly fond of its angular aesthetic. The calibre 215PS is an in-house, manually-wound, high-beat movement, renowned for its reliability, accuracy and longevity. It is widely regarded as the single most important in-house movement responsible for establishing the solid reputation of Patek Philippe watches. The PS stands for petite seconde. Exquisitely decorated, the movement is graced with the Geneva seal, anglage, perlage, chamfered edges and polished screws. It is 21. 9 millimeters in diameter and 2. 55 millimeters in height. With 130 parts, it has 18 jewels and provides a minimum of 44 hours of power reserve. It ticks at a frequency of 28, 800 semi-oscillations per hour, or four hertz, and has a Gyromax balance with a Spiromax balance spring. The 3919Js fast-beating heart sounds like a high-pitched neigh of a Ferrari 250 GTO—crisp, metallic and loud when held to my ear, which I love. Its 33mm diameter is perfect for my six inch wrist. Im six feet tall but lanky with six inch wrists. Patek Philippe introduced the bezel-set Clous de Paris in the 3520 in 1973. Shortly thereafter, Patek Philippes “Don Draper” chief advertising executive Rene Bittel refined the design into the 3919J in 1984. The 3520s bezel-set Clous de Paris was combined with the enamel dial, blackened white gold leaf hands, the small seconds register at the six and sharp Roman numeral hour markers to evoke the classicism of the 19th century to form the 3919J. The 3919J revitalized the Maison and launched its reach from not just old money European families but to international financiers of the 1980s. Former GE CEO Jack Welch wore the 3520, while billionaire Warren Buffett wore the 3919J. In this sense, the 3919J is all-business, the billionaires watch. Other wearers of Patek Philippe throughout history include John F. Kennedy, Pablo Picasso, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Pope Pius IX, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. The Stern family that owns the Maison is committed to continuing Patek Philippes grand watchmaking tradition and independence in perpetuity. My Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919J is the ultimate gentlemans watch, the ultimate luxury watch, and the ultimate bankers watch. It is perhaps the ideal watch for the boardroom. While it is perfect with a suit or for a black-tie event, in my opinion it could also be dressed down, with a polo and boat shoes, for example. Timeless in design, form and style, it is the embodiment of class, taste and refinement. The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Reference 31160/000J, calibre 1132. 2 (based on the Frederic Piguet 8. 10 ebauche) in 18K solid yellow gold Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watchmaker continually in existence and widely considered to be the second most prestigious watchmaker. Vacheron Constantin created the most complicated mechanical watch ever made, with 57 horological complications. The Patrimony line is the most famous line by Vacheron Constantin, characterized by clean, simple dials as part of a traditional dress watch. My 31160/000J is one of the most important and most-recognized Vacheron Constantins of all time—a must-have, in my opinion. The most noticeable feature is the bright 18-carat solid gold Maltese cross—Vacheron Constantins official emblem—at the 12 oclock, followed by the Maisons name. Because “Vacheron Constantin” has a lot of letters and is perhaps one of the longest watch brand names, the logo as it is presented on this watch is especially eye-catching. One of the key characteristics of my Patrimony that I love is the design choice of the long, thin Roman numerals—very 19th century La Belle Époque. Sans date, its balance is breath-taking. Like the Calatrava, my Patrimony features black leaf hands, which I adore. It has a crisp white dial, exuding composure and dignity. Its unostentatious and unadorned thin round gold case enhances its effortlessly regal quality. It is secured with a brown crocodile round scale strap. Its Maltese cross buckle in 18-carat solid gold is particularly arresting in my eyes, instantly recognizable as the watch of kings and presidents. To me, everything about this watch is the purest example of perfection in proportion and form. The manually-wound calibre 1132. 2 is based on the Frederic Piguet 8. 10 ebauche. Frederic Piguet is the highest-end ebauche manufacturer. Relative to the Patek Philippe 215PS found in the 3919J, the Vacheron Constantin 1132. 2 is a slower- quieter-beating engine. It is also exquisitely decorated and features the Geneva seal. At 18. 4 millimeters in diameter and 2 millimeters in height, it has 20 jewels and provides a 40 hour power reserve. With KIF shock protection, it has a three-legged monumental balance, flat hairspring, and beats at a frequency of 21, 600 vph. It reminds me of a bulletproof tank. Its tick is softer, like a nuclear submarine behind thick armor and miles of water heard through sonar. Its 33mm diameter is also perfect for my six inch wrist. President Truman wore a Vacheron Constantin. In fact, Vacheron Constantin is particularly presidential, stately and regal, making it the ideal choice for the aristocracy, heads of state and heads of industry. Other Vacheron Constantin patrons include John D. Rockefeller, Napoleon Bonaparte, Pope Pius XI and Queen Elizabeth II. Vacheron Constantin is owned by Richemont, which is committed to deepening Vacheron Constantins reputation as the oldest and most famous watchmaker that has continually existed, ever since the middle of the 18th century. This Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 31160/000J is the ultimate watch connoisseurs watch. While someone who knows a little bit about watches may have heard of Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet, only the true watch aficionado knows about Vacheron Constantin, their legacy, and their rich watchmaking tradition dating continuously back to 1755, the coronation year of Louis XVI, King of France, and the birth year of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. I would even say that Vacheron Constantin is as exclusive as Voutilainen, Laurent Ferrier, or Philippe Dufour—the “modern-day Vacherons. ” But, while Voutilainen has existed for only 17 years, Laurent Ferrier for 9 years and Philippe Dufour for 41 years as of the time of this writing, Vacheron Constantin has been in continuous operation for 265 years. To put this in context, Vacheron Constantin is older than the United States of America. Like the Calatrava, the Patrimony 31160/000J is perfect with a suit but could also be dressed down. It never fails to exude class, taste and timeless refinement. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Reference 56303SA (no-date version of the 56175SA) calibre 2612, in 18K solid yellow gold and stainless steel Founded in 1875, Audemars Piguet is the oldest watchmaker still owned by the founding family and widely considered to be the third most prestigious watchmaker. Audemars Piguet created the world's first luxury sportwatch, the Royal Oak. The Royal Oak line epitomizes the Grande Tour lifestyle. In contrast with the gravitas of my Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919J and my Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 31160/000J, my Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 56303SA has a little fun, but does it in a stately and majestic way. It is a sportwatch that is also refined and aristocratic, embodying the essence of the playboy race car driver and yachting billionaire. My 56303SA is one of the most important and most-recognized Audemars Piguets of all time. A must-have, it features the instantly recognizable octagonal bezel in 18-carat solid gold with the familiar eight hexagonal screws, in unison at once awe-inspiring and dazzling. Its gray tapisserie dial is truly dramatic, and I love its oval lumed hands and oval lumed hour markers. Its no-date design gives it a balanced, zen feel. The 18-carat solid gold AP logo is prominent, serving as the 12 oclock marker. Its hexagonal crown is pronounced from the case, which is in stainless steel, tapering naturally to the integrated bracelet, which is of the highest quality, with brushed sides, while featuring polished beveled edges. The bracelet is sensational to behold. The clasp is especially noteworthy in both its minimalist style and iron-clad security, in solid milled, polished and brushed steel, culminating in an 18-carat solid gold button lever for easy operation. The Royal Oak 56303SAs calibre 2612 provides a quiet, silent whirr of the oscillating crystal, perfect for tennis or golf, which require a watch of prominence that is also shock-proof. Like my Calatrava 3919J and Patrimony 31160/000J, my Royal Oak 56303SA has a 33mm diameter, again, perfect for my six inch wrist. Worn by Prince Michael of Kent, the Royal Oak is at once regal, industrial and masculine. But unlike a modern day tool watch that feels like a modern day gun or jet fighter, the Royal Oak feels to me like what a royal crown or a royal sword owned by an emperor might feel like. Other Audemars Piguet timepiece owners include King of Spain Juan Carlos I, King of Spain Felipe VI, Michael Schumacher, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise. The Audemars family that owns the brand is committed to upholding the Maisons fine watchmaking tradition ad infinitum. The Royal Oak 56303SA is the ultimate jet-setters watch, perfect for enjoying a cocktail in the Côte d'Azur, either Saint-Tropez or Monte Carlo. It is the perfect watch to wear with khakis, Gucci loafers and Oliver Peoples sunglasses while getting that perfect tan. It is ideal for tennis, golf, polo and yacht-racing. It redefines class, taste and timeless refinement. Conclusion In my opinion, my Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919J, Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 31160/000J and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 56303SA represent the peak in terms of exuding understated elegance, class and good taste. To me, the three watchmakers achieved perfection when they created these three masterpieces. All three have been discontinued, which means that their prices are steadily increasing. Thank you for reading, cheers, and I hope that you have found your Holy Grails as well, or if not yet then some day will. And may they give you as much pleasure, joy and excitement as mine are giving me.

First I Previous I Next During the consulship of Gnaeus Pompey Magnus and Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio Nasica, on the 5th day before the Kalends in the mensis September, DCCII anno urbis conditae (702 years since the founding of Rome) at the fortified settlement of Alesia in Gaul ( September 28th, 52 BCE - Alise-Sainte-Reine, France) Septimus Marcellus stood in the watchtower overlooking the valley below and heard the sound of movement. It was a surprise to no one, with the Gaul reinforcements encamped a mere mille passus distant. That they would come was as inevitable as the rising of the Rome was waiting for them. Though in truth all the Legions had accomplished was the vision of a single man, Gaius Caesar, Consul and Imperator. He had conquered Gaul for Rome, putting down the inevitable rebellions that followed until a true rival had finally emerged to challenge him. Vercingetorix of the Averni had gathered together the other tribes and placed them under his banner, building on the successes he and other chieftains had accomplished, such as the humiliating destruction of Legio XIV Gemina the year before. They knew now that Rome could be beaten and were determined to make it happen. It had all come down to one hilltop fort, surrounded by enemies without and within. Whether the future of Gaul belonged to Rome or the tribes would be decided here. Vercingetorix had withdrawn here, at the stronghold of the Mandubii, to gather his forces, with the Legions in pursuit. With eighty thousand tribesmen holed up in their forted position, Caesar decided that a frontal assault would be far too costly a proposition. Instead, hed settled in on a siege, ordering his Praefectus Fabrum to build a wall surrounding the hilltop. Eleven mille passus long, it was completed in three weeks, along with the necessary watchtowers, breastworks, and ditches to truly keep the Gauls penned in. Caesar would let them starve and then accept their surrender. A textbook engineering solution. But before the wall had gone up, Vercingetorix had sent runners to the other tribes, informing them of Romes plans. Within weeks they were on the move, converging on Alesia from all directions, determined to crush the Legions against the very walls theyd just constructed. To Gaius Caesar, the solution was obvious: build a second wall to keep them out. They sent foraging parties into the woods once more to bring out the necessary timbers. More weeks went by as they raised the second palisade, this one over fourteen mille passus in length. The work parties were under constant harassment by rebelling tribes, forcing them to increase the size of the protective forces sent with them. Work slowed, and suddenly it had become a race. Would the second wall be raised in time, to hold against the Gauls? But Atrox Fortuna had smiled upon them, and they finished the great works in time. Vercingetorix watched all of this from his hilltop fort, with an eye on his rapidly dwindling supplies. Just as Caesar had predicted food was growing short, forcing the leader of the Averni to make a hard choice. He gathered together the young, the old, and the sick, and sent them to the wall to beg their enemies for safe passage out. Surely Caesar would welcome the reduction in numbers of his enemies, and with fewer mouths to feed he could hold out that much longer. Unfortunately for the Gauls, Vercingetorix had grossly underestimated just how ruthless Caesar could be. The Roman Imperator refused their passage, leaving them to starve to death on the outside of their walls. With the situation growing increasingly desperate, they knew the time had come to attack. Which was why Septimus Marcellus was posted here, on the northern wall. (Hed kept the name hed used during the Punic Wars, as it was common enough in Rome. On the very rare occasions an old comrade raised a questioning brow it was simple enough to claim he merely shared the name with his more much older lative. The walls surrounding Alesia didnt completely encircle the camp. There were gaps, where the hilly terrain and the River Isara had prevented the engineers from fully completing their task. Septimus had accompanied the Imperator on his many inspections of the palisades, and both knew full well this weak point would be the focus of the Gauls attack. If they could make a breach, force their way through, it would doom the apped between the two walls of their own making. But the men were confident. Caesars skill in battle was without parallel, and while outnumbered they held good, well-defended high ground. Let the Gauls come, for the Legions stood ready, their gleaming gold eagle standards held high with pride. A new sound caught his attention, as cheers of “ Ave! ” heralded the approach of the Imperator himself. Septimus had to smile at that, Gaius Caesar knew better than anyone how to win the loyalty of men. That he would come here to personally take charge was inevitable for he knew his own strengths, and this was the place where the coming battle would be lost. The cheers continued as he mounted the steps to join him on the watchtower. Septimus raised his fist to his chest and bowed, saluting his commander. “May Mars Pater grant us victory this day, Imperator, ” he said formally. “I have every confidence he will, Adiutor, ” Caesar replied. “The auguries have been most positive, and I have learned to never argue with the gods. ” Confidence poured out from the man like water from a river, and like those that stood with him, Septimus knew he had the skills to back those words. The plan he had crafted was sound, and if all went well, this day would mark the end of the Gaul rebellion. A roar sounded in the distance, and this one did not come from Roman throats. Caesars eyes narrowed as he located its source. “ Soon, ” he nodded, “a quarter-hour, and no more, ” he said with confidence. “Have the men stand ready. ” Septimus passed the order in hushed tones. The Imperator hoped to catch the attackers by surprise and shouted commands would not accomplish that. The onagers and ballistae were made ready as well, for they could not remain under tension for long without damaging the very sinews that gave them their power. Yet another cry was head, this one to their rear, as Caesar nodded once again. “Of course Vercingetorix would time his assault of the inner walls to coincide with his allies attack of the outer ones, ” he murmured. “Thankfully, I have entrusted Caius Trebonius to thwart his efforts. ” Trebonius was a skilled commander in his own right, lieutenant to the Imperator himself. If anyone could prevent the Averni chieftain from breaching the wall, it was him. Caesars prediction was as accurate as always. Before the quarter-hour was up the Gauls appeared, rushing the wall with a scream as they fought to overwhelm the outnumbered Romans. “ Loose! ” the Imperator shouted, as the siege weapons and archers opened up, raining death upon the enemy. It scarcely slowed them down. Soon they were at the walls themselves, as pilum and gladius came into play, cutting and stabbing and slashing at the barbarians without mercy. Without the palisades it would have been over in an instant, with them it merely delayed the crush of their superior numbers. If they could manage a breach, then all hope was lost. But there was one final string to Caesars bow. As the enemy massed itself against the wall, their attention to their front, suddenly the Roman cavalry burst out from the trees and attacked their vulnerable rear. By the time the Gauls recognized the was already too late. “Wasnt that kind of risky, standing between the two enemy forces like that? ” Lil asked. “It was, ” Sam agreed, sipping his drink. “But that was Caesar. Not only was he skilled and knew he was. ” He smirked as Lil laughed at that. “He had quite the ego. a trait he shared with a few other conquerors Ive known over the he was always convinced hed have the upper hand. Despite evidence to the contrary. ” “And after the battle? ” she prompted. “That was it for a free Gaul, ” he said with a shrug. “Vercingetorix and the other chieftains surrendered, and the tribes became, mostly ssals of Rome. They executed Vercingetorix a few years later. ” Lil slowly nodded. “You said something earlier, about the Republic being flawed. Just how did you bring about the Empire? ” Sam sighed. “Honestly? It took very little effort on my part. I already had the best lever in the world within my himself. Hed been dealing with court intrigues and politics since he was a child, and his family had suffered greatly at the hands of his enemies. Rome was already in turmoil as the First Triumvirate started to crumble. You couldnt even call him paranoid, because he really did have enemies everywhere. ” He shrugged once again. “No, in his mind, the only way he and those he cared about would be safe, was if he took control. I barely had to nudge him at all. His fears and ego did the rest. ” “ Remember Caesar, that thou art mortal, ” she quoted softly. “ started that with Scipio when they dubbed him Africanus, ” he smiled. “I wanted to keep Gaius as humble as an easy task, as you might imagine. Guy could have taught Napoleon a few lessons on that subject. “Things didnt end so well for your first emperor, did they? ” she said carefully. “No, they didnt, ” he sighed. “His enemies had long memories, and it seemed he made a dozen more every time he turned around. Guy had a real talent for it. But Augustus picked up the reins fast enough that he kept things from falling apart and did a pretty good job. I had no complaints. ” He paused and got a far off look in his eye. “Not then, at least. Later, however…” “What? ” she asked curiously. Sam just shook his head. “Same problem as never know what kind of emperor youre going to get. Rome had some real fact, I had to step in and get my hands dirty less than a century later, when things really went off the rails…” WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE? First I Previous I Next.

6 Cameras the prequel to 13 Cameras. MY SCHOOL San Lorenzo Ruiz n more. Those who dislike are. devils sons 😄😅. Saint Frances Free watch blog. Saint frances free watch live. It needs to be violent, this Stephen Speilberg like Director needs help from the man himself. Taranteno. The most epic game trailer of all time. Saint frances free watch list.

Lawrence Durrell as a priest is throwing me off. Real Jobs that will provide you with a place to stay and food to eat, along with a paycheck, also some alt-work opportunities for those of us who live a non-conforming alternative life. For my peeps with wheels: r/Vandwellers, r/RVLiving, r/PriusDwellers, r/UrbanCarLiving, r/TruckCampers, r/RoadTrip, r/VoltDwellers, r/AdventureMobile Work Camping, often referred to as "Workamping" is one of the fastest growing trends in the American job market. In most cases, work campers (both individuals and couples) with their own RV offer their labor as a camp host maintaining a recreational facility in exchange for a free camping site plus wages. Workers On Wheels: Work for RVers and Campers Helps You Earn Your Living … While Enjoying the RVing Lifestyle Welcome to Workamper News—your #1 resource for Workamping! Available for both Workampers and employers, Workamper News has been the premier source for connecting RV lovers and potential employers for more than two decades. Are you a Workamper? If you work in exchange for something of value and sleep in a RV at night, you are indeed! From coast to coast, there are many positions available for Workampers—or those still dreaming of an RV lifestyle—to work and play on the road. Let us put you in touch with the perfect opportunity to meet your Workamping needs. Do you need RV workers? Are you an RVer looking for a campground job? This site is viewed thousands of times every single day by RVers and employers. Employers can submit listings for volunteer work camping positions, paid positions or a combination of both. Positions can be seasonal, temporary, short or long term, full or part time. RV workers can submit a detailed online resume to let employers know they are available. So you want to be a Campground Host in the USNF. A good place to start is your local Ranger District, and search for 'Volunteer' or you can also contact a National Forest Ranger District's Volunteer Coordinator. and everybody's got a phone # and snail mail- for y'all scrugglin with web access. here is the National Forest(s) Main Site for Volunteering (many, many Campground Hosts get paid a small stipend) For my peeps with no wheels: r/SimpleLiving, r/Shoestring, r/onebag, r/vagabond, r/homeless, r/vagabonds, r/HerOneBag, r/ManyBaggers, r/travel, r/backpacking, r/digitalnomad, r/solotravel, r/ultralight, r/minimalism, r/travelpartners / Since 1995, CoolWorks has been a leader in connecting people seeking meaningful and exciting work with the employers who are looking for their enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge. We believe that you can and should LOVE YOUR JOB, and we want to help make that happen! 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Our success depends upon highly motivated, committed, and competent people who share our vision and work together to attain it, while our work environment encourages responsibility for personal growth and promotes pride in each employee. Xanterra is the main United States National Parks concessionaire Yellowstone- The Grand Canyon- The Lookout Jobs page is a collection of Lookout Jobs, both paid and volunteer. Postings include lookouts for the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and others. FFLA volunteer lookout opportnities and from other programs may also be listed. The posting period typically begins December 1 and goes through spring time of any given fire season year. Launched and conceptualized in 1997, GoAbroad first set out to fill the information gap between students with a desire to travel abroad and companies offering international programs. As the travel industry has evolved and access to opportunities to see the world has grown, our mission has transformed into something much greater than building a bridge between travelers and organizations: weve developed and evolved over the past two decades to meet the ever-changing needs of travelers, positioning ourselves as the resource for meaningful travel around the world. WWOOF organisations connect people who want to live and learn on organic farms and smallholdings with people who want to share their lifestyles, teach new skills and welcome volunteer help. There are places in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania. WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to stay and learn about organic/biological growing and farming. WWOOF Volunteers give hands on help and have an interest in learning about organic farming and gaining skills in sustainable ways of living. WWOOF is a network of national organisations. They have local knowledge and up to date information about WWOOF volunteering in their country. To become involved in the WWOOF community either at home or away explore the drop down menu above or list below and connect with the local WWOOF organisation directly. and there is always good ol' Craig's List. under the Jobs heading search keywords like: rent" or "room and board. you will be surprised what you can find. Just the other day I found a live-in Maintenance Manager at a swanky apartment complex, you just never know. Be open to suggestions, keep your ear to the ground even when you have a good job and a good roof, and most importantly: be willing to move, get rid of everything, and start over. you can get another dog (ouch. harsh) you can get new furniture, you can let them repo the car, you can ditch it all and start over if it means keeping a roof over your head, don't let possessions tie you down- ever anyway. On with the show! For my peeps with fins: r/Cruise, r/dcl. r/merchantmarine. r/boating / All Cruise Jobs not only provides you with latest cruise ship jobs but also valuable information for job seekers. Use the information on this page to enhance your Resume, prepare for the interview and increase your chances of landing a cruise ship job of your dreams. is your source for experienced boating industry workers & employers. Whether you're looking for a new career, or you're looking for the perfect candidate, BoatJobsOnly is for you. With about 50 new subscribers per day, on average. With over 15, 000 active job-seekers and an average of 60, 000 unique job views per month, there is no better place to find qualified candidates for your maritime positions. Think LinkedIn. but for Cargo Ships Looking for travel jobs and adventures? Searching for employment on board cruise ships? You have come to the right place. Cruise ship jobs enable you to travel the world and get paid for it. 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I'll let y'all find this one. caution- you have been warned shipbreaking often involes human indentured slavery, child labor, and exposure to highly toxic substances -do your homework- it can also be one hell of an adventure, stay away from the ports of Nouadhibou and Chittagong Shipbreakers- where ships come to die and men die with them. Legit ship breaking is out there too, mostly union jobs Fishing- Scrimp, Crabs, actual Fish, Fishing/Packing Ships. The fishing industry offers a lot of jobs, previous experience is not necessary for most of the jobs. Whether you want to work as a deckhand, on an at-sea processor, or at a land-based seafood processor, there is also other fishing industry support jobs, like boat tenders. Glacier Fish Company- Crew members are paid a crew share rate for each trip completed. Entry level earnings can range from 3000 - 3600 per trip. A single trip takes approximately 21-25 days to complete. 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The Peace Corps- Volunteer Abroad- Live on Site Security- Private Security Guards- Teaching English abroad- What Are the Requirements to Teach English Abroad? most of the time it's just an online course completion) Wildland Fire Fighter/Fire Lines- Au Pair- Au Pair World- GoAuPair- Live in Building Superintendent / Apartment Manager- indeed / simplyhired / etc. Live in Personal Chef- House Sitting- International Butler Academy- Diplomat/Foreign Service Worker- Faculty in Residence- For those looking for farm jobs. posted by u/lilwillyson and last but not least. join a Monastery, seriously. a legit way to check out of the world and have a secured future, there are also some Monastic communities that are Family Friendly, where men and women with their children live in a commune style religious community. Eastern Orthodox Mt. Athos- there is a waiting list to get to the "Holy Mountain" you can't just roll up and join. Eastern Orthodox Directory of Male Monastic Communities Eastern Orthodox Directory of Female Monastic Communities (The Orthodox don't have "nuns" men and woman are both monks) Roman Catholic Congregations of Benedictine Monks in North America Order of St. Benedict "Therefore, if someone comes and keeps knocking at the door, and if at the end of four or five days he has shown himself patient in bearing his harsh treatment and difficulty of entry, and has persisted in his request, then he should be allowed to enter and stay in the guest quarters for a few days. After that, he should live in the novitiate, where the novices study, eat and sleep. from the Rule of St. Benedict Trappist Monasteries in North America Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life Buddhist Abhayagiri Blue Cliff Deer Park Plum Village Shinto Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America Uncategorized -not technically Monastic, but I duuno where to put 'em Rainbow Family- unofficial site- EcoVillage- Hutterites- There is no web site for The Amish, should go without saying, but you know, stuff Old Believers - Bruderhof Communities- Twin Oaks- established in 1967 The Farm- Arden Village- East Wind- Moora Moora- Kibbutz Ketura- Atarashiki-mura- The Community of the Ark- no website, but you can find them if you went and looked Arche de Saint-Antoine- and tonz more to be found here: Some Useless FAQ and Bad Advice How do I get Mail in the middle of nowhere. Use General Delivery. 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You can crash on my couch mate- wtf is couchsurfing? read the wiki- Stay for cheap if you clean the sheets and bring your own shizz- wtf is a hostel? read the wiki- and again. Check craigslist- under Housing and the sub-heading Rooms & Shares. check it out you will be surprised what you can find...

Saint frances free watch full.

This year I went to see 192 different movies in theaters, plus one rewatch. That's up from 162 in 2018, 140 in 2017, 9 in 2016, and 5 in 2015. I usually go 3 or 4 times per week, mostly on weekends. I keep track of dates/theaters/movies/ratings for fun and save all of the stubs. My ratings are what I give the movie right after seeing it, with no real 'checklist' or anything, mostly just initial thought/enjoyment/opinion. It's not meant to be taken super seriously, I'm not a professional reviewer. This is my full ranking for the year, from favorite to least-favorite, with a few small reviews/thoughts thrown in: Monos - 10/10 - Hands-down my favorite movie of the year and honestly high on my all-time list. It's Apocalypse Now meets Lord of the Flies, with some Beasts of No Nation thrown in. It builds a unique, lived-in world that's believable and brutal. Beautifully-filmed, some of the best shots of the year (the ending shot gets seared in your mind. Modern and grounded look at a militia/cartel fighting against an unnamed enemy in a Colombian jungle. It almost feels post-apocalyptic instead of 'cartel vs government' which I really loved. You get to imagine your own backstory as the story unfolds. Unforgiving and gut-wrenching, but hopeful too. Got a lot out of its cast. Can't recommend this movie enough. Really disappointed this didn't make the Best Foreign Language Film shortlist. "Masterpiece" gets thrown around a lot, but in my mind this is the only one this year. Marriage Story - 10/10 The Farewell - 10/10 Journey to a Mother's Room - 9/10 - Biggest surprise of the year, came out of nowhere. Deeply-personal story between a mother & daughter. It's very basic on the surface, and there's not much story (you start at Point A, and end at Point A) but it's the most emotional movie of the year. If you don't cry at least 3 times during this, you're probably not human. It's all about the unbreakable connection you have to your parent(s) from the day you're born until the day you die. It only takes place over the course of a few months, but feels like lifetimes. Beautiful little movie about separation, loss, and human connection. Waves - 9/10 - I could write 20 pages on how much I loved this movie. To keep it short, it's got a perfect soundtrack, perfect setting, awards-worthy performances (from Kelvin Harrison Jr., Sterling K. Brown, and Taylor Russell. Visceral story that grips you from the first minute and doesn't let go until the closing shot. Unique use of colors and aspect-ratio. It takes a huge risk structurally that pays off. It's also the only movie I went to see twice this year. Really worth it too, picked up on a lot of stuff on the second viewing. Would've went a third time if theaters kept it playing longer. Every tiny decision/action has a huge impact. Just watch this. Last Black Man In San Francisco - 9/10 Birds of Passage - 9/10 Apollo 11 - 9/10 - The best documentary of the year. Probably the best editing (and use of sound) I've ever seen/heard in a documentary. It's unique because they don't use interviews like most documentaries do, it's real sound the whole through. Impressive use of archival footage/audio. Uncut Gems - 9/10 - This movie wasn't on the Best Original Score shortlist for the 2020 Oscars. This aggression will not stand. The Mustang - 9/10 Wild Rose - 9/10 - If this doesn't win the Oscar for Best Original Song ( Glasgow. I've lost all faith in the Academy. The ending concert scene had me crying like a baby. Jessie Buckley is gonna be big. Best music-drama since A Star Is Born. Transit - 9/10 Ad Astra - 9/10 - Top-notch acting, great atmosphere, world-building, existentialism, beautiful VFX, engaging score. Best opening scene of the year. Thoughtful commentary on modern society all wrapped in a Heart of Darkness blanket. If you're into space/exploration movies, then I recommend this. Surprised at the backlash this movie has gotten on r/movies. The Report - 9/10 - This was a really good year for legal-thrillers and The Report was the cream of the crop. Tight, Sorkin-like script with top performances from Adam Driver & Annette Bening. Could change a lot of minds about the war on terror and use of torture. Parasite - 9/10 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - 9/10 Midnight Traveler - 9/10 - If you feel like life is unfair and the odds are stacked against you, watch this movie. It puts everything in a different perspective. Every problem you have is going to seem minuscule compared to what this family went through. It's eye-opening and should fill you with anger. Luce - 9/10 - It's Kelvin Harrison Jr's world and we're just living in it. The Irishman - 8/10 Mickey and the Bear - 8/10 - Camila Morrone puts in the best breakout performance of the year. PTSD, drug-addiction, alcoholism, rural Montana, toxic relationships, James Badge Dale, following your dreams. What's not to love? The Art of Self Defense - 8/10 - The best dark-comedy of the year. So many great one liners. It's like Yorgos Lanthimos directing Death of Stalin, set in a karate studio. Surprisingly violent and depressing, but in all the right ways. Jesse Eisenberg's best movie Social Network? Peanut Butter Falcon - 8/10. Am I going to die. We all do, it's only a matter of time, now stop being a little bitch. Favorite line of the year, really stuck with me. Everybody Knows - 8/10 Mary Magdalene - 8/10 Knives Out - 8/10 - Well-crafted whoddunit with an ensemble cast. Just a genuinely fun time at the movies. Ana de Armas with well-deserved leading role for once. A few of the characters are a tad bit unrealistic (and basically caricatures) but the movie doesn't take itself seriously enough for that to be a problem. Daniel Craig hamming it up with a Southern accent was fun. Old school film with a modern twist. The Lighthouse - 8/10 The Dead Don't Die - 8/10 - This movie really isn't for everyone, but I loved the dry humor and purposefully-bad chemistry/dialogue. The line delivery was off-putting but hilarious. Everything is extremely on-the-nose and it works. I could watch 10 hours of Tom Waits talking to himself. Us - 8/10 Villains - 8/10 Ford v Ferrari - 8/10 Midsommar - 8/10 Jojo Rabbit - 8/10 Official Secrets - 8/10 - Keira Knightley with one of the most underrated performances of the year. Another really good legal/political-thriller that exposes the dark side of government bureaucracy. Pain & Glory - 8/10 John Wick 3: Parabellum - 8/10 Queen & Slim - 8/10 Amazing Grace - 8/10 - Great concert-documentary. Some of Aretha Franklin's performances in this should give you insane chills. I actually had this one rated higher right after watching it, but then looked up some of the people shown on screen and it turns out some were real pieces of shit, while preaching to people like hypocrits. Felt gross and took a lot of the magic out. One of my few revised scores this year. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood - 8/10 Joker - 8/10 Non-Fiction - 8/10 - It's very French (talky and sexual) and the writing seems impressed with itself, but it's a good adult-drama that surprised me. I'm a big fan of Olivier Assayas and this is some of his best work. Rocketman - 8/10 Stan & Ollie - 8/10 Hustlers - 8/10 Avengers Endgame - 8/10 Doctor Sleep - 8/10 - It gets bloated and probably needed to be 20-30 minutes shorter (there's a shit ton of side-characters) but it was a worthwhile sequel to The Shining. Didn't feel like a cash grab and carries its own weight. Booksmart - 8/10 Little Monsters - 8/10 - I'd recommend watching this based just on Josh Gad's character. So over-the-top and hilarious. When he starts chugging hand sanitizer might be the most I laughed in a theater this year. Also Lupita Nyong'o playing & singing on the ukulele to a bunch of kids is exactly what I needed in my life. Cute zombie-comedy with a ton of heart. Spider-Man: Far From Home - 8/10 A Hidden Life - 8/10 - If there's a song from this year (or this decade even) that I'd want played at my funeral, it's James Newton Howard's theme from this movie. It's so beautiful and perfectly captures the feel of the movie. That song broke me down every time it played. I can't imagine this movie without it, it's that good. It's a shame this movie is getting ignored this awards season. Never Look Away - 8/10 Toy Story 4 - 8/10 Pavarotti - 8/10 The Biggest Little Farm - 8/10 - If you're really into the inner-workings of a Californian farm, then this is the documentary for you. Abominable - 8/10 The Current War - 7/10 Artic - 7/10 - Well made, solidly-acted. I loved the small details about survival that this movie brings up, makes it very grounded and realistic. I'm kinda bored of survival movies in general so this didn't blow my mind or anything. Bombshell - 7/10 Honey Boy - 7/10 - Pretty big letdown because I had really high expectations for this one. Lacked the emotional punch I hoped for. Didn't land for me at all, kind of like Boy Erased last year. I appreciate how honest and revealing it was, took a lot of guts for Shia LaBeouf to put this out there but it's forgettable. Lucas Hedges' Shia impression was reallllly on point though, that was worth the price of admission right there. Mid90s last year was a 10/10 for me and I expected the same for this. It was good, not great. American Woman - 7/10 - Sienna Miller's performance in this is awards-worthy. The accent she does is perfect and it might be the most underrated role of the year. The movie gets way too tearjerky at the end though. It's basically 2 hours of bad shit happening to a good person, which gets a bit overwhelming. The Beach Bum - 7/10 Captain Marvel - 7/10 Spies In Disguise - 7/10 - Looked pretty generic based on the trailer, but was actually pretty funny. Cold Pursuit - 7/10 Tolkien - 7/10 - Not much happens but it felt really comfortable. Solid performances all around and they handled the WW1 scenes better than I thought they would. Expected to be bored out of my mind based on the reviews and trailer but it flowed well. As far as "Nicholas Hoult Biopics of Famous Writers" go, it's miles ahead of Rebel in the Rye 2 years ago. Jumanji: The Next Level - 7/10 Sauvage/Wild - 7/10 Detective Pikachu - 7/10 Maiden - 7/10 Dark Waters - 7/10. Good performances and an okay script, even though it beats you over the head sometimes. Total waste of Anne Hathaway. She's way too good of an actress for a boring, generic, supporting wife' role with just a few lines. Not even sure why she was in this. Overall, a solid legal-thriller, which is a genre I really enjoy and I've been missing since its late-90s heyday. Pretty crazy story too, scummy and evil corporate greed is always interesting to explore on film (like The Insider. Should've been 20 minutes shorter and less on-the-nose Adopt A Highway - 7/10 The Wedding Guest - 7/10 The Hummingbird Project - 7/10 Motherless Brooklyn - 7/10 The Lion King - 7/10 Last Christmas - 7/10 - It's really easy to bash this movie, a lot of the humor falls flat and the twist is ridiculous, but I couldn't help walking out with a smile. I love how committed Emilia Clarke was to the character, and her interactions with her boss and family were legitimately heart-warming at times. Also did I mention how ridiculous that twist is? Richard Jewell - 7/10 - This was decent. Even though it's clearly Clint Eastwood's personal crusade (and thinly-veiled propaganda piece in some regards) against the FBI & the Spooky Media, it still told the story effectively/semi-believably. Some of the characters (Hamm/Wilde obviously) were pretty ridiculous caricatures though, was hard to take anything they said seriously, I mean come on. You just roll your eyes at most of what they say. Some of the situations and encounters are too-conveniently set-up but that's easy to overlook. It had very solid performances (Hauser was great, especially when he finally let's his emotion show, in that scene where he kicks the table. Much better than The Mule, and 20x better than 15:17 To Paris. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker - 7/10 21 Bridges - 7/10 Before You Know It - 7/10 Hobbs & Shaw - 7/10 - This is peak "Stupid Summer Popcorn Movie" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's The Meg of 2019. Fighting With My Family - 7/10 Pet Sematary - 7/10 Downton Abbey - 7/10 - Never saw a single episode of the show before watching the movie, but it still felt familiar/safe to jump right in. Yesterday - 7/10 Greta - 7/10 - It's a cheesy, predictable, non-scary horror film but I liked it. Sometimes you just need Isabelle Hupert to play a psychopathic serial killer. Felt very old-school, a movie straight out of the 1980s. Judy - 7/10 - It's the definition of Oscar bait and is emotionally manipulative, especially towards the end, but it does a great job at humanizing a Hollywood legend. Frozen 2 - 7/10 Aladdin - 7/10 The Souvenir - 7/10 Zombieland 2: Double Tap - 7/10 - Nowhere near as memorable/iconic as the first one, but it still got a bunch of laughs from me (especially the Thomas Middleditch/Luke Wilson scene. Above-average for a comedy-sequel, but I could see this one not aging well. The Two Popes - 6/10 - Two solid performances but underwhelming overall, too many cheap-looking flashback scenes, not enough Pryce/Hopkins. Reminded me of Can You Ever Forgive Me? last year, depending on the 2 leads to carry a weak movie/premise on their back, to disappointing results. Highly-overrated movie. Ready Or Not - 6/10 Anna - 6/10 - It's basically Red Sparrow but slightly worse. Saint Frances - 6/10 Hotel Mumbai - 6/10 Shazam. 6/10 - Low-stakes, formulaic, superhero movie clearly made with strict budget limitations. It hits all the notes you'd expect a movie like this to hit. It was decent. Alita: Battle Angel - 6/10 Loro - 6/10 - One of the more disappointing movies of the year. On paper it sounds amazing, a sprawling biopic of an infamous/corrupt Italian politician/mogul by Paolo Sorrentino who's not that far removed from a masterpiece? Sign me the fuck up. But nah, this was a shallow, surface-level (like my reviews) pointless dull knife of a biopic. Too much shoehorned religious imagery too. Tone is all over the place. It can't decide whether it's serious or funny and gets lost in-between. It looked nice at least. It also wins this year's "Most Nudity" award, easily beating the rest of the field. Teen Spirit - 6/10 The Upside - 6/10 Gloria Bell - 6/10 - Great performance from Julianne Moore but this just felt like "Middle-Aged Crisis: The Movie. Just couldn't connect to it. I imagine the original is a lot better. On The Basis Of Sex - 6/10 Stockholm - 6/10 Give Me Liberty - 6/10 - This is an example of a movie that has its heart in the right place but bites off a lot more than it can chew. There's a beautiful, emotional story in here somewhere, but it's too muddled with ineffective editing tricks and too many side-stories. It's sweet in some ways and the true-life characters bring a lot of charm, but it didn't do that much for me. A lot of 'year-end' lists have this as one of the most overlooked movies of the year, but I don't see it. Rough editing, bad soundtrack. Child's Play - 6/10 Good Boys - 6/10 - Just watch Booksmart instead. Styx - 6/10 Woman at War - 6/10 The Lego Movie 2 - 6/10 Missing Link - 6/10 Long Shot - 6/10 - The chemistry between Charlize Theron & Seth Rogen was great but the jokes couldn't really match it. It's a unique mix of politics & humor, but fell short of being an actual crowd-pleaser. Echo in the Canyon - 6/10 Cyrano, My Love - 6/10 Dora the Explorer - 6/10 Brittany Runs A Marathon - 6/10 IT: Chapter 2 - 6/10 - Way too long. Felt like a never-ending series of fetch-quests. Good CGI & acting though. Mister America - 6/10 Crawl - 6/10 Trial By Fire - 6/10 - Great performances by Laura Dern & Jack O'Connell get overshadowed by an overly-preacy script. It doesn't let the audience make up its own mind. The Third Wife - 6/10 Godzilla: King of Monsters - 5/10 - This needed less humans, more monsters. Glass - 5/10 Escape Room - 5/10 Terminator: Dark Fate - 5/10 Dumbo - 5/10 All Is True - 5/10 Brightburn - 5/10 The White Crow - 5/10 - One of those biopics where the movie doesn't do justice to the story. Reading the Wikipedia page on this guy's life, you'd except an Oscar contender. Instead it was just okay. Watch Cold War instead. It's basically this movie but better. High Life - 5/10 - Unpleasant. Where'd You Go Bernadette. 5/10 Scary Stories to Tell Dark - 5/10 Her Smell - 5/10 - This movie made me physically nauseous. The tight, claustrophobic, haze-filled shots in the first 2 acts really threw me off. It's temporarily redeemed by a reallllllly good third act and a solid performance from Elisabeth Moss. But then deflated by a terrible final scene. By the Grace of God - 5/10 - Based on the critical acclaim, director, and subject matter, I walked in expected to be blown away. Basically expected Spotlight, but this movie completely derails at the halfway point. Hard to sit through. Blinded by the Light - 5/10 The Best of Enemies - 5/10 The Aeronauts - 5/10 - This is mis-marketed as an intense survival story but it's really just a boring biopic with too many flashbacks. Fall of the American Empire - 5/10 Family - 5/10 The Goldfinch - 5/10 - It turns out an unfilmable novel really is unfilmbable, who would've thought? Shoutout to Jeffrey Wright & Finn Wolfhard for actually trying. Angel Has Fallen - 5/10 Gemini Man - 5/10 Late Night - 5/10 Black and Blue - 5/10 Diane - 5/10 - This was just depression-porn. Sometimes it works (Mungiu/Zvyagintsev) sometimes it doesn't (this movie. It's such a bummer. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone but Mary Kay Place's performance makes it watchable and engaging sometimes. Destroyer - 5/10 How To Train Your Dragon 3 - 5/10 Rafiki - 5/10 - I feel bad for this score because I get that this is a really important/significant movie for African Cinema, but I just couldn't get past the terrible acting, bad (like baaaaaad) dialogue, and lackluster story. Again, pretty big achievement that this got made and reached a global audience, but yeah, in a vacuum, it's undoubtedly a bad movie. Felt like an amateur movie on a shoestring budget. Captive State - 4/10 Wild Nights With Emily - 4/10 - This movie is what happens when someone asks the question "hey, what if we turned Emily Dickinson's life into an SNL skit. I get what they were going for, and Molly Shannon is great, but this was extremely unfunny and probably the longest 84-minute movie I've ever seen. Dark Pheonix - 4/10 The Addams Family - 4/10 Midway - 4/10 To Dust - 4/10 Rojo - 4/10 - The only memorable thing about this movie is that there was a power outage about 90 minutes in so they comped my ticket and gave me a free drink. So that was cool, I guess. The Kid Who Would Be King - 4/10 MIB: International - 4/10 The Kid - 4/10 - There's a 98% chance that this movie is some kind of tax write-off or money laundering scheme. It somehow got 2 big names (Pratt & Hawke) co-starring the son of the producer in his first movie ever. Directed by Vincent D'Onofrio for some reason. Was dumped by Lionsgate in a few hundred theaters with 0 marketing/promotion, and flopped hard. It's dated, boring, and unoriginal. Cheesy dialogue. Literally a story that's been told a million times before, usually in much better ways. No reason for this to exist. Chris Pratt has the worst fake-movie-beard of all time in this, that's kinda worth checking out. Ramen Shop - 4/10 The Good Liar - 4/10 - The most convoluted, needlessly-complicated plot of the year. Helen Mirren & Ian McKellen both phone it in (I don't blame them, they were given trash to work with. I hate when movies try to crowbar "WW2 flashbacks" into their movies when it's not needed. Climax - 4/10 Harriet - 4/10 Lucy in the Sky - 4/10 - Once or twice a year, a movie comes along that has such a frustrating/stupid/anti-climactic ending it makes me actually angry. This is that movie. Natalie Portman had another movie like that last year (Vox Lux. Hey Noah Hawley, what the fuck? Freaks - 4/10 - This movie would fit well in the "Good Idea But Bad Execution" subreddit. Tel Aviv On Fire - 4/10 Ma - 4/10 Frankie - 3/10 Stuber - 3/10 Serenity - 3/10 - In a year full of batshit-crazy twists (looking at you, Last Christmas) this easily had the batshit-iest twist. It's something you actually have to experience yourself, and be fully-immersed in it, to appreciate how mind-numblingly crazy it is. How they got A-list talent for this script is a total mystery, but it probably involves of a lot of favors and cocaine. It's almost "so bad its good. Almost. I can't wait for the sequel, Free Guy, next year. Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil - 3/10 - More genocide than I expected for a live-action Disney fairy tale movie. Donnybrook - 3/10 The Photograph - 3/10 - Zzzzzzzzzz. Charlie's Angels - 3/10 Hellboy - 3/10 - This movie is like that annoying kid in middle school that tries way to hard to be edgy. It's gory and vulgar just for the sake of being gory & vulgar. It reminded me of the Predator reboot last year, had the same kind of dated/forced humor that seems to have no real target audience (except for the aforementioned middle school edgy kid I guess. Bad CGI and a boring villain. iirc it also had a lame sequel-bait ending which I hate. Happy Death Day 2U - 3/10 - The Sun Is Also A Star - 3/10 - It's filmed like a generic music video and has the emotional depth of a puddle. Don't Let Go - 3/10 The Invisibles - 3/10 Playing with Fire - 3/10 - This was just like Mark Wahlberg's Instant Family last year, except that it was worse in every imaginable way. No lie, the end-credits bloopers were by far better than anything else in the movie. It was the only time I even chuckled or felt any type of emotion. Cats - 2/10 - There's not much more I could say that already hasn't been said. Yes, it was bad. No, it wasn't the worst movie in history. For me, it was just so boring. Forgettable songs (except Beautiful Ghosts) no story/plot, nonsensical ending. Just wanted it to end. Jennifer Hudson just floating into space for no reason, Judi Dench giving me unwarranted lessons about raising cats, Ian McKellen slurping milk from a bowl, Extremely-Hairy-And-Naked-Idris-Elba, Cockroach Genocide, etc. These things all happened and we can't change them, and for us to grow as a society, we need to just move on and learn from our mistakes. Rambo: Last Blood - 2/10 The Sound of Silence - 2/10 - More like The Sound of Boredom, amirite? No but seriously, that's all I got. This movie was the closest I got to falling asleep in my seat this year. Synonyms - 2/10 Black Christmas - 2/10 - Extremely cheesy dialogue, cop-out violence, boring/predictable jump scares, low production value (bad even for a low-end Blumhouse movie) some of the worst one-liners you've ever heard, unrealistic/2D characters. Shitty ending. Wayyyyy too heavy-handed with the message. About as subtle as a flying brick to the forehead. Amateur acting, cutaway for every death, etc etc. After the Wedding - 2/10 - Overacted, muddled garbage. 47 Meters Down Uncaged - 1/10 Shaft - 1/10 - Crude, unfunny, soulless, grating, pointless. There's a million adjectives I could use to describe this reboot, and none of them are positive. This is one I'm surprised I didn't just walk out of. Probably didn't have anything better do do that day. Jexi - 1/10 - This year's worst movie. It's just the kind of movie that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, like you need to watch something else to get the stink of this one out of your mind. It was just so mean-spirited, from start to finish. Not a single joke landed, you just hated all of the characters. There are no redeeming factors. On the technical side, it was very basic, looked like a cheap music video. No memorable scenes, no good lines of dialogue, no originality in any way. None of the "cheerful" pick-me-up" moments earn any kind of emotional reaction. If you had a freshman high-school film student remake Her as a shitty comedy, this would be it. The fact that I paid money to see this is something I will never live down. Movies that I saw outside of theaters, not included in the list: The King - 8/10 - Netflix Paddleton - 8/10 - Netflix El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story - 8/10 - Netflix High Flying Bird - 7/10 - Netflix Dolemite Is My Name - 7/10 - Netflix Triple Frontier - 6/10 - Netflix The Boy Who Harnessed Wind - 6/10 - Netflix The Laundromat - 5/10 - Netflix The Highwaymen - 5/10 - Netflix Velvet Buzzsaw - 4/10 - Netflix Bird Box - 4/10 - Netflix Six Underground - 2/10 - Netflix Movies that I saw in theaters in 2019, but are not included in the list due to original release date: If Beale Street Could Talk - 9/10 Cold War - 9/10 Capernaum - 9/10 Mary Poppins Returns - 7/10 The Charmer - 6/10 Movies that I haven't seen yet but will see in the next few weeks: Little Women 1917 In Fabric Tremors Just Mercy Midnight Family A Million Little Pieces The Earthquake Bird American Son Portrait of A Lady On Fire Clemency Beanpole The Kingmaker The Song of Names Here is the distribution of theater visits by day of the week: Throughout the year, I've gone to 13 different theaters. 9 at major chains, and 4 at indie theaters. Here's the distribution of visits by theater: Here is the distribution of theater visits by month: Other: The longest stretch I went without going to the movies was from July 21st thru August 20th, without a single trip to the movies. Partially due to an out-of-country trip and personal stuff. During this time I "missed out" on The Kitchen, The Nightingale, Brian Banks, and Honeyland. Mostly caught up to the rest. The most theater visits in a one-week span was November 1st thru November 8th, with 8 movies that week. The most in one day was 3 movies in theaters on March 15th, 2019 ( Styx, To Dust, and Captive State. There were 26 double-headers this year (two movies in theaters during the same day, usually back-to-back. Solid year, not as many surprises as 2018 though. Going to try to break 200 in 2020. Here is last year's ranking.


These posts are as much for me as they are for you. So please feel free to reply with your suggestions for what to watch, and make a case for any game to be considered 'must watch' in which case I will bold it. The time zone used to sort games was LIS (Lisbon) time zone, so no, the game is not on a wrong date. Monday Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round 19:45 / 14:45 France vs Turkey Euro 2020 Qualification 19:45 / 14:45 Ukraine vs Portugal Euro 2020 Qualification Tuesday Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round 19:45 / 14:45 Sweden vs Spain Euro 2020 Qualification 19:45 / 14:45 Switzerland vs Ireland Euro 2020 Qualification Wednesday Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round 0:30 / 19:30 Canada vs United States of America Nations League 2:30 / 21:30 Mexico vs Panama Nations League 23:15 / 18:15 Grêmio vs Bahia Brasileirão Thursday Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round 1:00 / 20:00 Palmeiras vs Chapecoense Brasileirão 1:30 / 20:30 Goiás vs Corinthians Brasileirão Friday Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round 19:30 / 14:30 Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayer 04 Leverkusen Bundesliga 19:45 / 14:45 OGC Nice vs Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1 20:00 / 15:00 Cádiz CF vs Las Palmas Segunda División Saturday Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round 14:00 / 9:00 Lazio vs Atalanta Serie A 14:30 / 9:30 RB Leipzig vs VfL Wolfsburg Bundesliga 15:00 / 10:00 Wolves vs Southampton Premier League 15:00 / 10:00 Atlético Madrid vs Valencia La Liga 17:30 / 12:30 Crystal Palace vs Manchester City Premier League 17:30 / 12:30 Borussia Dortmund vs Borussia Mönchengladbach Bundesliga 17:30 / 12:30 AZ Alkmaar vs SC Heerenveen Eredivisie 18:00 / 13:00 Atlanta United FC vs New England Revolution Major League Soccer Round of 16 19:45 / 14:45 Juventus vs Bologna Serie A 20:30 / 15:30 Seattle Sounders vs FC Dallas Major League Soccer Round of 16 23:00 / 18:00 Toronto FC vs DC United Major League Soccer Round of 16 Sunday Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round 3:00 / 22:00 Real Salt Lake vs Portland Timbers Major League Soccer Round of 16 11:30 / 6:30 US Sassuolo vs Internazionale Serie A 12:15 / 7:15 Heart of Midlothian vs Rangers Scottish Premiership 13:00 / 8:00 Real Sociedad vs Real Betis La Liga 14:00 / 9:00 Bordeaux vs Saint-Étienne Ligue 1 14:00 / 9:00 Sampdoria vs AS Roma Serie A 14:00 / 9:00 Hammarby IF vs Malmö FF Allsvenskan 16:00 / 11:00 Monaco vs Stade Rennais Ligue 1 16:30 / 11:30 Manchester United vs Liverpool Premier League 20:00 / 15:00 Olympique de Marseille vs RC Strasbourg Ligue 1 20:00 / 15:00 Philadelphia Union vs New York Red Bulls Major League Soccer Round of 16 22:00 / 17:00 Flamengo vs Fluminense Brasileirão 23:00 / 18:00 Atlético Paranaense vs Palmeiras Brasileirão r/WhatToWatchThisWeek.

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Casse-noisette québec. Casse-noisette enfants.


Je vais aller le voir😂 il a l air trop bien ❤️

Casse-noisette les grands ballets canadiens de montréal. Casse-noisette ballet & orch. opera national. de russie. Ajouté Par: bart, Commentaire(s) 0, Vus: 2 791 Fois Titre Original: The Nut Job Genre / Catégorie: Film / Animation / Comedie / Famille / Film En VF Qualité D'image: BDRip Version Audio: French Résumé du Film Opération Casse-noisette Surly est un écureuil malin et ingénieux. A peine débarqué en ville, il repère un magasin de noix avec un stock suffisant pour nourrir tous les animaux de la forêt pendant lhiver. Mais pour pénétrer cette forteresse, il va avoir besoin daide. Assisté de ses amis, il va mettre au point un plan rocambolesque pour organiser le vol du siècle. Evidemment, rien ne va se passer comme prévu… Opération Casse-noisette regarder gratuitement en ligne Signalé Un Probleme Cette liste de lecteur contient des annonces intégrées, ces lecteur de streaming vous permez de visionné gratuitement des milliers de film, series et animes en streaming en ligne gratuit. Nous n'avons rien à voir avec cette publicité! Selectionnez Un Lecteur Dans La liste VF ou VOSTFR Pour regarder Opération Casse-noisette En Streaming Complet, N'oubliez Pas De Choisir Un Lecteur De meilleure qualité HD ( 1080p ou HD 720p) quand ils sont disponibles dans la liste des lecteur. Nous recommandons de voir film a voir Opération Casse-noisette, Regarder film complet Opération Casse-noisette en streaming vf, voir film Opération Casse-noisette, Opération Casse-noisette film en entier gratuitement, Opération Casse-noisette streaming film complet en français, Ajouter un commentaire Pas encore de commentaires. Soyez le premier! Commentaires (0) Commenter sur le film: Opération Casse-noisette.

Casse-noisette montreal. Casse-noisette valse des fleurs. Casse-noisette elodie fondacci. Regarder en HD Télécharger en HD Lecteur 1 Lecteur 2 Lecteur 3 [ Telecharger] Durée: 1h16min Pays: U. S. A. Sorti en: 2001 Par: Owen Hurley. Avec: Kelly Sheridan, Kirby Morrow, Tim Curry Synopsis: Afin de réconforter son amie Kelly qui a peur de monter sur scène pour un spectacle de danse, Barbie lui raconte une histoire: une petite fille nommée Clara reçoit pour Noël un casse-noisette en forme de petit soldat qui prend vie et combat les armées du Roi des rats. Ce dernier fait alors rétrécir Clara. Afin de retrouver sa taille réelle, elle doit retrouver la Fée Dragée qui se trouve au royaume du maléfique souverain... Film Barbie Casse-Noisette (Barbie in the Nutcracker) Stream Complet Gratuit.

Casse-noisette ballet. Casse-noisette marche. You ever notice how this particular rendition is in concert D-flat, whereas the more common version is in D-natural? It kinda sounds better this way, especially at the finale section. J' adore jekofki. Casse-noisette meaning. Casse-noisette/generique. Casse-noisette bande annonce. Casse-noisette streaming. Casse-nuisette. Casse-noisette ottawa. Regarder en HD Télécharger en HD Lecteur 1 Lecteur 2 Lecteur 3 [ Telecharger] Durée: 1h22min Pays: Canadien, Sud-coréen, Américain Sorti en: 2014 Par: Peter Lepeniotis. Avec: Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Liam Neeson Synopsis: Surly est un écureuil malin et ingénieux. A peine débarqué en ville, il repère un magasin de noix avec un stock suffisant pour nourrir tous les animaux de la forêt pendant lhiver. Mais pour pénétrer cette forteresse, il va avoir besoin daide. Assisté de ses amis, il va mettre au point un plan rocambolesque pour organiser le vol du siècle. Evidemment, rien ne va se passer comme prévu… Film Opération Casse-noisette (The Nut Job) Stream Complet Gratuit.

Casse-noisettes. Dude, Im so impressed by the people who dance for hours and hours everyday. We learned a bunch of variations from swan lake and have been practicing them for a few weeks every other day and I still cant get them right. (We as in me and the other girls who take that class. Casse-noisette images. Simply wonderful. Russia contributes big-time to life's enjoyments. Casse-noisette film. Thank you so much for uploading, what a pleasure❤. Super ! 👍👍👍. Regarder The Nutcracker and the Four Realms stream complet Français film The Nutcracker and the Four Realms complet en streaming, stream Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes Français La jeune Clara reçoit en cadeau une poupée Casse-noisette à Noël. Lorsque la pendule sonne minuit, Clara se retrouve dans un monde fantastique où une guerre fait rage entre les soldats de pain d'épice et une armée de souris. Genre: Aventure, Famille, Fantastique, Musical Durée: 01h 45min Qualité: HD 720p Langue: VF Créée par: Lasse Hallström Acteurs: Mackenzie Foy, Misty Copeland, Keira Knightley, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, IMDB: 6. 3 Année de production: 2018 the nutcracker and the four realms très bonne qualité vidéo [720p] filmze the nutcracker and the four realms complet vk the nutcracker and the four realms stream vk the nutcracker and the four realms full stream the nutcracker and the four realms site streaming the nutcracker and the four realms voir gratuitement the nutcracker and the four realms lecteur the nutcracker and the four realms openload the nutcracker and the four realms free download the nutcracker and the four realms download the nutcracker and the four realms zone telechargement the nutcracker and the four realms stream complet vf the nutcracker and the four realms complet francais the nutcracker and the four realms hd the nutcracker and the four realms streaming gratuit the nutcracker and the four realms voir film the nutcracker and the four realms torrent the nutcracker and the four realms complet vf telecharger the nutcracker and the four realms vf the nutcracker and the four realms streaming the nutcracker and the four realms gratuit the nutcracker and the four realms streaming vf the nutcracker and the four realms film complet the nutcracker and the four realms vf casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes streaming casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes gratuit casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes streaming vf casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes film complet casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes vf.

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Minha música clássica favorita 😍😍

This is so nostalgic to me because of the barbie nutcracker movie pfffttt.


Quando ouço essa música consigo imaginar uma guerra em câmera lenta. Titre Original: Genre: Qualité: Sous-Titres: Année: Origine: Directeur: Cal Brunker Acteurs: Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph, Bobby Cannavale, Bobby Moynihan Durée: 91 min Regarder Opération Casse-noisette 2 en Streaming HD Gratuit Synopsis: Opération Casse-noisette 2 Nos rongeurs préférés mènent la grande vie dans le sous-sol dun magasin de noisettes, jusquau jour où une explosion vient détruire leur caverne dAli Baba… A la recherche dun nouveau lieu de vie, Surly repère un magnifique parc qui serait idéal pour tous! Problème: le maire de la ville souhaite transformer cet espace vert en parc dattraction… Heureusement, Surly va pouvoir compter sur de nouveaux amis: des milliers de souris blanches expertes en kung-fu.

Casse-noisette bruxelles. Lovely performance! many thanks for sharing it. RIP Gregory Finch 1976 - 1977. Casse-noisettes et chocolat. Casse-noisette quebec. Being given this role is absolute honor and she did an amazing job. She really showed that she was made for this piece. Casse-noisette histoire. This hits the spot Beautiful 😋. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Type the characters you see in this image: Try different image Conditions of Use Privacy Policy 1996-2014, Inc. or its affiliates.

Absolutely sumptuous like a real fairytale. Gorgeous and glamorous show. Casse-noisette hoffmann questionnaire. Extraordinaire ballet j'adore! et quel travail! un ensemble parfait avec la magie d'internet on a acces enfin a de grands ballets classique. merci. 1:26:45 Totally captivated by the performance in these succession of solos. Movements so sharp, energetic, yet remains elegant and so graceful. Brava. Casse-noisette. Casse-noisette bande annonce disney. Je l'aime trop cette chansson ☺. Ah merci ! Depuis le temps, je désespérais. Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes en streaming. Casse-noisette rabais. Casse-noisette cna. Un jour Barbie qui joue le rôle de Clara, reçoit un cadeau de sa tante, un magnifique soldat Casse-noisette en bois. Cette nuit-là, alors que Clara dort, Casse-noisette prend vie pour chasser l'horrible Roi des souris qui occupe le petit salon de Clara. Celle-ci se réveille et vient prêter main forte à Casse-noisette, mais le Roi des souris lui lance alors un mauvais sort et la fait rétrécir. Casse-noisette et Clara se trouvent alors entraînés dans de fabuleuses aventures pour trouver la Fée Dragée, la seule qui détient le pouvoir de briser le maléfice. Voir le film Barbie casse-noisette ULTRA HD en streaming illimité VF et VOSTFR. Une agréable surprise celle quon retrouve dans ce magnifique film, du genre Animation, qui est la réalisation très originale de réalisateur inconnu ainsi que le jeu excellent des acteurs, surtout Kelly Sheridan. Le film Barbie casse-noisette est produit en Canada et sorti en 2001. Sur IMDB, Barbie casse-noisette a été noté 6. 60/10 pour 549 votes et dure 76 minutes. Préparez-vous à regarder Barbie casse-noisette en streaming VF et VOSTFR avec une très Haute Qualité HD sur Film en Streaming - FilmVF, votre référence de streaming français GRATUIT et SANS LIMITE.

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Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes. Qui fesait: qui faisait le meme son: la même musique en cour de dance:en cours de danse. Casse-noisette tchaikovsky. Casse-noisette youtube. Best music. Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes streaming. I can't describe how beautiful it is. Amazing. Verdaderamente hermoso. No hay más que decir. Casse-noisetier.

Casse-noisette et les quatre royaumes sur netflix. 50:10 is me and my three other personalities rhythmically and gracefully plotting my exes murder.

Magnifique 👍👍👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️♥️

Casse-noisette 2017. Casse-noisette chanson. Casse-noisette place des arts. Casse-noisette - ballet et orchestre. La jeune Clara se retrouve plongée dans un univers parallèle abritant les royaumes des Flocons de neige, des Fleurs, des Délices, mais aussi celui de Mère Gigogne, un véritable tyran quelle va devoir affronter afin de récupérer une précieuse clé dérobée par une bande de souris… Voir le film Casse-Noisette et les Quatre Royaumes ULTRA HD en streaming illimité VF et VOSTFR. Une agréable surprise celle quon retrouve dans ce magnifique film, du genre Fantastique, qui est la réalisation très originale de réalisateur inconnu ainsi que le jeu excellent des acteurs, surtout Keira Knightley. Le film Casse-Noisette et les Quatre Royaumes est produit en United States of America et sorti en 2018. Sur IMDB, Casse-Noisette et les Quatre Royaumes a été noté 6. 00/10 pour 958 votes et dure 99 minutes. Préparez-vous à regarder Casse-Noisette et les Quatre Royaumes en streaming VF et VOSTFR avec une très Haute Qualité HD sur Film en Streaming - FilmVF, votre référence de streaming français GRATUIT et SANS LIMITE.

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Tomatometer=5,1 / 10 star / Audience score=903 Vote / / Description=June was once a known counter-culture figure, but that was a decade ago. She now lives alone in her South Bronx apartment, having all but cut herself off from the outside world. It's the notorious "Summer of Sam" and June only has to look out of her window to see the violence escalating with the brutal summer heat. The city is on a knife's edge, a pressure-cooker about to explode into the incendiary 1977 New York blackout riots / USA / Writers=Alistair Banks Griffin.

Do you seriously expect us to forget that all of these guys lost their jobs. Comment #7. Lucky comment. Wow maddox is still alive. La hora del miedo trailer. La hora del miedo en espanol. La hora del terror. La hora del espanto 2. La hora del miedo y. La hora del mensaje en vivo. La hora del medo. That background score. La hora del espanto 1. I loved 6 Underground. The action was fabulous. La hora del mensaje ezequiel molina rosario. La hora del miedo 2. La hora del miedo terror. Yea I fell asleep. La hora del miedo la. BEST SONG EVER. Excited for this series, love to see Jennifer aniston 😊.

La hora del mido. Lol I love it when the trailer shows me the entire movie save me money. Watch Beyond the Clouds. 👌. La hora del miedo. La hora del miedo de la. La hora del miedo el. Hola, sí Hoy es nuestro primer aniversario! 🖤 🎂 Mariano tuvo la idea inicial y un mes y un capítulo piloto después sacábamos el capítulo #1 sobre la remake de Suspiria, la Chucky de Holland y Anna and the apocalypse. Básicamente queríamos ver, pensar y charlar sobre películas de terror. Van fotitos de un registro históricaww sobre nuestra primera conversación acerca del podcast en un grupito de fb (que conste que el capítulo de prueba #0 sobre Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (band. erqué. jamás será escuchado por nadie) Gracias a quienes nos acompañaron, escucharon y comentaron este primer año! Para festejar, tendremos un par de novedades durante esta semana 🖤 LA PRIMERA: vamos a lanzar una newsletter de cada capítulo, con las notas y material inédito (oh 😱. 👉 Pueden ir suscribiéndose a nuestra newsletter mensual en este link: See More.

La hora del miedo del. La hora del médocs. La hora del miedo 2017. La hora del midou. La hora del espanto. La hora del. La hora del miedo naomi watts. Can't wait to see this coz I luv watching Jen. La hora del miedo para. Un científico ha tenido acceso a archivos ocultos: Soy geologo, espeleologo y biologo, y trabajo para el CSIC; por mi profesion y las de mis compañeros me veo obligado a guardar secreto sobre muchos asuntos y estudios que llevamos a cabo, sin embargo me veo, por cuestiones morales y eticas a revelar un acontecimiento traumático que va a afectar a muchas partes del planeta y concretamente a España, sobre todo al cuadrante noreste y la zona del mediterraneo. Está directamente relacionado con el maremoto que sacudio el Índico recientemente y con los terremotos de los ultimos cinco años. Si os fijáis bien, una oleada de movimientos sismicos han sacudido a todo el planeta en la ultima década con efectos catastroficos, pues bien la causa esta en los movimientos de placas tectónicas que se estan produciendo en el fondo del oceano Pacífico y en el Atlántico a escala mundial. Los científicos de todo el mundo estamos guardando secreto sobre este trágico tema debido al caos mundial que se produciria a escala planetaria si salieran a la luz todo lo que se esconde bajo mano en numerosos "expedientes X. Revelando todo esto, de hecho, pongo mi vida en peligro ya que hay muchas personas poderosas que no dudarian en acabar con vida con tal de asegurarsen que permanezco en silencio. Por esa razon no reveleré ni mi identidad ni nada que pueda dar pistas sobre mi autentico nombre. La cuestion es que segun los últimos modelos de simulación que obran en mi poder y sobre los que estoy trabajando, como mucho en un mes una nueva oleada de terremotos se van a producir en todo el planeta, no cabe duda de que de nuevo la zona de la Polinesia y sur de Asia serian las zonas más afectadas pero tambien la zona de California, Nevada, México y toda América central, y sobre todo Europa. Concretamente en el sur del continente, y en la zona del mediterraneo, pero tambien el norte de Africa se podra ver afectada. El epicentro del terremoto que atacará a la cuenca mediterranea, aunque existe un margen de error, lo situamos entre las islas de Córcega y Cerdeña: Todo ello dara lugar a que se puedan producir olas de varios metros de altura que podrian anegar las zonas costeras de los paises mediterraneos. Zonas como Venecia, estan maxima alerta, ya que literalmente podrían desaparecer del mapa para siempre. Junto a este gran terremoto otros a menor escala, pero que no bajarian de grado 7, sacudirían el Pirineo Central, con lo que la zona noreste de España podria quedar totalmente destruida con una elevada cantidad de muertos. Los efectos mas temibles afectarian a ciudades como Huesca, Lerida, Barcelona, Pamplona, Lérida y por supuesto todas las localidades del entorno. Ademas habría que tener en cuenta las perdidas y los daños economicos multimillonarios que derrumbarian la economia nacional. Posteriormente al terremoto, los muertos que quedaran sepultados, junto al desbatecimiento de alimentos y agua, la contaminación de las aguas potables y otros efectos colaterales darían lugar al surgimiento de enfermedades ya olvidadas casi en el viejo continente, como durisimas fiebres tifoideas, peste bubónica y brotes de cólera y disenteria. ¿No has habeis dado cuenta que ultimamente los medicos estan recentando una cantidad mayor de antibioticos y vacunando en exceso a niños y ancianos sin causa aparente? ¿No te ha pasado a ti, que por una simple tos te recetan derivados de la amoxicilina en dosis no habituales? Ellos no son conscientes pero desde sanidad se les ha pasado una circular en la que se obliga a aumentar la medicación a los civiles, para, de alguna manera, ir preparando el terreno, aunque como digo ellos no son conscientes de la verdadera causa.

La hora del miedo youtube. La Hora del Terror: No Lo Pienses Ao: 2007 Género: Fantasøa Paøs: Estados Unidos Formato: Color Duraci≤n: 104 minutos Tøtulo Original: The Haunting Hour: Don t Think About It Direcci≤n: Alex Zamm Producci≤n: Dan Angel / Margaret Loesch / Bill Siegler Gui≤n: Dan Angel / Billy Brown Fotograføa: Jacques Haitkin M˙sica: Chris Hajian Intérpretes: Emily Osment (Cassie) Alex Winzenread (Max) Cody Linley (Sean) Brittany Curran (Priscilla) Michelle Duffy (Eileen Keller) John Hawkinson (Jack Keller) Sinopsis: Halloween se acerca, la b˙squeda de sustos lleva a Cassie a una misteriosa tienda, y a un extrao libro llamado "The Evil Thing. Cuando su hermano le suplica que leea el libro, Cassie accede ignorando el aviso "no leer en voz alta. Pero cuano llegan a la ˙ltima pβgina del libro, es cuando realmente comienza una aventura espeluznate.

La hora del midori. La hora del mensaje con ezequiel molina. @ Fright Night Sinopsis: Charley Brewster es el típico adolescente americano. Su madre cree que ve demasiadas películas de terror. La vida de Charley es muy tranquila, hasta que se convence que su nuevo vecino, Jerry Dandridge, es un vampiro. Nadie, y menos aún la policía, está dispuesto a creer que Dandridge es responsable de un montón de extraños asesinatos. Charley encuentra un aliado en Peter Vincent, un antiguo actor de películas y presentador de programas de terror en la televisión. Peter intentará salvar a Charley y a su amada de los mortales colmillos de Jerry. Actores: Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse, Roddy McDowall, Stephen Geoffreys, Jonathan Stark, Dorothy Fielding, Art Evans, Nick Savage, Heidi Sorenson, Bob Corff, Ernie Holmes, Stewart Stern Fecha de estreno: 02 Aug 1985.

La hora del miedo lyrics. I got Creepypasta vibes while watching this. La hora del miedo gratis. La hora del mundo. La historia de Irene Hace mucho tiempo, cuando estábamos en el colegio, uno de esos días en que te aburres y no sabes que hacer, a mis compañeras y a mi, nos dio por hablar de espíritus y demás cosas a la hora del recreo, hasta que se nos ocurrió quedar por la tarde para hacer la ouija, yo ya la había hecho anteriormente con resultados que no me agradaron mucho, esa misma tarde nos dirigimos a casa de Lidia, ella tenía un local donde haríamos la sesión, allí estábamos yo, Lidia, Irene, Elena y Rocío. Hicimos una ouija de papel, cogimos un vaso de cristal e iniciamos la sesión. Yo era la que siempre hablaba, preguntábamos y nos contestaba, su nombre era Elena Padre, nos resultó gracioso que se llamase como una de nosotras, al principio todo muy bien. Elena Padre, nos hablaba normal, nos ayudaba y nos decía cosas buenas que nos pasarían. Llegamos a estar tan enganchadas a la ouija que realizábamos sesiones todos los días para poder hablar con ella. Un día tuvimos la ocurrencia de que se nos manifestase y nos dijo que se pondría justo al lado de uno de los sofás que habían en el local, todas fuimos a verlo, y así fue se veía como una nube borrosa en el lugar que nos indicó, Rocío quiso tocarla y sintió como pasaba por sus brazos un fuerte escalofrío y todas las que estábamos allí vimos como se le erizaban los pelos. Todas prosiguieron a tocarla menos yo. Después de ese día, Elena Padre me repetía una y otra vez que no había querido tocarla, llegó un punto que sentí miedo ante tal insistencia, a raíz de eso, una tarde de buenas a primeras me dijo que nunca tendría hijos, desde ese día dejamos de hacer la ouija, pero nada volvería a ser igual. Un día, estábamos las cinco en clase y de repente todas nosotras empezamos a sentir mucho frío, en pleno mes de junio, nos mareábamos a la vez, las cinco nos pusimos enfermas y a cuatro de nosotras las tuvieron que ingresar en el hospital, aún que a mí no me ingresaron. Lo que más me ha dolido, es que a día de hoy, todas tienen uno o dos hijos y yo he tenido ya seis abortos naturales, al parecer ha tenido razón o quizá no le sentó bien que no la tocase. Lo único que se, es que de los seis abortos, dos los perdí estando de ocho meses y han sido un palo muy grande para mi. De una cosa estoy segura, y es que nunca más volveré a hacer la ouija. Isla Es Vedrá La isla Es Vedrá se erige fuera del agua como un dinosaurio prehistórco, en la que no crece casi vegetación. El sacerdote carmelita Don Francisco Palau creó el monasterio en la zona de Es Cubells. Mientras meditaba en la isla, tomó notas exactas de apariciones y seres luminosos extraterrestres. Grandes circulos de luz con un diámetro de hasta 50 metros que brillaban desde el fondo del mar hasta la superficie, incluso en la actualidad los viejos lobos de mar evitan en lo posible pescar en sus cercanías. Se dice que Es Vedrá desprende una fuerte energía magnética que provoca fenómenos inexplicables Proteína capaz de HACER MILAGROS Sídney. Científicos australianos y británicos pudieron observar por primera vez el funcionamiento de una proteína capaz de destruir células cancerígenas desde su interior, avance que permitirá abrir nuevas vías para combatir el cáncer, la malaria o la diabetes, según anunciaron los investigadores. Describieron la estructura molecular de esta proteína, llamada perforin, y su funcionamiento. "Esta proteína perfora células tomadas por virus o que se han transformado en células cancerosas, y permite la entrada de enzimas tóxicos que luego las matan desde su interior" dijo el líder, James Whisstock, de la Universidad de Monash en Melbourne. "Sin esta proteína nuestro sistema inmunológico no puede destruir estas células. Ahora que sabemos cuál es su funcionamiento, podemos empezar a ver como se puede combatir el cáncer, la malaria o la diabetes" añadió Whisstock. La investigación, que ha durado diez años, concluye las observaciones que inició hace unos 110 años el premio Nóbel Jules Bordet, que apuntaban a la capacidad del sistema inmunológico humano de crear agujeros en células específicas. Explicación de LOS TERMINOS! 1. 5 … cuatro seres vivientes. Estas criaturas vivientes son identificadas más adelante por el mismo Ezequiel como querubines (Ver Ezequiel 9:3; 10:15. Estos querubines fueron mencionados por primera vez como poderosos seres angélicos colocados por Dios en la entrada del Jardín de Edén para cuidarlo una vez Adán y Eva fueron expulsados. Estos querubines parecen estar siempre asociados con la presencia de Dios. Por ejemplo, dos imágenes de querubines fueron colocadas para cubrir el Arca del Pacto que contenía el Testimonio donde Dios se reuniría con Moisés (Ver Exodos 25:18. 1:10 … una cara de hombre. Con respecto a la cuádruple cara del querubín, compare una descripción similar de los cuatro "seres vivientes" de Apocalipsis 4:7, donde se nos dice que Juan vio seres muy parecidos a estos. Y delante del trono había como un mar de vidrio semejante al cristal; y junto al trono, y alrededor del trono, cuatro seres vivientes llenos de ojos delante y detrás. 7 El primer ser viviente era semejante a un león; el segundo era semejante a un becerro; el tercero tenía rostro como de hombre; y el cuarto era semejante a un águila volando. Juan nos informa que estos eran los mismos seres que Ezequiel vio. La percepción fue diferente, sin embargo. Además es importante mencionar que las cuatro "caras" hombre, león, toro y águila) corresponden a las cuatro órdenes superiores de vida terrestre (humanos, bestias de la tierra, ganado, aves del aire – Ver Génesis 1:26. Además podrían corresponder a la representación cuádruple del Creador en los Evangelios (Lucas lo presenta Rey como un León —Mateo; Siervo como un toro—Marcos como Hombre Intermediario en los cielos y finalmente como Águila en Juan. 1:20 en las ruedas. Una extraña interpretación de los querubines ha sido identificarlos con objetos voladores, o naves espaciales extraterrestres debido a la mención de lo que a Ezequiel le pareció como "ruedas. Sin embargo, los querubines son seres espirituales vivientes siempre asociados directamente con la presencia del Creador de los Cielos y en la Tierra y son mostrados como poderosos ángeles, quizás los más poderosos por su cercanía con Dios y su ministerio alrededor del Trono. 1:22 la bóveda o "Firmamento/Expansión" Hebreo "raqia" que es definido por Dios como el "Cielo" en Génesis 1:8, donde se usa la misma palabra para designar el cielo o la expansión. La ciencia moderna traduce este término Hebreo simplemente como "espacio. Existen tres "firmamentos" o "cielos" mencionados en la Biblia. El Primer Cielo – el espacio atmosférico (Génesis 1:20) el Segundo Cielo - el espacio estelar, donde viven los ángeles caídos (Génesis 1:17) y el "Tercer Cielo" II Corintios 12:2) – donde mora Dios el Altísimo. Esta bóveda o firmamento que vió Ezequiel es el "tercer cielo" mencionado aquí. Los OVNIS fueron nombrados en la BIBLIA. EZEQUIEL 5 De su interior aparecía una forma de cuatro seres vivientes. El aspecto de ellos tenía la forma de hombre, 6 pero cada uno tenía cuatro caras y cuatro alas. 7 Sus piernas eran rectas, y sus pezuñas eran como pezuñas de becerro que centelleaban como bronce bruñido. 8 Debajo de sus alas, a sus cuatro lados, tenían manos de hombre. Los cuatro tenían sus caras y sus alas. 9 Sus alas se juntaban unas con otras. Y cuando se desplazaban, no se volvían, sino que cada uno se desplazaba de frente hacia adelante. 10 La forma de sus caras era la de una cara de hombre, con una cara de león en el lado derecho de los cuatro, una cara de toro en el lado izquierdo de los cuatro, y una cara de águila en los cuatro. 11 Así eran sus caras. Sus alas estaban extendidas hacia arriba. Cada uno tenía dos alas que se tocaban entre sí, y otras dos que cubrían sus cuerpos. 12 Cada uno se desplazaba de frente hacia adelante. Iban adondequiera que el Espíritu decidía ir, y no viraban cuando se desplazaban. 13 En medio de los seres vivientes había algo como carbones de fuego encendido que se desplazaban como antorchas entre los seres vivientes. El fuego resplandecía, y del mismo salían relámpagos. 14 Y los seres iban y volvían, como si fueran relámpagos. 15 Mientras yo miraba a los seres vivientes, he aquí que había una rueda en la tierra, junto y al frente de cada uno de los cuatro seres vivientes. 16 La forma y el aspecto de las ruedas era como crisólito. Las cuatro ruedas tenían la misma forma y aspecto, y estaban hechas de manera que había una rueda dentro de otra rueda. 17 Cuando se desplazaban, lo hacían en cualquiera de las cuatro direcciones, y no viraban cuando se desplazaban. 18 Sus aros eran altos y aterradores, y los aros de las cuatro ruedas estaban llenos de ojos alrededor. 19 Cuando los seres vivientes se desplazaban, también se desplazaban las ruedas que estaban junto a ellos. Cuando los seres se elevaban de sobre la tierra, las ruedas también se elevaban. 20 Iban adondequiera que el Espíritu fuese, y las ruedas también se elevaban junto con ellos, pues el Espíritu de cada ser viviente estaba también en las ruedas. 21 Cuando ellos se desplazaban, también ellas se desplazaban; cuando ellos se detenían, también ellas se detenían. Y cuando ellos se elevaban de la tierra, también las ruedas se elevaban junto con ellos, porque el Espíritu de cada ser viviente estaba también en las ruedas. 22 Sobre las cabezas de los seres vivientes había una bóveda semejante a un cristal impresionante, extendido por encima de sus cabezas. 23 Debajo de la bóveda, sus alas se extendían rectas, la una hacia la otra. Y cada ser tenía dos alas con que cubrían sus cuerpos. 24 Cuando se desplazaban, escuché el ruido de sus alas como el ruido de muchas aguas, como la voz del Todopoderoso, como el bullicio de una muchedumbre, como el bullicio de un ejército. Y cuando se detenían, bajaban sus alas.

#16 – La Masacre de Texas (1974) Mon, 30 Dec 2019 15:19:24 +0000 0 Episodio #16 30/12/2019 Para nuestro último capítulo del año elegimos la agobiante, hermosa y apocalíptica LA MASACRE DE TEXAS (1974) de Tobe Hooper: familia, clase social, vegetarianismo y artesanías con huesitos. NOTAS #16 El documental The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Shocking Truth, para ver en Youtube. Una entrevista a Wayne Bell (técnico en sonido … Continued Episodio #16 30/12/2019 Para nuestro último capítulo del año elegimos la agobiante, hermosa y apocalíptica LA MASACRE DE TEXAS (1974) de Tobe Hooper: familia, clase social, vegetarianismo y artesanías con huesitos. NOTAS #1 6 El documental The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Shocking Truth, para ver en Youtube. Una entrevista a Wayne Bell (técnico en sonido de la película) donde cuenta el proceso de grabación y parte de cómo hicieron los efectos para toda la película (en inglés) Artículo en The Quietus (en inglés) sobre la banda sonora de la película y su influencia. El libro Men, Woman and Chainsaws donde Clover acuña el concepto de “final girl” (en inglés) y analiza el protoslasher LMdT, sobre vegetarianismo y políticas de ver/no ver en industrias de la carne y el capítulo 6 sobre texto y subtexto en el cine de terror del libro Danse Macabre de Stephen King (en inglés. Notas de Mariano sobre La Masacre de Texas y Killer Joe. RECOMENDACIONES Eze: Parasite (2019, Bong Joon Ho) Mariano: Killer Joe (2011, de William Friedkin) Julia: Hustlers (2019, de Lorraine Scafaria) Ms 45 (1981, de Abel Ferrara) Braid (2018, de Mitzi Peirone) Sweetheart (2019, de JD Dillard) y The Furies (2019, de Tony D´Aquino. Y se agrega: Zombies en el cañaveral (2019, de Pablo Schembri) que había mencionado en relación a un aspecto específico de la LA MASACRE, pero que editamos porque decidimos que era adecuado no deschavar. Episodio #16 30/12/2019 Para nuestro último capítulo del año elegimos la agobiante, hermosa y apocalíptica LA MASACRE DE TEXAS (1974) de Tobe Hooper: familia, clase social, vegetarianismo y artesanías con huesitos. Episodio #16 30/12/2019 Para nuestro último capítulo del año elegimos la agobiante, hermosa y apocalíptica LA MASACRE DE TEXAS (1974) de Tobe Hooper: familia, clase social, vegetarianismo y artesanías con huesitos. Una entrevista a Wayne Bell (técnico en sonido … Continued La Hora del Miedo yes 1:30:11 #15 – Shivers (1975) con Ezequiel Acevedo Fri, 22 Nov 2019 19:22:18 +0000 Episodio #15 22/11/2019 Nos visita Ezequiel Acevedo ( pipahidraulica) para hablar sobre una de las primeras películas de nuestro amigo personal Cronenberg: SHIVERS (1975, David Cronenberg) 29:10min) donde ya se pueden ver las obsesiones del director que permean prácticamente toda su obra. Antes charlamos un poco de su biografía cinéfila de terror, depender del videoclub para ver … Continued Episodio #15 22/11/2019 Nos visita Ezequiel Acevedo ( pipahidraulica) para hablar sobre una de las primeras películas de nuestro amigo personal Cronenberg: SHIVERS (1975, David Cronenberg) 29:10min) donde ya se pueden ver las obsesiones del director que permean prácticamente toda su obra. Antes charlamos un poco de su biografía cinéfila de terror, depender del videoclub para ver nuevas películas, slashers de los 90s, torture porn de los 00s y más. NOTAS #1 5 Link para descargar SHIVERS. Volvemos a compartir el video de la conversación entre Cronenberg, Carpenter y Landis en 1982. Fragmento de entrevista con Cronenberg MUY BB hablando de Shivers, hablando de las temáticas económicas de las película, y otra entrevista donde cuenta el concepto inicial del monstruo que cuenta Ezequiel. Un documental sobre Tom Savini (sin subtítulos) referente de efectos especiales, donde hacen un recorrido de su importancia en el cine de terror y mencionan las escenas de MANIAC y VIERNES 13 que comentamos, entre otras.  Nuestro capítulo 7 sobre LA MOSCA. “Romper el Hechizo: La religión como fenómeno natural” El libro donde está lo que comenta Pipa sobre la toxoplasmosis. El libro  “High rise” de JG Ballard ( en inglés y en español) y la película de Ben Wheatly. Y de yapa, la novela “Crash” de Ballard ( en inglés) que Cronenberg adaptó en el 1996. Segmento de Rue Morgue de discusión sobre películas de las hermanas Soska (Julia las quiere mucho) con subtítulos en inglés. Episodio #15 22/11/2019 Nos visita Ezequiel Acevedo ( pipahidraulica) para hablar sobre una de las primeras películas de nuestro amigo personal Cronenberg: SHIVERS (1975, David Cronenberg) 29:10min) donde ya se pueden ver las obsesiones del director... Episodio #15 22/11/2019 Nos visita Ezequiel Acevedo ( pipahidraulica) para hablar sobre una de las primeras películas de nuestro amigo personal Cronenberg: SHIVERS (1975, David Cronenberg) 29:10min) donde ya se pueden ver las obsesiones del director que permean prácticamente toda su obra. Antes charlamos un poco de su biografía cinéfila de terror, depender del videoclub para ver … Continued 1:16:14 #14 – Monkey Shines (1988) con Diego Trerotola Sun, 27 Oct 2019 14:47:56 +0000 Episodio #14 26/10/2019 En medio del mes del terror volvemos con un invitado especial. Nos acompaña Diego Trerotola, que vino con ganas de hablar de George A. Romero y particularmente de MONKEY SHINES (1988) donde el vínculo entre un hombre cuadripléjico y una mona alterada genéticamente se convierte en una escalada de horror, bestialidad, jeringas … Continued Episodio #14 26/10/2019 En medio del mes del terror volvemos con un invitado especial. Romero y particularmente de MONKEY SHINES (1988) donde el vínculo entre un hombre cuadripléjico y una mona alterada genéticamente se convierte en una escalada de horror, bestialidad, jeringas y más. Pero también lo paseamos a Diego por un montón de temas, incluida su relación con el género y el miedo en general. Hablamos de IT CHAPTER TWO (Andy Muschietti, 2019) y culminamos con algunas reflexiones sobre el mundo del terror “artie”. NOTAS #1 4 Monkey Shines, para bajar en HD. Nota de Trerotola Sobre el IT 2 (que nombramos al comienzo) y otra nota sobre el Joker. Nota de Mariano Morita sobre IT 2. Video-ensayo de Hbomberguy sobre los Directors Cuts. Pueden ver mucho otro material en su canal acá. Artículo en la wikipedia sobre el Cabal Cut de Nightbreed. Para bajar Upgrade, película de tech-horror que menciona Morita (y de la cual haremos un capítulo en cualquier momento) Devotee, la película que menciona Trerotola sobre personas con discapacidad, e información sobre Stephen Dwoskin, el director con discapacidad que hacía películas eróticas experimentales, muchas veces concentradas en su propio cuerpo. Nuestro capítulo sobre Nightbreed, con Flavio Lira de invitado. Episodio #14 26/10/2019 En medio del mes del terror volvemos con un invitado especial. Romero y particularmente de MONKEY SHINES (1988) Episodio #14 26/10/2019 En medio del mes del terror volvemos con un invitado especial. Romero y particularmente de MONKEY SHINES (1988) donde el vínculo entre un hombre cuadripléjico y una mona alterada genéticamente se convierte en una escalada de horror, bestialidad, jeringas … Continued 1:17:25 #13 – El bebé de Rosemary (1968) Tue, 17 Sep 2019 11:31:48 +0000 Episodio #13 17/9/2019 ¿Hay algo malo con tu bebé o quizás es el patriarcado. Narrador: eran ambos. Analizamos uno de los clásicos que inaugura el terror moderno EL BEBÉ DE ROSEMARY (1968, Roman Polanski) pérdida de control, embarazo y maternidad, gaslighting, el edificio Dakota, la ciudad y cultos satánicos. NOTAS #13 Documental de la edición … Continued Episodio #13 17/9/2019 ¿Hay algo malo con tu bebé o quizás es el patriarcado. Narrador: eran ambos.  Analizamos uno de los clásicos que inaugura el terror moderno EL BEBÉ DE ROSEMARY (1968, Roman Polanski) pérdida de control, embarazo y maternidad, gaslighting, el edificio Dakota, la ciudad y cultos satánicos. NOTAS #1 3 Documental de la edición de Criterion Collection sobre la película (con subtítulos en inglés y portugués.   Sobre el término “Gaslighting” (en inglés) que es acuñado por la película GASLIGHT de George Cukor (1944) con Ingrid Bergman. En esa línea mencionamos ENCAJE DE MEDIANOCHE (1960, David Miller) con Doris Day y la secuela WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK (1993, Fred Walton) con Carol Kane.  Full Circle aka The Haunting of Julia (1977, de Richard Loncraine) con audio choto y subs en inglés. Pueden seguir esta cuenta   de twitter sobre la película y enterarse del petitorio de restauración. Para combo de Mia Farrow de terror con pelito corto y actuándose todo. THE INVITATION (2015, Karyn Kusama) que Julia menciona en comparación a la construcción del punto de vista del personaje masculino, su fragilidad y la identificación y al mismo (des)confianza del espectador. Además de la yapa del componente Los Angeles y cultos. JULIA: La novela LAS CHICAS de Emma Cline del 2016 que, más allá de lo atractivo y morboso de una historia de “coming of age” enmarcada en el clan Manson, construye la voz de la protagonista ahora adulta y su adolescencia de una forma muy bella y cruda. Se consigue para descargar (la escena de OUATIH donde aparecen “las chicas” por primera vez parece la adaptación del inicio del libro. Capítulo de MODELOS DE CONDUCTA de John Waters (en inglés) sobre su amistad con Leslie Van Houten, una de “las chicas”, una de los responsables de los crímenes de La Bianca del clan Manson. Podcast CASI FAMOSAS sobre chimentos que abarca la farándula local e internacional actual, historias fundacionales del mundo del espectáculo y todo lo que circule en la agenda mediática: desde las declaraciones de Mariana Nanis, los evangelistas y Justin Bieber, pasando por los beef de trap local y la campaña de Kicilovee con gatitos. En este episodio hablan entre otras cosas de las declaraciones de Lucrecia Martel como jurada del Festival de Venecia en torno a Roman Polanski. MARIANO: El documental FRIEDKIN UNCUT (2018, Francesco Zippel) sobre el director de EL EXORCISTA (1973) SORCERER (1977) CONTACTO EN FRANCIA (1971) entre otras, para ver acá. Dos episodios del podcast de BSO donde Mariano habla junto a Diego Cirulo y Fabio Villalba sobre OUATIH y sobre Tarantino. EZEQUIEL: Trailer de la película MARTHA MACY MAY MARLENE (2011, Sean Durkin. Trailer del juego de The Blair Witch Project, lanzado recientemente, que parece agarrar muy bien el clima de la película y la sensación de estar perdidísimo en un bosque. Episodio #13 17/9/2019 ¿Hay algo malo con tu bebé o quizás es el patriarcado. Narrador: eran ambos. Analizamos uno de los clásicos que inaugura el terror moderno EL BEBÉ DE ROSEMARY (1968, Roman Polanski) pérdida de control, embarazo y maternidad, Episodio #13 17/9/2019 ¿Hay algo malo con tu bebé o quizás es el patriarcado. Narrador: eran ambos. Analizamos uno de los clásicos que inaugura el terror moderno EL BEBÉ DE ROSEMARY (1968, Roman Polanski) pérdida de control, embarazo y maternidad, gaslighting, el edificio Dakota, la ciudad y cultos satánicos. NOTAS #13 Documental de la edición … Continued 1:15:37 #12 – Alexandre Aja – Infierno en la Tormenta (2019. Alta Tensión (2003. El Despertar del Diablo (2006) Mon, 19 Aug 2019 20:30:12 +0000 Episodio #12 19/8/2019 Se estrenó INFIERNO EN LA TORMENTA (Crawl, 2019) con la fantástica Kaya Scodelario y el muy extrañado Barry Pepper, y aprovechamos para hablar sobre su director, Alexandre Aja. Nos centramos en ALTA TENSIÓN (Haute Tension, 2003) exponente del denominado “nuevo extremismo francés” que lo consagró como director del género, y EL DESPERTAR … Continued Episodio #12 19/8/2019 Se estrenó INFIERNO EN LA TORMENTA (Crawl, 2019) con la fantástica Kaya Scodelario y el muy extrañado Barry Pepper, y aprovechamos para hablar sobre su director, Alexandre Aja. Nos centramos en ALTA TENSIÓN (Haute Tension, 2003) exponente del denominado “nuevo extremismo francés” que lo consagró como director del género, y EL DESPERTAR DEL DIABLO (The Hills Have Eyes, 2006) su ingreso al cine norteamericano con la remake del clásico de Wes Craven. NOTAS #1 2 Sobre el concepto “Uncanny Valley” y su relación con el CGI en las películas. Algunas películas sobre terror acuático, desde EATEN ALIVE (de Tobe Hooper, 1977) pasando por ALERTA EN LO PROFUNDO (Deep Blue Sea, de Renny Harlin, 1999) hasta THE SHALLOWS (de Jaume Collet-Serra, 2016) y más. Sobre ALERTA EN LO PROFUNDO, muy amada por Julia, la crítica de Roger Ebert y una nota por el 20 aniversario (en inglés.   Sobre el “nuevo extremismo francés”, que seguramente abordaremos en más detalle en futuros capítulos, y su relación con la historia y la identidad francesas.  Artículo sobre el (problemático por varios motivos para mucha gente) final de ALTA TENSIÓN (ay ay ese twist) y su relación con el tropo de la “final girl” en el género slasher, lo monstruoso y la heterosexualidad (para leer desde nuestra paquicosmovisión) en inglés. Y ya dijimos, con Alexandre Aja todo es remake (el clásico de Craven o MIRRORS (2008. adaptación (desde el cuento “Graffitti” de Cortázar en FURIA (1999) a la novela homónima de Joe Hill en HORNS (2013) homenaje ( PIRANHA 3D (2010. En esa línea, esta es la novela de Dean Koontz con una historia idéntica a Alta Tensión que tuvo revuelo directamente por plagio. Y compartimos algunas imágenes que inspiraron visualmente la remake de Craven como los “pueblos falsos” para probar armas nucleares. El trailer del Fallout 4 que – según Ezequiel – tiene una estética increíblemente igual a su remake de The Hills Have Eyes. Links a las películas para bajar ALTA TENSIÓN y EL DESPERTAR DEL DIABLO. Episodio #12 19/8/2019 Se estrenó INFIERNO EN LA TORMENTA (Crawl, 2019) con la fantástica Kaya Scodelario y el muy extrañado Barry Pepper, y aprovechamos para hablar sobre su director, Alexandre Aja. Nos centramos en ALTA TENSIÓN (Haute Tension, Episodio #12 19/8/2019 Se estrenó INFIERNO EN LA TORMENTA (Crawl, 2019) con la fantástica Kaya Scodelario y el muy extrañado Barry Pepper, y aprovechamos para hablar sobre su director, Alexandre Aja. Nos centramos en ALTA TENSIÓN (Haute Tension, 2003) exponente del denominado “nuevo extremismo francés” que lo consagró como director del género, y EL DESPERTAR … Continued 1:22:34 #11 – Chucky Extravaganza Tue, 30 Jul 2019 16:56:31 +0000 Episodio #11 30/8/2019 Revisamos exhaustivamente toda la saga de más de 30 años del muñeco diabólico creado por Don arlamos sobre la reformulación de la idea, la relación con la tecnología y el drama legal detrás de la película en el reboot del 2019 (00:08:23) dirigido por Lars Klevberg. Para luego ya meternos de lleno … Continued Episodio #11 30/8/2019 Revisamos exhaustivamente toda la saga de más de 30 años del muñeco diabólico creado por Don Mancini. Charlamos sobre la reformulación de la idea, la relación con la tecnología y el drama legal detrás de la película en el reboot del 2019 (00:08:23) dirigido por Lars Klevberg. Para luego ya meternos de lleno en el lugar de la saga en el cine de género como anomalía por su continuidad y su división en tres partes. La primera (00:35:32) que incluye Childs Play (1988) Childs Play 2 (1990) Childs Play 3 (1991) con Andy Barclay como el niño perseguido por el muñeco poseído por el estrangulador de Lake Shore, Charles Lee Ray. La segunda (01:07:06) con un total giro a la comedia y a lo cuir y la introducción de la genial Jennifer Tilly en Bride of Chucky (1998) y Seed of Chucky (2004) esta última es el debut como director de Mancini. Y el tercer momento de la saga, con el regreso al terror directo a video (01:36:26) en Curse of Chucky (2013) y Cult of Chucky (2017) y la entrada final de Fiona Dourif, la hija del legendario actor Brad Dourif que interpreta la voz de muñeco en las 7 películas. NOTAS #1 1 Nuestro capítulo piloto donde hablamos de CHILD´S PLAY (1988, de Tom Holland. Buena nota sobre chucky donde recorren toda la saga y entrevistan a Don Mancini  “Notas sobre lo camp” de Susan Sontag, 1964. El podcast de Post Mortem with Mick Garris donde entrevista a Don Mancini (en inglés. Episodio #11 30/8/2019 Revisamos exhaustivamente toda la saga de más de 30 años del muñeco diabólico creado por Don arlamos sobre la reformulación de la idea, la relación con la tecnología y el drama legal detrás de la película en el reboot d... Episodio #11 30/8/2019 Revisamos exhaustivamente toda la saga de más de 30 años del muñeco diabólico creado por Don arlamos sobre la reformulación de la idea, la relación con la tecnología y el drama legal detrás de la película en el reboot del 2019 (00:08:23) dirigido por Lars Klevberg. Para luego ya meternos de lleno … Continued 2:07:00 #10 – Cure (1997. The Evil Within (2017) con Dario Zapata) Mon, 15 Jul 2019 12:20:36 +0000 Episodio #10 15/8/2019 Nos visita Darío Zapata para hablar de CURE (1997) de Kiyoshi Kurosawa, un thriller psicológico que expande la fórmula de un detective que investiga asesinatos misteriosos, y THE EVIL WITHIN (2017) 0:45:10) la super ambiciosa e inconclusa ópera prima del millonario Andrew Getty, que tardó 15 años en ver la luz y … Continued Episodio #10 15/8/2019 Nos visita Darío Zapata para hablar de CURE (1997) de Kiyoshi Kurosawa, un thriller psicológico que expande la fórmula de un detective que investiga asesinatos misteriosos, y THE EVIL WITHIN (2017) 0:45:10) la super ambiciosa e inconclusa ópera prima del millonario Andrew Getty, que tardó 15 años en ver la luz y fue estrenada póstumamente. NOTAS #10 CURE (1997, de Kiyoshi Kurosawa) Para bajar la película. Artículo sobre el Mesmerismo, en la Wikipedia en español. THE EVIL WITHIN (2017, de Andrew Getty) Para bajar la película. Nota sobre la historia y el estreno póstumo de la película (en inglés) Patrick Giraurdi, la persona que hizo el sonido de la película y creo la canción rarísima y maravillosa de la escena de la pizzería. Episodio #10 15/8/2019 Nos visita Darío Zapata para hablar de CURE (1997) de Kiyoshi Kurosawa, un thriller psicológico que expande la fórmula de un detective que investiga asesinatos misteriosos, y THE EVIL WITHIN (2017) 0:45:10) Episodio #10 15/8/2019 Nos visita Darío Zapata para hablar de CURE (1997) de Kiyoshi Kurosawa, un thriller psicológico que expande la fórmula de un detective que investiga asesinatos misteriosos, y THE EVIL WITHIN (2017) 0:45:10) la super ambiciosa e inconclusa ópera prima del millonario Andrew Getty, que tardó 15 años en ver la luz y … Continued 1:28:41 #09 – Especial Found Footage! Cannibal Holocaust (1980. The Blair Witch Project (1999. muchas más Thu, 20 Jun 2019 00:50:41 +0000 Episodio #9 20/7/2019 Hablamos de CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980) 0:01:15) el infame y controversial clásico de Ruggero Deodato, y también nos metemos con THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) 0:31:03) a 20 años de su estreno. Y como se trata de un especial, continuamos (00:54:50) con recorridos personales por muchas películas de Found Footage. NOTAS #09 CANNIBAL … Continued Episodio #9 20/7/2019 Hablamos de CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980) 0:01:15) el infame y controversial clásico de Ruggero Deodato, y también nos metemos con THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) 0:31:03) a 20 años de su estreno. Y como se trata de un especial, continuamos (00:54:50) con recorridos personales por muchas películas de Found Footage. NOTAS #09 CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980, de Ruggero Deodato) La canción original de la película, de Riz Ortolani, mismo compositor de MONDO CANE(1962. Entrevista a Ruggero Deodato (en inglés. The House at The Edge of the Park, la siguiente película de Deodato que menciona Mariano. BLAIRWITCH PROJECT (1999, de Eduardo Sánchez y Daniel Myrick) El mockumentary original de la película. El libro mega falopa que Julia menciona sobre Blair Witch Project. Dos notas muy interesantes (en inglés) sobre la película, el fenómeno, y su lugar en el cine de terror ( The Ringe r y The Dissolve. Top 3 de Found Footage Mariano: 3- X-Cops (capítulo de X-Files S07E12) Michael Watkins, 2000) 2- Cloverfield (Matt Reeves, 2008) 1- Alien Abduction (Dean Alioto, 1998. Redacted (Brian de Palma, 2007) Ezequiel: 3- Willow Creek (Bobcat Goldthwait, 2013) 2- Chronicle (Josh Trank, 2012) 1- The Visit (M. Night Shyamalan, 2015) Julia (que no sabe respetar un top 3) 3- Creep 1 (2014) y Creep 2 (2017) Patrick Brice) 2- As Above So Below (John Erick Dowdle, 2014. Lake Mungo (Joel Anderson, 2008. The Sacrament (Ti West, 2013. The Troll Hunter (André Øvredal, 2010)  1- The Visit (M. Night Shyamalan, 2015. The Taking of Deborah Logan (Adam Robitel, 2014) De yapa: Los dos geniales capítulos de Krakozhia Podcast sobre M. Night Shyamalan: y Julia quiere aclarar que son 7000 lenguas, no 700 y 6 Actividad Paranormal, no 7. La 7 fue recién anunciada esta semana. Pero que bien podrían ser 7 y que no se arrepiente de nada. Películas para bajar Algunos links para descargar las películas que mencionamos: Cannibal Holocaust The Blair Witch Project Willow Creek Cloverfield The Visit Chronicle Lake Mungo] > Episodio #9 20/7/2019 Hablamos de CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980) 0:01:15) el infame y controversial clásico de Ruggero Deodato, y también nos metemos con THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) 0:31:03) a 20 años de su estreno. Y como se trata de un especial, Episodio #9 20/7/2019 Hablamos de CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980) 0:01:15) el infame y controversial clásico de Ruggero Deodato, y también nos metemos con THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) 0:31:03) a 20 años de su estreno. NOTAS #09 CANNIBAL … Continued 1:51:21 #08 – En la Boca del Miedo (1994) con Diego Cirulo Mon, 03 Jun 2019 12:54:28 +0000 Episodio #8 3/6/2019 ¿Lees a Sutter Cane? Nos acompaña Diego Cirulo para charlar de una de sus películas preferidas, EN LA BOCA DEL MIEDO (1994) de John Carpenter. NOTAS #08 El podcast BSO (banda sonora original) producido por Diego Cirulo y Fabio Villalba, que va por su octava temporada. El capítulo de Cuentos Asombrosos que menciona … Continued Episodio #8 3/6/2019 ¿Lees a Sutter Cane? Nos acompaña Diego Cirulo para charlar de una de sus películas preferidas, EN LA BOCA DEL MIEDO (1994) de John Carpenter. NOTAS #08 El podcast BSO (banda sonora original) producido por Diego Cirulo y Fabio Villalba, que va por su octava temporada. El capítulo de Cuentos Asombrosos que menciona Ezequiel, “Mirror, mirror”, dirigido por Martin Scorsese y actuado por Sam Waterston.  Nota sobre lo retro y sobre el proceso de 15 años para que la música vieja se vuelva perceptible de nuevo, por Nick Currie. Episodio #8 3/6/2019 ¿Lees a Sutter Cane? Nos acompaña Diego Cirulo para charlar de una de sus películas preferidas, EN LA BOCA DEL MIEDO (1994) de John Carpenter. NOTAS #08 El podcast BSO (banda sonora original) Episodio #8 3/6/2019 ¿Lees a Sutter Cane? Nos acompaña Diego Cirulo para charlar de una de sus películas preferidas, EN LA BOCA DEL MIEDO (1994) de John Carpenter. El capítulo de Cuentos Asombrosos que menciona … Continued 1:19:08 #07 – Muere Monstruo Muere(2019. La Mosca(1986) Fri, 17 May 2019 14:20:59 +0000 Episodio #7 -17/5/2019 Hablamos de MUERE MONSTRUO MUERE (2019) de Alejandro Fadel, película argentina de terror que combina elementos de thriller policial, fantásticos y drama en las montañas de Mendoza, junto con el clásico de David Cronenberg LA MOSCA (1986. Monstruos, masculinidad, lenguaje y efectos prácticos. NOTAS #07 Muere Monstruo Muere (2019, Alejandro Fadel) La … Continued Episodio #7 -17/5/2019 Hablamos de MUERE MONSTRUO MUERE (2019) de Alejandro Fadel, película argentina de terror que combina elementos de thriller policial, fantásticos y drama en las montañas de Mendoza, junto con el clásico de David Cronenberg LA MOSCA (1986. Monstruos, masculinidad, lenguaje y efectos prácticos. NOTAS #07 Muere Monstruo Muere (2019, Alejandro Fadel) La nota de Mariana Enríquez sobre la psicogeografía. Sobre el tropo de “ Mujeres en el refrigerador ” (video con subtítulos en español) y mujeres sin cabeza en los posters de películas de Hollywood. La nota de Diego Trerotola sobre el monstruo. (Dos notas sobre la coyuntura del cine nacional (que Julia mencionó pero no quedó en el capitulo porque estuvimos 15 minutos hablando A LA NADA sin grabar) Nota sobre distribución, exhibición y formación de espectadores en Argentina. Columna de Fadel-Llambi, director y productora de MMM, sobre cómo se hizo la película. La Mosca (1986, David Cronenberg) Los dibujos de Chris Walas de la transformación. Sobre monstruos, masoquismo e identificación en películas de terror (artículo en inglés) Video de la hermosa entrevista de 1982 de Mick Garris a John Landis, John Carpenter y David Cronenberg (en inglés. La escena cortada del “monogato” (junto con una segunda escena donde a Brundle le sale un brazo/pata extra y se lo termina arrancando él mismo. Episodio #7 -17/5/2019 Hablamos de MUERE MONSTRUO MUERE (2019) de Alejandro Fadel, película argentina de terror que combina elementos de thriller policial, fantásticos y drama en las montañas de Mendoza, junto con el clásico de David Cronenberg LA MOSC... Episodio #7 -17/5/2019 Hablamos de MUERE MONSTRUO MUERE (2019) de Alejandro Fadel, película argentina de terror que combina elementos de thriller policial, fantásticos y drama en las montañas de Mendoza, junto con el clásico de David Cronenberg LA MOSCA (1986. NOTAS #07 Muere Monstruo Muere (2019, Alejandro Fadel) La … Continued 1:07:54 #06 – Nightbreed(1990. Hereditary(2018. 90s Extravaganza (con Flavio Lira) Mon, 06 May 2019 11:32:17 +0000 Episodio #6 – 6/5/2019 En este capítulo nos acompaña Flavio Lira, crítico de cine en la revista Film y compatriota uruguayo de Ezequiel, a contarnos sobre su educación cinematográfica de terror y NIGHTBREED (1990, de Clive Barker) hermosa película de culto con monstruos que fue erróneamente promocionada como un slasher. Luego continuamos a hablar largo … Continued Episodio #6 – 6/5/2019 En este capítulo nos acompaña Flavio Lira, crítico de cine en la revista Film y compatriota uruguayo de Ezequiel, a contarnos sobre su educación cinematográfica de terror y NIGHTBREED (1990, de Clive Barker) hermosa película de culto con monstruos que fue erróneamente promocionada como un slasher. Luego continuamos a hablar largo y tendido sobre los 90s, videoclubes, VHS, piyama partys y Leo DiCaprio hasta concluir con una discusión sobre HEREDITARY (2018, de Ari Aster. A un integrante de La Hora del Miedo no le gustó para nada. Adivinen a quién. NOTAS #06 Nightbreed (1990, Clive Barker) Nota sobre el submundo queer y otra sobre la alegoría de la intolerancia (ambas en inglés. Nota en A Sala Llena a propósito del corte del director que vió la luz 25 años más tarde. En el podcast lo mencionamos al pasar de forma indistinta (y errónea) como Cabal´s Cut, que es la versión que incluye todo el metraje en crudo. (otras notas) Basuritas, el podcast de Flavio. También acá pueden escuchar una canción de su proyecto Amigovio y a Carmen Sandiego, su banda (que tocaba junto con Ezequiel) Motorama, la película que menciona Ezequiel en sus recuerdos de ver trasnoche en canal 4 en Uruguay. El podcast SHE KILLS (en inglés) que menciona Julia, conducido por Adrienne Barbeau, actriz icónica de terror de LA NIEBLA de John Carpenter, LA COSA DEL PANTANO, de Wes Craven, entre otras, donde entrevista a actrices, directoras, productoras y críticas del cine de terror. De yapa, un Remix maravilloso que combina Believe de Cher con diálogos de Hereditary, porque sí. Episodio #6 – 6/5/2019 En este capítulo nos acompaña Flavio Lira, crítico de cine en la revista Film y compatriota uruguayo de Ezequiel, a contarnos sobre su educación cinematográfica de terror y NIGHTBREED (1990, de Clive Barker) Episodio #6 – 6/5/2019 En este capítulo nos acompaña Flavio Lira, crítico de cine en la revista Film y compatriota uruguayo de Ezequiel, a contarnos sobre su educación cinematográfica de terror y NIGHTBREED (1990, de Clive Barker) hermosa película de culto con monstruos que fue erróneamente promocionada como un slasher. Luego continuamos a hablar largo … Continued 49:35 #05 – Cementerio de Animales (1989. Cementerio de Animales 2 (1992. Cementerio de Animales (2019) Thu, 18 Apr 2019 12:59:38 +0000 Episodio #5 – 18/04/2019 Todo Cementerio de Animales. Se estrenó la remake de CEMENTERIO DE ANIMALES (2019) de los directores de la celebrada STARRY EYES (2014) y aprovechamos para volver a ver la primera versión de 1989 y la locura de CEMENTERIO DE ANIMALES 2 (1992) ambas dirigidas por Mary Lambert. Stephen King, la negación … Continued Episodio #5 – 18/04/2019 Todo Cementerio de Animales. Stephen King, la negación de la muerte, el duelo, camiones, gatos espectaculares y niñites resucitades. NOTAS #05 Este es el comic del New Yorker de Julia Wertz (en inglés) sobre leer de chiquita “Cementerio de animales” de King. Julia Wertz es una caricaturista neoyorkina, conocida por The Fart Party y Drinking at the movies, que pertenecía al grupo Pizza Island, en el que estaba también la genial Kate Beaton. El documental sobre cómo se hizo la película de Mary Lambert se llama Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary (2017) y se puede descargar acá. En esta entrevista (en inglés) Mary Lambert habla de Cementerio de animales 2, la música en sus películas, la dirección de videos musicales y de las películas fallidas con personajes femeninos a lo largo de su carrera. La escena en la que Dale Midkiff (Louis Creed) se cae de la cama y se golpea la cabeza y el final de Cementerio de animales 2. Entrevista a Stephen King a propósito de la génesis del libro “que más miedo le dió escribir”, la película de Lambert y el estreno de la remake (en inglés. Super banda de sonido de Cementerio de Animales 2. Episodio #5 – 18/04/2019 Todo Cementerio de Animales. Se estrenó la remake de CEMENTERIO DE ANIMALES (2019) de los directores de la celebrada STARRY EYES (2014) y aprovechamos para volver a ver la primera versión de 1989 y la locura de CEMENTERIO DE A... Episodio #5 – 18/04/2019 Todo Cementerio de Animales. Stephen King, la negación … Continued 1:11:44 #04 – Nosotros (2019. La Serpiente y el Arcoiris (1988) Fri, 29 Mar 2019 14:24:05 +0000 Episodio #4 – 29/03/2019 Finalmente se estrenó la esperada NOSOTROS, de Jordan Peele, que desde GET OUT (Huye. 2017) viene ocupando un lugar privilegiado entre el público y la crítica. La vimos y la discutimos largo y tendido. También trajimos a colación al clásico de Wes Craven, LA SERPIENTE Y EL ARCOIRIS, para hablar un … Continued Episodio #4 – 29/03/2019 Finalmente se estrenó la esperada NOSOTROS, de Jordan Peele, que desde GET OUT (Huye. 2017) viene ocupando un lugar privilegiado entre el público y la crítica. La vimos y la discutimos largo y tendido. También trajimos a colación al clásico de Wes Craven, LA SERPIENTE Y EL ARCOIRIS, para hablar un poco de zombificación, las relación con la usurpación de cuerpos en GET OUT y también las relaciones entre política y cine de terror. Estuvimos mirando algunas otras películas y trajimos un par de recomendaciones. Julia y Ezequiel vieron TRUTH OR DARE (Jeff Wadlow, 2018) y Mariano vio LEVIATHAN (George P. Cosmatos, 1989. Notas #4 Algunos torrents de las películas que recomendamos: Truth or Dare (Jeff Wadlow, 2018) Leviathan (George P. Cosmatos, 1989) Of Unknown Origin (George P. Cosmatos, 1983. La otra película de Cosmatos que mencionamos. NOSOTROS (Jordan Peele, 2019) Hablamos bastante y quedaron muchas cosas más. Va selección de cosas que mencionamos, algunas que no y algunas al pasar: Lista de películas de terror que Jordan Peele le recomendó al elenco. Linda e ntrevista a Jordan Peele donde habla del terror, la mujer monstruo y la cultura en general (en inglés. Crítica de The Ringer que mencionamos a partir de la diferencia entre que “se te ocurra una idea” frente a “tratar de tener una idea” (en inglés. Nota de Horror Losers sobre las referencias, símbolos y más cositas. Nota de Fernando Ganzo en A Sala Llena. Nota sobre la película de Tananarive Due, investigadora de estudios afroamericanos en UCLA y productora del documental HORROR NOIRE sobre la historia de los negros en el cine desde 1890 hasta la actualidad (que aún no está disponible para ver) en inglés. Entrevista a Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, autora del libro en el que se basa el documental. Al final del libro del 2011 auguraba la emergencia de las historias con moraleja en el género de terror negro (Hola, Jordan Peele) en inglés. Una recopilación genial de terror negro de Graveyard Shift Sisters con info de películas, podcasts, cortos, cómicos, páginas webs, libros de ficción, no ficción y más. Y de yapa, la crítica de la película (en inglés. LA SERPIENTE Y EL ARCOIRIS (Wes Craven, 1988) Para descargar: Gente detrás de las paredes (The People Under the Stairs, 1991. Hicimos una comparación con el final de esta película de Craven cuando nos referíamos a La serpiente y el arcoiris. Se puede descargar acá. La pesadilla (The Nightmare, Rodney Ascher, 2015. En un interesante desvío terminamos hablando de lo horrible que es la parálisis del sueño. Este es el pesadillesco documental que mencionamos. Se puede ver en Netflix acá: El libro que mencionó Mariano cuando se refirió a los métodos de tortura de anulación del sujeto es “La Doctrina del Shock” de Naomi Klein. Episodio #4 – 29/03/2019 Finalmente se estrenó la esperada NOSOTROS, de Jordan Peele, que desde GET OUT (Huye. 2017) viene ocupando un lugar privilegiado entre el público y la crítica. La vimos y la discutimos largo y tendido. Episodio #4 – 29/03/2019 Finalmente se estrenó la esperada NOSOTROS, de Jordan Peele, que desde GET OUT (Huye. 2017) viene ocupando un lugar privilegiado entre el público y la crítica. También trajimos a colación al clásico de Wes Craven, LA SERPIENTE Y EL ARCOIRIS, para hablar un … Continued 1:14:15 #03 – Aterrados (2018. Audition (1999. Lord of Chaos (2018) Mon, 11 Mar 2019 13:41:10 +0000 Episodio #3 – 11/03/2019 Vimos ATERRADOS, la película argentina de terror paranormal que la rompió el año pasado, cuyo director Demián Rugna dirigirá una remake producida por Guillermo del Toro. A veinte años de su estreno, volvimos a ver la infame AUDITION de Takashi Miike que marcó a realizadores y espectadores del género del terror: … Continued Episodio #3 – 11/03/2019 Vimos ATERRADOS, la película argentina de terror paranormal que la rompió el año pasado, cuyo director Demián Rugna dirigirá una remake producida por Guillermo del Toro. A veinte años de su estreno, volvimos a ver la infame AUDITION de Takashi Miike que marcó a realizadores y espectadores del género del terror: la historia de Aoyama, un hombre viudo, que se siente solo y quiere casarse nuevamente y que, para conseguir a la “mujer correcta”, organiza una audición de una película ficticia, donde conoce a la joven y dulce Azami…y sale mal. En “Mi amigo YIFY” recomendamos LORD OF CHAOS, del director sueco Jonas Åkerlund, el oscuro y divertido biopic de dos de los pilares del Black Metal noruego, con quema de iglesias, adolescentes pintados sosteniendo candelabros y cruento desenlace incluidos. Notas #03 ATERRADOS (2018, de Demian Rugna) Entrevista a Demián Rugna a propósito de la remake norteamericana. Se puede ver en Netflix. AUDITION (1999, de Takashii MIike) Algunas notas sobre el concepto de “buena chica” como operador de control social de las mujeres. LORD OF CHAOS (2018, de Jonas Åkerlund) Para bajar la película (con subtítulos en español) Link al documental en UNTIL THE DARK TAKES US (2009) que nos adentra en la historia del Black Metal Noruego, con entrevistas a Fenriz, de Darkthrone (banda que no aparece en la película) a Varg Vikernes que aún estaba en prisión cumpliendo su condena y a otros integrantes de Mayhem y de la movida del Black Metal. Acá está la nota de la BBC (en inglés) a propósito del estreno de la película, que retoma la historia de Mayhem. Videoclip de la banda Candlemass de 1988 dirigido por Akerlund (con actuación de extra de Dead. Episodio #3 – 11/03/2019 Vimos ATERRADOS, la película argentina de terror paranormal que la rompió el año pasado, cuyo director Demián Rugna dirigirá una remake producida por Guillermo del Toro. A veinte años de su estreno, Episodio #3 – 11/03/2019 Vimos ATERRADOS, la película argentina de terror paranormal que la rompió el año pasado, cuyo director Demián Rugna dirigirá una remake producida por Guillermo del Toro. A veinte años de su estreno, volvimos a ver la infame AUDITION de Takashi Miike que marcó a realizadores y espectadores del género del terror: … Continued 1:14:04 #02 – Feliz dia de tu muerte 2 (2019. Overlord (2018. Revenge (2017) Wed, 20 Feb 2019 13:37:29 +0000 Episodio #2 – 20/02/2019 Todo el entusiasmo por el estreno de FELIZ DÍA DE TU MUERTE 2 y repaso de la primera película de la saga dirigida por Christopher Landon. En “Mi amigo YIFY” tenemos dos recomendaciones. Vean OVERLORD, una película bélica de terror con zombies y experimentos, dirigida por el australiano Julius Avery y … Continued Episodio #2 – 20/02/2019 Todo el entusiasmo por el estreno de FELIZ DÍA DE TU MUERTE 2 y repaso de la primera película de la saga dirigida por Christopher Landon. En “Mi amigo YIFY” tenemos dos recomendaciones. Vean OVERLORD, una película bélica de terror con zombies y experimentos, dirigida por el australiano Julius Avery y producida por J. J. Abrams. Y en el marco del Mes de las Mujeres en el Terror, recomendamos REVENGE, la primera película de la directora Coralie Fargeat, que es una actualización del género de rape and revenge. Notas #02 FELIZ DIA DE TU MUERTE (Happy Death Day, 2017) y FELIZ DIA DE TU MUERTE 2 (Happy Death Day 2U, 2019) de Christopher Landon) 12:01 (1993) ni 11:59, ni 12:00, je) es la película que menciona Ezequiel que es del mismo año que EL DIA DE LA MARMOTA: está dirigida por Jack Sholder (director de ALONE IN THE DARK (1982) y PESADILLA 2: LA VENGANZA DE FREDDY (1985) entre otras) y pueden leer un poco sobre la demanda por plagio a la película de Ramis acá. Mezcla de loop de tiempo, crimen a resolver, historia de amor, experimentos científicos. Se puede ver en YouTube (sin subtítulos en español) y está basada en este corto de 1990. De yapa, la escena del placerdomo de la primera película. OVERLORD (2018, de Julius Avery) Para bajar la película. REVENGE (2017, de Coralie Fargeat) Está en Netflix Argentina y también se puede bajar acá. FEBRERO, MES DE LAS MUJERES EN EL TERROR (Women in Horror Month) más información sobre la décima edición de la iniciativa en la página web o siguiendo los hashtags #WiHM, WomenInHorrorMonth, WIHMXA0 para descubrir nuevas y viejas películas de directoras, guionistas, protagonistas espectaculares, como también reseñas, entrevistas, podcasts y más. Episodio #2 – 20/02/2019 Todo el entusiasmo por el estreno de FELIZ DÍA DE TU MUERTE 2 y repaso de la primera película de la saga dirigida por Christopher Landon. Vean OVERLORD, Episodio #2 – 20/02/2019 Todo el entusiasmo por el estreno de FELIZ DÍA DE TU MUERTE 2 y repaso de la primera película de la saga dirigida por Christopher Landon. Vean OVERLORD, una película bélica de terror con zombies y experimentos, dirigida por el australiano Julius Avery y … Continued 48:02.

I still prefer Ben Affleck. La hora del meido rando. La hora del miedo parece llegar. Jennifer Aniston is capable of so much more than she is usually allowed to show. The older she gets, the better she is. People don't take her seriously because Friends is on re-runs 24/7 and because she is a timeless beauty. She will have a great late career and, for what it's worth, Brad Pitt is an idiot for letting her go.

La hora del terror no lo pienses

La hora del mensaje.
La hora del miedo en.
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Makin' movies, makin' songs, and fight 'round the world.

Batman The vampire edition 🤔😆😂🤣. La hora del miedo. La hora del mido watches. I didn't realize al Pacino and John Turturro had a butt baby. Número de Identificación del proyecto: TSI-090100-2011-23 Título del proyecto: “Cultura + i: Desarrollo de plataformas, herramientas y sistemas para el consumo de contenido cultural” Proyecto cofinanciado por el Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio, dentro del Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica 2008-2011. Subprograma: Contenidos Digitales 2020.

Cool song. YouTube.

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Episodio #16 30/12/2019 Para nuestro último capítulo del año elegimos la agobiante, hermosa y apocalíptica LA MASACRE DE TEXAS (1974) de Tobe Hooper: familia, clase social, vegetarianismo y artesanías con huesitos. NOTAS #16 El documental The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Shocking Truth, para ver en Youtube. Una entrevista a Wayne Bell (técnico en sonido … Continued Episodio #15 22/11/2019 Nos visita Ezequiel Acevedo ( pipahidraulica) para hablar sobre una de las primeras películas de nuestro amigo personal Cronenberg: SHIVERS (1975, David Cronenberg) 29:10min) donde ya se pueden ver las obsesiones del director que permean prácticamente toda su obra. Antes charlamos un poco de su biografía cinéfila de terror, depender del videoclub para ver … Continued Episodio #14 26/10/2019 En medio del mes del terror volvemos con un invitado especial. Nos acompaña Diego Trerotola, que vino con ganas de hablar de George A. Romero y particularmente de MONKEY SHINES (1988) donde el vínculo entre un hombre cuadripléjico y una mona alterada genéticamente se convierte en una escalada de horror, bestialidad, jeringas … Continued Episodio #13 17/9/2019 ¿Hay algo malo con tu bebé o quizás es el patriarcado. Narrador: eran ambos. Analizamos uno de los clásicos que inaugura el terror moderno EL BEBÉ DE ROSEMARY (1968, Roman Polanski) pérdida de control, embarazo y maternidad, gaslighting, el edificio Dakota, la ciudad y cultos satánicos. NOTAS #13 Documental de la edición … Continued Episodio #12 19/8/2019 Se estrenó INFIERNO EN LA TORMENTA (Crawl, 2019) con la fantástica Kaya Scodelario y el muy extrañado Barry Pepper, y aprovechamos para hablar sobre su director, Alexandre Aja. Nos centramos en ALTA TENSIÓN (Haute Tension, 2003) exponente del denominado “nuevo extremismo francés” que lo consagró como director del género, y EL DESPERTAR … Continued Episodio #11 30/8/2019 Revisamos exhaustivamente toda la saga de más de 30 años del muñeco diabólico creado por Don arlamos sobre la reformulación de la idea, la relación con la tecnología y el drama legal detrás de la película en el reboot del 2019 (00:08:23) dirigido por Lars Klevberg. Para luego ya meternos de lleno … Continued Episodio #10 15/8/2019 Nos visita Darío Zapata para hablar de CURE (1997) de Kiyoshi Kurosawa, un thriller psicológico que expande la fórmula de un detective que investiga asesinatos misteriosos, y THE EVIL WITHIN (2017) 0:45:10) la super ambiciosa e inconclusa ópera prima del millonario Andrew Getty, que tardó 15 años en ver la luz y … Continued Episodio #9 20/7/2019 Hablamos de CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980) 0:01:15) el infame y controversial clásico de Ruggero Deodato, y también nos metemos con THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) 0:31:03) a 20 años de su estreno. Y como se trata de un especial, continuamos (00:54:50) con recorridos personales por muchas películas de Found Footage. NOTAS #09 CANNIBAL … Continued Episodio #8 3/6/2019 ¿Lees a Sutter Cane? Nos acompaña Diego Cirulo para charlar de una de sus películas preferidas, EN LA BOCA DEL MIEDO (1994) de John Carpenter. NOTAS #08 El podcast BSO (banda sonora original) producido por Diego Cirulo y Fabio Villalba, que va por su octava temporada. El capítulo de Cuentos Asombrosos que menciona … Continued Episodio #7 -17/5/2019 Hablamos de MUERE MONSTRUO MUERE (2019) de Alejandro Fadel, película argentina de terror que combina elementos de thriller policial, fantásticos y drama en las montañas de Mendoza, junto con el clásico de David Cronenberg LA MOSCA (1986. Monstruos, masculinidad, lenguaje y efectos prácticos. NOTAS #07 Muere Monstruo Muere (2019, Alejandro Fadel) La … Continued Episodio #6 – 6/5/2019 En este capítulo nos acompaña Flavio Lira, crítico de cine en la revista Film y compatriota uruguayo de Ezequiel, a contarnos sobre su educación cinematográfica de terror y NIGHTBREED (1990, de Clive Barker) hermosa película de culto con monstruos que fue erróneamente promocionada como un slasher. Luego continuamos a hablar largo … Continued Episodio #5 – 18/04/2019 Todo Cementerio de Animales. Se estrenó la remake de CEMENTERIO DE ANIMALES (2019) de los directores de la celebrada STARRY EYES (2014) y aprovechamos para volver a ver la primera versión de 1989 y la locura de CEMENTERIO DE ANIMALES 2 (1992) ambas dirigidas por Mary Lambert. Stephen King, la negación … Continued Episodio #4 – 29/03/2019 Finalmente se estrenó la esperada NOSOTROS, de Jordan Peele, que desde GET OUT (Huye. 2017) viene ocupando un lugar privilegiado entre el público y la crítica. La vimos y la discutimos largo y tendido. También trajimos a colación al clásico de Wes Craven, LA SERPIENTE Y EL ARCOIRIS, para hablar un … Continued Episodio #3 – 11/03/2019 Vimos ATERRADOS, la película argentina de terror paranormal que la rompió el año pasado, cuyo director Demián Rugna dirigirá una remake producida por Guillermo del Toro. A veinte años de su estreno, volvimos a ver la infame AUDITION de Takashi Miike que marcó a realizadores y espectadores del género del terror: … Continued Episodio #2 – 20/02/2019 Todo el entusiasmo por el estreno de FELIZ DÍA DE TU MUERTE 2 y repaso de la primera película de la saga dirigida por Christopher Landon. En “Mi amigo YIFY” tenemos dos recomendaciones. Vean OVERLORD, una película bélica de terror con zombies y experimentos, dirigida por el australiano Julius Avery y … Continued Episodio #1 – 4/02/2019 Inauguramos “La hora de miedo” y hablamos del estreno de la remake del clásico de Darío Argento, SUSPIRIA, dirigida por Luca Guadagnino. Ezequiel vió por primera vez CHUCKY: EL MUÑECO DIABÓLICO y le gustó. Y en “Mi amigo YIFY” recomendamos bajar ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE, un musical – de adolescentes – … Continued.

Oh yea break it down. Are you ready sounds like Willem Dafoe to me. Maybe it's just me. 12 años, 100 min Suspenso Junio? fue una vez una figura conocida de la contracultura, pero eso fue hace una década. Ahora vive sola en su apartamento en el sur del Bronx, y casi se ha separado del mundo exterior. Es el famoso "Verano de Sam" y June solo tiene que mirar por la ventana para ver la violencia que se intensifica con el brutal calor del verano. La ciudad está al filo de la navaja, una olla a presión a punto de explotar en los incendiarios disturbios de 1977 en Nueva York. Ver más detalles... Título Original The Wolf Hour País de Origen Reino Unido Director Alistair Banks Griffin Guionista Elenco Naomi Watts, Jennifer Ehle, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Emory Cohen ¯ ツ) ¯ Lo sentimos, no disponemos de estos horarios. Vuelve pronto.

We need the lyrics to this :D.


  2. The Wolf Hour


Movienight Dark Light ExtraTorrent





Scores 412 Vote / / Dark Light is a movie starring Ed Brody, Kristina Clifford, and Opal Littleton. A woman returns to her family home and discovers it to be inhabited by monsters / Writer Padraig Reynolds / Runtime 1 Hours, 30Min / Star Kristina Clifford, Jessica Madsen.

I was mindblown when hearing this the first time. and that was after listening to all his stuff for years, discovered his solo music in 2004. but this track was still like i exploded or something... WOW.


Dark light movie review. 👍👍👍👍👍. Dark light client 1.8. Dark light novels. Gta tryhard beat. I'd give the crippled rest of my soul for having such a voice fr. Dark lights. Dark light tarot. I'm a 22 year old man, I've heard of people who have cried because of the pure beauty of something but I've never understood that until I heard this song. I'm not a soft person in the slightest but this song is something truly special, thank you Aram. Dark/light adaptation. Dark light game. Dark light lyrics. Glow in the dark drinks - perfect for Halloween movie night! Super fun and easy glow in the dark drinks. Creepy halloween food, Glow, Fun drinks.

Dark light. Dark light trailer 2019. I Want to Kill Some One 🥺. Darklight book. Finally found it <3. Darklight tower skyrim. Indeed office in background is a location give away. Darklight yugioh. Thank you John❤ love you. You r drifting in middle of the street, but follow the traffic lights Lol. Darklight osrs. The intro reminds me a creepy song from Pokemon RED... Dark lightning storm images. Dark light aram bedrosian. Dark lighter.

Dark light bass boosted. 1:54 = amazing. Dark lightning toddler swim. Dark light and shadow. For me already having the gtr in the clip,is ok. Dark light creations. Dark light. That ambulance scene was pulled straight from Halloween 4 from 1988. What a rip. This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Dark light and dark.

It still let my sub explode in the back of the 5 yea :D. TAKE THE MONEY TAKE THE BlTCHES TAKE THE DRUGS TAKE THE GOLD. Night Watch Nochnoi Dozor International poster Directed by Timur Bekmambetov Produced by Konstantin Ernst Anatoli Maksimov Screenplay by Timur Bekmambetov Laeta Kalogridis Based on The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko Starring Konstantin Khabensky Vladimir Menshov Valeri Zolotukhin Mariya Poroshina Galina Tyunina Music by Yuri Poteyenko Cinematography Sergei Trofimov Edited by Dmitriy Kiselev Production company Channel One Russia Bazelevs Company Distributed by Gemini Film (Russia) Fox Searchlight Pictures (International) Release date 8 July 2004 (Russia) Running time 114 minutes [1] Country Russia Language Russian Budget 4. 2 million Box office 33, 899, 078 Night Watch ( Russian: , Nochnoy Dozor) is a 2004 Russian urban fantasy supernatural thriller film written by Timur Bekmambetov and Laeta Kalogridis and directed by Timur Bekmambetov. It is loosely based on the novel The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko, and is followed by a sequel, Day Watch. It was Russia's submission to the 77th Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but was not accepted as a nominee. The film grossed 1. 5 million in limited theatrical release in the United States, then significantly overperformed in United States home video market (generated more than 9. 5 million in home video sales and 12 million in home video rentals [2] 3. Plot [ edit] Since the beginning of time, there have been "Others. humans endowed with supernatural abilities - and for just as long, the Others have been divided between the forces of Light and Dark. In Medieval times, the armies of both sides met by chance, and a great battle began. Seeing that neither side had a clear advantage, the two faction leaders, Geser and Zavulon, called a truce and each side commissioned a quasi- police force to ensure it was kept; the Light side's force was called The Night Watch. In modern-day Moscow, Anton Gorodetsky ( Russian: ) visits a witch named Daria and asks her to cast a spell to return his wife to him, agreeing that she should miscarry her illegitimate child as part of it. Just as the spell is about to be completed, two figures burst in and restrain Daria, preventing her from completing the spell. When they notice that Anton is able to see them, they realize that he is also an Other. Twelve years later, Anton has enlisted in the Night Watch. While policing Moscow, he encounters several portents that Geser says are linked to an ancient prophecy of an immensely powerful Other that will end the stalemate between Light and Dark, but will be more likely to join the Dark. Anton's investigations lead him to a nurse, Svetlana, whom disaster seems to follow everywhere, and a young boy named Yegor. In the film's climax, Anton prevents a catastrophic storm from leveling Moscow, when he realizes that Svetlana is an Other, and begins teaching her to control her power. But in the process, Anton realizes that Yegor is his own son, and that his wife was pregnant with him when Anton tried to have a spell cast on her (believing, mistakenly, that the father of the child was his wife's lover, not himself. Learning that his own father tried to kill him before he was born turns Yegor - the Other of the prophecy - against Anton and towards Zavulon, which was the latter's plan all along. In helpless rage, Anton strikes Zavulon, while saying in voice over that, although the prophecy has come true and the Dark's victory seems inevitable, he will not give up. Cast [ edit] Production [ edit] In 2000, an independent Moscow company invited a director from St. Petersburg, Sergei Vinokurov, the script was written by Renata Litvinova. Artemy Troitsky was expected to star in the film as Anton Gorodetsky, and for the role of the light magician Geser Ivan Okhlobystin was chosen. But the work on the film stalled, which was largely in part of the tiny budget of 50 thousand dollars. And then Channel One, the government-owned TV channel, bought from the publisher the rights to adapt the novel and invited Timur Bekmambetov write and direct the film. [4] Concerning the casting, Bekmambetov described that he needed an actor for the role of Gorodetsky who was handsome, slightly naive, slightly cunning and that "his eyes must show that he has a conscience. 4] Part of the challenge for such a big-budget fantasy film was creating hundreds of visual effects (VFX) shots to which a modern audience is accustomed. 16 Russian VFX studios and several freelancers were used, each chosen for their individual strengths. Many shots were created by different artists across different time zones, using the Internet to share data and images. [5] The film was the first big-budget Russian supernatural movie and one of the first blockbusters made after the collapse of the Soviet film industry. The film was produced by Channel One, with a budget of US 4. 2 million. [6] It was shot in a 1. 85:1 aspect ratio. Music [ edit] The film contains several songs from rock bands, e. g. "Jack" by the Belarusian group TT-34 and "Spanish" by Drum Ecstasy. The song played in the credits of the international version of the movie is called "Shatter" and performed by the Welsh rock band Feeder. The track was a top 20 hit single in the United Kingdom charting at #11 in 2005, to coincide with the international release of the film. The song playing during the end credits of the American release of Night Watch is "Fearless" by The Bravery. In the original Russian version it is a rap song Nochnoy dozor (Finalnyy rep) performed by Uma2rman. citation needed] Release [ edit] After premiering at the Moscow Film Festival on 27 June 2004, it went on general cinema release across the CIS on 8 July 2004. The film was extremely successful, becoming the highest-grossing Russian release ever, grossing US 16. 7 million in Russia alone, thus grossing more in Russia than The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The sequel, Day Watch, was released across the CIS on 1 January 2006. [7] The film attracted the attention of Fox Searchlight Pictures, which paid 4 million to acquire the worldwide distribution rights (excluding Russia and the Baltic states) of Night Watch and its sequel Day Watch. [8] 9] Critical reception [ edit] Night Watch holds a 58% rating on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes based on 127 reviews; the consensus states: This Russian horror/fantasy film pits darkness and light against each other using snazzy CGI visuals to create an extraordinary atmosphere of a dank, gloomy city wrestling with dread. 10] Leslie Felperin from Variety noted the film's allusions to various classic sci-fi and horror pictures and praised the Moscow setting, eccentric characters, and lavish special effects. [11] Stephen Holden from The New York Times wrote that the picture is "narratively muddled and crammed with many more vampires, shape-shifters and sorcerers than one movie can handle, but it bursts with a sick, carnivorous glee in its own fiendish games. 12] Film directors Quentin Tarantino and Danny Boyle have highly praised the film. [13] In 2010, Empire published a list of one hundred best films in the history of world cinema — Night Watch took the hundredth place in it. [14] International release [ edit] One year after the Russian release, the international distribution began. Other than a London premiere at the Odeon West End as part of the Frightfest horror film festival, that screened amid heavy security on 28 August 2005, 15] the first European country outside CIS was Spain where it was released on 2 September 2005. By mid October it had been released in most European countries, and on 17 February 2006 it had a limited release in the United States, followed by a full release on 3 March. By 13 February 2006 (i. e. before the U. S. release) it had grossed US32 million. Original English language poster for Night Watch The "international version" of the film debuted in the United Kingdom. In the prologue and epilogue, the Russian voice-over has been dubbed in English, but for the rest of the film features stylized subtitles appearing in odd places around the screen, often animated to emphasise or complement the action. For example, in a scene in which Yegor is being called by a Dark vampire, he is in a pool and the camera is underwater. The caption appears as blood red text that dissolves as blood would in water. In another scene, as a character walks across the scene from left to right, the caption is revealed as his body crosses the screen. In addition, many of the scenes that were present in the Russian theatrical release were omitted, while, at the same time, some scenes were re-cut or added. The International version is shorter by 10 minutes. The DVD was released in the UK on 24 April 2006. The zone 4 DVD had the option of either a Russian or an English audiotrack. Subtitles were simply plain white text at the bottom of the screen. The International version of both Night Watch and its sequel, Day Watch, are now available in HD on Vudu. The HDX encodes are based on the International release and retain the original Russian dialog track with the stylized subtitles. The original Russian "Director's Cut" of the film was released, apart from Russia, in some European countries on DVD by 20th Century FOX. The only difference of this version from the original Russian version is the absence of the opening credits. Franchise [ edit] A third film, titled Twilight Watch (previously Dusk Watch) was announced by 20th Century Fox, however Timur instead decided to do film Wanted for Universal Pictures. He went on to say that Twilight Watch would be too much like Wanted, and so to avoid working in an artistic rut the project would need to be either distinctively changed, passed to another director, or simply delayed so that intervening projects could be completed. [16] Nochnoi Bazar" fun re-dub [ edit] In 2005, a "fun re-dub" was released under the title "Nochnoi Bazar. Night Chat. The project was initiated by the writer Sergei Lukyanenko as a nod to popular (illegal) fun re-dubs by "Goblin. Dmitry Puchkov. However, this fun redub was made with full consent of the filmmakers and copyright holders and released on DVD by Channel One Russia. The script was written by the Russian comedian Alexander Bachilo, the song parodies were written and composed by Alexander Pushnoy. The narration was done by Leonid Volodarskiy, a popular voiceover translator of pirated videoreleases in the Soviet Union. See also [ edit] Vampire film List of Russian submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film List of submissions to the 77th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film References [ edit] External links [ edit] Night Watch on IMDb Night Watch at Box Office Mojo Night Watch at Rotten Tomatoes Night Watch at Metacritic The New York Times: From Russia, with Blood and Shape-Shifters.

Dark light csfd. Dark light show prague. Dark light bulbs. Dark/light adaptation definition psychology. Latvia,Dobele D1V Rudis ALsauskis GEJS,AUTISTS,ABORTA ATLIEKA <3. Dark light 2019 movie. 😂🖤🇷🇺. Im crying. This is beautiful. Darklight movie. Excellent... May we wipe the dirt from eachothers eyes to see clear the wicked and bent ones for what and who they throw them all into the everlasting fire.


Dark light osrs. Dark light consciousness. I can't understand how this song was released five years ago. This song hits harder than my uncle. All the dudes in the background look like various stages of Travis Scott's braid growth. Darklight movie 2004. Put it in 1.25 enjoy 😉. Wow wow and wow. Oh never mind i aint sleeping on my own again. Dark light dominik schwarz. Dark light adaptation psychology. Darklight. 14.5k dislikes are probably audi or mercedes fans. This is the dumbest premise and one of the worst horror films I have ever seen! The production value is good, but how any sane producers ever green lighted this awful excuse for a film is beyond my understanding.
It's about some apparent folk legend in the south about a race of undetectable fiends who have evolved alongside humanity. How they stay hidden for long generations with headlights for faces, which they always shine really brightly when they're hanging around your property, is the real mystery! They also continually whine like pigs and drool all over the place, but never leave a trace anywhere they've been.
They apparently feed on the life forces of humans, and can rip a person to shreds and drain all the life from them in a few seconds. But in the case of the protagonist's daughter, they take a really long time and keep her pretty and safe for days or weeks, ready to rescue when the big scene comes.
These fiends live and move all around in the protagonist's home without detection for the most part; even though they are big, hulking, slow-moving, ugly brutes. They get in to the house through a trap door in the floor of the household elevator that leads to a network of underground tunnels, and it even has a little convenient handle built in for them to use, but apparently nobody realizes what it's for.
Although it supposedly takes place in Mississippi, only one character has a southern accent. Everyone else sounds like they're from California.
Really bad, even for morons.

Dark light joondalup. Dark light client. Dark night. Dark light night lovell lyrics. Dark lightsaber. Dark lightning storm. Dark light trailer. Cristal York now. Dark light blue. Dark light movie. Dark light background. Dark light hair. 2019? btw i need the lyrics. Played this in my girls Nissan Sentra. now its a Mclaren. Dark light entry.







Free Watch Xiao Q Hd-720p 720px megavideo english subtitle








tomatometers: 6,9 of 10

Rating: 72 Votes

Resume: Xiao Q is a movie starring Simon Yam, Gigi Leung, and Him Law. Adapted from the Japanese novel Goodbye, Khoru, following a guide dog and his conflicted master

Creators: Susan Chan

Genres: Drama

Watch TV series online. Frank and Liam get wined and dined by potential baby buyers. Carl comes up with a strategy to protect Anne's family business, and Ian gets on Paula's bad sid. Aired: December 15, 2019 enuf is enuf. elliot goes to the washington township power plant. Aired: December 15, 2019 we stan domlene. Aired: December 8, 2019 Daryl becomes uncomfortable when Carol starts going past his boundaries; Alpha and Beta share reservations about a certain individual. Aired: November 17, 2019 Carol and Daryl go on a mission together while Siddiq struggles to solve a mystery. Aired: November 10, 2019.


อยากได้เนี้อร้องเป็นภาษาไทยจัง. Free Watch xiao ting. Free watch xiao queen. Free watch xiao question. Is this sad? I watched Hachi and that broke me. I don't want that devastation again 😭 So is it sad. Free watch xiao quan. Free Watch Xiao qing. 今天妆令人特别着迷. Everything's Gonna Be Okay 2020 Nicholas, a neurotic twenty-something-year-old, takes on the legal guardianship of his teenage half-sisters after their father passes away. Guys im finish watching this drama till the end and im crying cause its over. She's so cute i love her. I want to see her in more dramas. Free Watch xiaoqi. Great! Maise doesn't know the differences. To her, that's just the way things are. Free Watch xiao qian. Free watch xiao que.

Free watch xiao quilt pattern. Free Watch xiao wei. Free Watch xiao xiao. Kebanyakan yang kesini gara gara iklan dong. 為什麼後面變日文咧. 1:55 episode. Free Watch Xiao q.e. 這男的奶奶帥的 好喜歡 這首好棒. Free Watch Xiao qiao. Free watch xiao questionnaire. Free watch xiao quilts. Free Watch Xiao qian. Free watch xiao qing long tang. Free watch xiao quilt. Free watch xiao quran. Now I am obsessed with Chinese drama◉‿◉ And come here to watch this interesting drama. YouTube. I have once crafted a flute and give up my sword to keep a promise as well damn this line hurted so much. My goodness. The lyric of this song is so incredibly well written and crafted. It narrates WWX's story and thought seamlessly. Xiao zhan is a simple guy😙😙😙😙😍. Eles tem carinho um pelo outro. 🥰🥰. Free watch xiao qing. I'm so busy watching Chinese dramas. discovering new ones in between dramas every alternate days 😂😂 I'm now on Love is Deep and The Missing Half.

有没有晚上和我一样比较孤单的人啊 2可0以5加8个9Q6Q3吗7?2. 你的一切我都好奇像秘密. Free Watch xiao hui. Free watch xiao qatar. Free Watch Xiao q r. Who's here after Baekhyun singing it. Free watch xiao quiche.


OMG holding back the tears, will not be able to watch this one

😢😢小Q太可爱了大😭哭💔. Free watch xiao quest. Free watch xiao quebec. Dorohedoro Synonyms: Description: Hole—a dark, decrepit, and disorderly district where the strong prey on the weak and death is an ordinary occurrence—is all but befitting of the name given to it. A realm separated from law and ethics, it is a testing ground to the magic users who dominate it. As a race occupying the highest rungs of their society, the magic users think of the denizens of Hole as no more than insects. Murdered, mutilated, and made experiments without a second thought, the powerless Hole dwellers litter the halls of Hole's hospital on a daily basis. Possessing free access to and from the cesspool, and with little challenge to their authority, the magic users appear indomitable to most—aside for a few. Kaiman, more reptile than man, is one such individual. He hunts them on a heedless quest for answers with only a trusted pair of bayonets and his immunity to magic. Cursed by his appearance and tormented by nightmares, magic users are his only clue to restoring his life to normal. With his biggest obstacle being his stomach, his female companion Nikaidou, who runs the restaurant Hungry Bug, is his greatest ally. Set in a gritty world of hellish design, Dorohedoro manages a healthy blend of comedy and lightheartedness with death and carnage. Taking plenty of twists and turns while following the lives of Hole's residents, it weaves a unique world of unearthly origin and dreary appearance not for the squeamish or easily disturbed. [Written by MAL Rewrite.


Free Watch Xiao q.t.r.
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Ongoing Animes 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season Episode 22 3D Kanojo: Real Girl Episode 11 3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season Episode 12 New A3! Season Spring & Summer Episode 3 Actors: Songs Connection Episode 12 Africa no Salaryman (TV) Episode 12 Aggressive Retsuko Episode 100 Aguu: Tensai Ningyou Episode 12 Ahiru no Sora Episode 17 Aikatsu Friends! Episode 76 New Aikatsu Friends. Kagayaki no Jewel Episode 1 Aikatsu Stars! Episode 100 Aishen Qiaokeli-ing. 2nd Season Episode 12 Akanesasu Shoujo Episode 12 Akkun to Kanojo Episode 25 Alice or Alice: Siscon Niisan to Futago no Imouto Episode 12 Amanchu! Advance Episode 12 Ame-iro Cocoa: Side G Episode 12 Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki Episode 12 Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 2 Episode 24 Anima Yell! Episode 12 New Ano Hi no Kanojo-tachi Episode 4 Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo. 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Episode 4 Uchuu Senkan Tiramisù Episode 13 Uchuu Senkan Tiramisù II Episode 13 Ueno-san wa Bukiyou Episode 12 Ulysses: Jehanne Darc to Renkin no Kishi Episode 12 Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (TV) Episode 13 UQ Holder! OVA Episode 3 Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou Episode 12 Val x Love Episode 12 Vinland Saga Episode 24 Violet Evergarden Episode 14 Virtual-san wa Miteiru Episode 12 W'z Episode 13 Wakaokami wa Shougakusei! Episode 24 Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou Episode 13 Wangu Xian Qiong 2nd Season Episode 7 Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! Episode 13 Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne! Episode 12 Wei, Kanjian Erduo La! Episode 12 Wei, Kanjian Erduo La! 2 Episode 12 Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Episode 11 Yagate Kimi ni Naru Episode 13 Yakusoku no Neverland Episode 12 Yama no Susume: Third Season Episode 13 Yami Shibai 6 Episode 13 Yami Shibai 7 Episode 13 Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki Episode 12 New Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki Nisatsume Episode 4 New Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta The Movie Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou Episode 26 New Youkai Watch (2019) Episode 2 Youkai Watch: Shadow Side Episode 28 Youkoso Japari Park Episode 6 Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line Episode 25 Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 Nin no Ouji-sama Episode 12 Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san OVA 3 Yuru Camp△ Specials 3 Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou Episode 11 Yu☆Gi☆Oh! VRAINS Episode 120 Z/X: Code Reunion Episode 12 Zoids Wild Episode 7 Zoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Episode 12 Zombieland Saga Episode 12 Newly Added.

10 promises to my dog and hachiko always gets me T.T. Free watch xiao quotes. 這對好像夫妻好幸福😍. Free watch xiao queens. Free Watch xiao mei. Free Watch Xiao q u e. Free watch xiao quincy.